The Ambient Mafia

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The Ambient Mafia is a San Francisco-based DJ collective that specializes in downtempo, or chill music.

Back in 1999, a group of chill DJs decided to band together to represent the side of DJ culture that was more interested in creating a cool atmosphere than in what the Future Sound of London best described as the “indiscreet blowjob” side of the DJ scene. Not that we don’t love getting indiscreet blowjobs. We do. Especially our girls.

Anyway, the Mafia quickly made a name for itself on the then-thriving massive scene. Promoters soon learned the value of having a skilled downtempo crew in their chill rooms, as opposed to their wannabe DJ friends trainwrecking their way thru a crate of trance b-sides.

With a few exceptions, the days of the massive are over, but the Ambient Mafia continues to be a visible presence on the local scene through residencies and appearances at venues like Anu, 111 Minna, Space 550 and various underground venues.

Times change, but the Mafia mission remains the same – to give people music that makes them think and dance and … chill. RSS Feed what is XML?

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