Preparing Amanita Muscaria

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I wanted to ask about the best ways to prepare Amanita Muscaria.

I picked my own last year and dried them out and ate them in that form - with mixed results. Since then I have had what I think is a calling from the mushroom - repeated dreams and images and a strong fascination with all things Amanita. The 'grove' where I picked them last year has become a sort of pilgrimidge spot which I visit most days when walking with my dog. I sort of feel like its custodian (its in a public area) so I do a lot of tidying up of litter and generally make sure it retains (for me ) a sacred space around it.

Since then I have done a lot of reading ( only came across Donald Teeter when joining this tribe so not read him yet).

However, when I read about Gordon Wasson I remember reading that although he believed Amanita Muscaria to indeed be 'Soma' - he could not replicate the ecstatic experiences himself - to the point where he wondered if Western man was biologically inhibited from reacting to the mushroom.

Do you have any tips on advice on how to prepare the mushroom once harvested?

Also I saw a book on the net by 'Hawk' and "Venus' called 'Soma Shamans" that looked interesting - Has anyone read that at all?

Best wishes

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    Wed, June 21, 2006 - 6:39 PM
    The best preparation for the mushroom that I've found found is:

    1.Make sure the mushroom is 100% completly dry...this is very important.
    2.Powder the mushroom(s) as fine as you can, I use a coffee grinder
    3.Boil 1 or 2 cups of water (or however much you would use to make a serving of oatmeal)
    4.Pour the AM powder into the boiling water for about 10 min (this is to ensure that all (if any) of the ibotenic acid is decarboxilized into muscimol)
    5. Pour the water with the AM powder into oatmeal and have a breakfast of champions! :)

    There are also other ways, such as letting the dried (again, completly dried) mushrooms sit in a glass of water or grape juice for about 12 hours and drink.

    But to learn all the methods and their exact procedures, I strongly recommend purchasing Don Teeter's book: "Amanita Muscaria; Herb of Immortality"

    you can order it from this site:


    -T Doe
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      Wed, June 28, 2006 - 7:43 AM
      t doe,

      I thought the best method of preparation was Teeter's wine. Even though you tout Teeter's book, the method you prefer here has nothing to do with his wine or other methods that use fungal fermentation/culturing. What's up? Again, do his culturing methods produce a superior product or not?

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          Sat, July 8, 2006 - 8:35 PM
          Tried Teeter’s grail cup method. Got multi-colored mold – twice. Tried the grape-juice method – just got big foam (fermentation).

          I've experimented with aged am broths lots before. I'm sure I've gotten similar looking white-filament fungus on top before, but it was in low/no sugar/fruit-juice) broths. High sugar broths seem to ferment (yeast/alcohol/CO2 fermentation) too easily. Any insight?

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            Mon, July 10, 2006 - 11:24 AM
            what type of container are you holding the grapr juice in? Are you pasteurizing your grap juice?

            Another tip I can tell you is to try using a pure culture technique, that is: use just mycelium you've grown from a stem. If it's a single organism as opposed to throwing powdered AM in the grape juice you have hundreds of different organisms.
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    Re: Preparing Amanita Muscaria

    Sat, December 30, 2006 - 12:57 PM
    I just got done posting a response to a similar question on this tribe before I saw this post so I thought I would copy my response here.

    I recently ordered some educational material on this from a husband and wife couple that call themselves the Red Angels. Thier web site is called They have put together a 300 page book and a 1 1/2 hr DVD. They provide a wealth of information based on several decades of personal experience with Amanita Muscaria. The act of harvesting that they describe involves a very subjective form of intuition that does not lend itself easily to a scientific interpretation. My understanding is that you are looking for mature specimens that are uplifting thier caps as if to say that they are ready to be picked. However, this seems to be a generallity and not strictly a rule. To the authors, these mushrooms are seen as individual spirits, each with thier own personality. One uses intuition, or in other words, a form of Shamanic sensing to determine which mushrooms are ready and when.

    As for preparation, a less subjective *tried and true* method is able to be provided by the authors. They adamantly state over and over throughout the book that fresh is a wonderful way to take the mushroom. We are told by the authors to never, never put them in an oven, even on low temp with the door open. Instead they should be dried over indirect radiant heat. Stringing them up like popcorn on a string several feet from a fire place or a space heater should work nicely. Or laying them gently in the branches of a pine tree all afternoon on a warm sunny day is supposed to work well also. Another method is to bring *only fresh* mushrooms to a very light simmer in water (enough for them to float in) for exactly 20 magical minutes as they say. Then strain off the liquid, let it cool, and then the liquid is ready to be consumed, or frozen to be stored until a later date. They make no mention of the mushroom material that is strained off. Supposedly it is discarded. Dried mushrooms are never prepared this way since they claim that too much of the spirit of the mushroom is lost. Instead they either eat them as they are, or they place them in a blender in enough cool distilled water to cover them and let them sit for 20 min, then add in your preference of some type of fruit juice, or maybe ice cream etc. and blend it up into a tasty drink.

    They are very much against vendor shrooms since they claim that the proper care may not have been taken in choosing which mushooms to pick and when, and they also suggest that a poisonous variety could get mixed in by accident somehow. I can see thier point. With a variety as potentially dangerous as the Amanita family it would be wise to learn how to find, identify, and hand pick what you will be taking instead of letting someone that you have never met before do it for you. But with Teeter's method, maybe that won't be so much of a concern any more?!?

    Again, I highly recommend the Secrets of Soma DVD and the Soma 101 book by the Red Angels. They really have the experience under thier belts. You are taken on an amazing jouney with them over the course of several years across the West coast in thier never ending search for thier loving sacrament and along the way you learn everything you need to know.
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      Re: Preparing Amanita Muscaria

      Tue, January 16, 2007 - 1:21 PM
      it seems simmmering the mushroom for 10 to 20 minutes mentioned above, and in T Doe's post, is the most practicle method of preparation. i have not tried it. i am willing to give it a go. but when deeling with amanita i am very scepticle and remain hesitant due to the possibility nasty toxic side effects. i am sure some people handle the substatnce better than others.

      most people, like me, look at AM for the first time, become aware of the possibility of very bad experiences, and scip exploring it further; and hell what a pitty to miss such a potial power. so i think that sure tried method of experiecing the spirit be established here and advocated. well as is being done, and well done folk (*doe) for your info on the tribe, you've drawn my attention back to the herb.

      can others vouch for the simmering/boiling method as effective. does this elliminate, or greatly reduce, the toxic side effects and be a sure way of experiencing amanita.

      i (as they say) AM
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        Re: Preparing Amanita Muscaria

        Tue, January 16, 2007 - 1:55 PM
        above i am refering to AM preparation aside from making the wine. i have not read teeters book and do not know the wine recipee. from reading some posts in the forum, people are not having difficulty making the wine.
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        Tue, January 16, 2007 - 1:58 PM
        "The toxic substances of A. muscaria are water soluble and susceptible to heat. The mushroom can be at least partly de-toxified by thoroughly parboiling or leaching it in boiling water. According to some sources, once detoxified, the mushroom becomes edible."

        beware of relying completely on this source alone though... it does also contain some misinformation.

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