Alaskan Naturist Resort. Could it be?

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The latest issue of N magazine, published by The Naturist Society, lists Alaska in its Participating Groups, Parks, and Resorts section. Whispering Winds Resort has a P.O. Box in Homer. I've e-mailed them for more information at "". There's no response yet.
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    Sun, June 22, 2008 - 7:19 PM
    That would be nice! As you know I'm on holiday in New York and ready to move on to Chicago via AMTRAK in a couple of days. i've got a nude canoeing date with my friend Peggy, to visit Mazo Beach on the Wisconsin River. I hope the recent flooding doesn't cause a problem with that.

    Hope you're having great summer weather in Alaska!

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    Mon, October 27, 2008 - 11:24 PM
    Hi all,

    Whispering Winds Resort, a developing nudist resort in Homer, Alaska, is real. During a telephone conversation with the Whispering Winds owner, he, Walt Suomela gave me his personal e-mail and welcomed me to pass it along. His personal e-mail, which follows below, will be in substitute for the business e-mail until business e-mail problems are corrected.

    Walt seemed encouraged to learn of our Tribe group, and he welcomes your interest in his summer plans for Whispering Winds. From what I understand, the property had been a standard bed-and-breakfast, and was rented out long-term over the summer. It is located on a high bluff with mountain and ocean views, and has a yard for sunning. Since his habitation, Walt's neighbors have been, at the least, tolerable of his summer-time, naturist lifestyle. Walt's plans to upgrade the property include using money from other rental liquidations to install a sauna, a pool, and a previously purchased hot tub.

    Congrats to Walt for his plan to fill an empty naturist niche in Southcentral Alaska is in order. Please show your support.

    Whispering Winds e-mail:

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    Re: Alaskan Naturist Resort. Could it be?

    Sun, April 26, 2009 - 10:41 PM
    An update from Walt. He sounds open to help with getting some things set up, mentioning a log house and RSW system (whatever that is). Sounds out of my natural abilities, and I thought it might fit someone else within the Alaskan Naturists. Ryan

    My apologies to you for not responding to your last email before Easter. I've been working on upgrading my apartment houses with the hope of condoizing them for sale, and renting most in the interim. While this was somewhat planned for later in summer, it got sort of forced onto me this winter. It's been 8 weeks of straight work. I checked emails sporadically, and apprarently missed yours, along with a few others who've been wondering what's been going on. While I am winding down with that project, having fired my former apartment manager, and now having a good man on site who can devote nearly full time to just my 8 units only (as opposed to 100-200 units as other property managers may), I now look forward to finishing my work needed to open up whispering winds resort. My funds for doing so are extremely limited at this point, but I hope to manage.
    To answer your offer of help, I sure could use some help with getting my loghouse up and running. In addition to this, I am ugrading my RSW system on my salmon tender boat, which needs to be completed by June 3rd, the date I'm leaving the port of Homer to go to Bristol Bay. For this I've received a loan that is strictly dedicated to this project.
    It's been a long winter. I've been outside only 3or 4 days (and only 1-2 hours at a time) since late March. Looking forward to warmer spring and summer weather! I got an email froma friend in San Diego who has a friend who interested in networking with me for putting up nude sportfishers, and possible charters. So much to do and only so little time! Still need to get website up and running!

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    Re: Alaskan Naturist Resort. Could it be?

    Sun, May 10, 2009 - 9:43 PM
    When Walt of Whispering Winds came up to Anchorage on Saturday to get a part for his commercial fishing boat, he called me to get together. We hiked to the overlook at the Rainbow Trailhead where we got some sun exposure, ate a light meal, and shared stories.

    So, what of Whispering Winds? Keep in mind that commercial fishing stuff is his income, besides being a landlord, so the resort formation proceeds as it can. Currently he's working with someone to get a web page going for the resort. He is still open to getting help cleaning up the place and doing basic maintenance so that he can get the place going soon.


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