What to tell leftists when they say the Pres favors cronies:

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Leftists see the contacts between the President and Abhams to indicate the president is corrupt. 495?? That is so Horrible. C’mon every high roller is always trying to get in bed with high politicians. Every single one.

Looking at history in the USA this president appears to have the only DOJ that has ever - ever - gone after high rolling corporate offenders.
This is the only administration that has ever -- ever - obtained serious criminal convictions for high rolling corporate offenders.
Convictions during the Clinton Administration had merely resulted in fines.
But no one mentions this. Odd that.

Instead the leftists are all a twitter over various instances of contact between the president and these characters who are under investigation, going to jail, or in trial.
Never do these people consider the fact that power brokers - all of them - always try to get chummy chummy with high level politicians.

Never has there been a government anywhere in the world at any time in history when high rollers were not using their money and influence to get more money and influence and doing it (inter alia) through getting close to governments. So then, why is such a big deal that they do it when GW is in the Whitehouse? And why does that automatically bleed some form of wrong onto the president? I say it’s nothing but the twisting of facts to suit a pre-set agenda. But then, Isn’t that one of the many ways how politics is always played. Yah it is.

But c’omon on give credit where it’s Due.
Criminals prosecuted by the George W Bush Administration:

Jack Abramoff: Guilty

TYCO Ex- CEO Dennis Kozlowski,

TYCO former CFO Mark Swartz

TYCO ex-general counsel Mark Belnick Indicted.

TYCO: Mr. Enniscorthy facine 30 years in prison

See also:

And see:

Enron Corp. Ken lay, prosecuted to the point of death. He is dead.

Enron: Jeffrey Skilling (possibly the rest of his life in prison)
Skilling just can’t get a break anywhere: (not that he deserves one but it’s just a plain fact that he cant)

Enron: Andrew Fastow - 6 years in prison

WorldCom Inc. Bernie Ebbers - 25 years in prison
At 65 and suffering from a heart complaint, Ebbers is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Adelphia: John Rigas – Guilty conspiracy and fraud

Adelphia – Timothy Rigas - Guilty conspiracy and fraud

Adelphia – Michael Rigas - acquitted but may be bankrupt from defending himself.

Adelphia - Michael Mulcahey – acquitted but may be bankrupt from defending himself.


This DOJ has managed to get the past Attorney Client Privilege for corporate counsel helping to hide corporate crimes from prosecution. This DOD is the first in all US history ever to pursue Corporate Criminal Liability.

Corporate bastards not getting their way under the administration of George W. Bush:

Arthur Andersen Obstructed federal investigation, including destruction of documents. Guilty by jury. (
Leslie Caldwell, chief of the criminal division at the U.S. Attorney's office in San Francisco, led the investigation into Andersen and is also head of the Enron task force. She vowed to get to the bottom of the "Enron debacle," but declined to comment on any future indictments. "We are not finished with Arthur Andersen," she said.
Banco Popular De Puerto Rico Failed to report suspicious financial activity, including deposit of drug money in paper bags. $22 million forfeiture

Guidant's EndoVascular Technologies Failed to report faulty surgical devices involved in 12 deaths. $92 million in penalties HCA Filed false Medicare and Medicaid claims since 1980s and paid kickbacks to doctors. $631 million in penalties

PNC Financial Services Fraudulently moved $762 million in troubled loans to off-balance-sheet accounting entities. $115 million in penalties and restitution (to investors) Tyson Foods

And lets not forget: Tom Delay – who isn’t skipping of any hooks due to knowing the president.
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  • sorry i have not bin more active, but when you tel some one 3 times some thing and they don't get it, there hearing must be bad or stuped

    keep up the good work

    love your stuff
    • Cronyism is as old as politics – the only question is to what degree…
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        • the last time i checked, there were democratic senators from california (feinstein and boxer), new york (clinton) and vermont (leahy)

          the last time i checked, senators are part of the legislative branch of our government.

          republican or democrat, any president, governor or mayor will fill his cabinet with "cronies". that's a sad fact of life in these barbarian times we're living in. leaders want to work with people they're comfortable with.

          do you think that george bush or the next president of the united states is going to fill his/her cabinet with qualified individuals whom they don't know from adam's cat? i don't think so.

          here is a list of united states senators who are democrats for those who think our government is "being run by one party"

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            • Did you just read Cliff's post???

              Could you back that up after reviewing the things Clinton did?

              Of course to a certain degree its not fair. Althought the Clinton administration practiced cronism to a fine degree from day one, the real beauty came out on the last day when Clinton signed pardons. Maybe we'll see Bush do the same thing? Wouldn't that be fun!
              • Unsu...
                I think he just reads the title and a couple of lines of any given post. Then he just spouts off.
                When he challanges he usually asks you to proove a negative or disprove some wrong headed assumption he has which of course means you have to figure out what wrong preconceptions he had in order to ficure out how he arrived at his wrong conclusions.

                It's a bit like being blind folded while taking a puzzle apart that some 4 year old put together and re-assembling it correctly while still wearing the blindfold.
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              • poor Jeff. parroting the same tired tallking points we've seen a hundred times before... posting the same non-issues that continue to clog the news cycle, pushing relevant stories out of the nightly spin.

                and basically, it all boils down to one side with no answers or ideas bashing another for their mistakes; one gang of corrupt hypocrites being punished by another.
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              • No, the Bush administration did not invent Cronyism, it has been around since this countries inception. But Clinton never appointed anyone that was wholy unqualified for the job, Bush has done this repeatedly. And the results have been devistating, just look at the Katrina debacle for a prime example. Michael Brown had more expertise about the rules of Arabian horse competition than about the management of a catastrophe, Bush put connections above experience. This calls in to question the competence and independence of agencies that the country relies on to keep us safe, healthy and secure.

                "The ranks of political appointees in the U.S. government have surged under President George W. Bush after falling during the Clinton administration, sparking concern -- especially since Hurricane Katrina -- that career professionals are being crowded out of key jobs.

                Federal jobs available to political appointees rose 15 percent to 4,496 last year from 2000, according to the 2004 edition of the ``Plum Book,'' which is published by Congress after each presidential election to list positions up for grabs. Those jobs declined 5 percent during President Bill Clinton's second term, a comparison of the 2000 and 1996 Plum Books shows.

                Under Bush, political appointees have penetrated deeper into agencies, creating more levels of bureaucracy. The biggest growth has been in jobs that don't require Senate confirmation, which rose by almost one-quarter between 2000 and 2004."

                See the article below as it cites specific examples of how Bush chose people with little or no experience in the field and Clinton chose career experts in the field. The difference is striking.


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  • You are clearly conflating two separate issues.

    "Leftists see the contacts between the President and Abhams to indicate the president is corrupt. 495?? That is so Horrible. C’mon every high roller is always trying to get in bed with high politicians. Every single one."

    First off, his name is Abramoff, and he had 485 contacts with the white house. He isnt a corporate criminal but rather a thief and a corrupt lobbyist. He plead guilty to white collar bank robbery, bribing public officials, laundring money for public officials, etc. There is a signnificant difference between corporate crimes and political crimes.

    Thus, the big deal is, the president and his staff gave UNPRECEDENTED access to a criminal. Abramoff even took money from foreign leaders in order to get them access to the president on several occasions.

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