Amputee Lovers

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Men or Woman Amputees. Want to be Amputees, People who would like to meet local Amputees in there area, This is also an dateing site for Men or Woman what want to meet the Amputee of there dreams RSS Feed what is XML?

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amputee  photo flag
Removing a toe  topic
Amputation of fingers  topic
my desire to be a torso  topic
any advices  topic
Nollos Henning Jensen from Denmark  photo flag
Does anyone know what "Eyton" the amputee from ...  topic
updated photo of me....  photo flag
Mey leg stump  photo flag
My amputations  photo flag
looking for clinic  topic
looking for amputee men in so cal  topic
no thumb  photo flag
thumbless  photo flag
bandages after getting amputed  topic
Cougar Dating Made Easy  topic
Looking for the woman who will love my cock wit...  topic
Looking for your ideal Love - Age is just a num...  topic
nude gay meet,is okay?  topic
nude senior gays' free meet up  topic

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