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public - created 04/16/08
I read a comment requesting a tribe for Angel's wares. Well, here it is! She makes anything and everything you could think of making. Some is pre-made, others are custom made. Don't be afraid to ask. No size will be refused! :-D
Here is her webpage:
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back of the corset top  photo flag
me in my corset top!  photo flag
currently available - 36B-C adjustable Red sati...  topic
Rya dancing at Perkfection  photo flag
NEW Stuff for sale!  topic
Silver/black burnout velvet gwazhee dress w gli...  photo flag
36D Boned Corset top in satin dragon brocade  photo flag
38DD Boned Corset top in cotton brocade  photo flag
38DD Boned Corset top in cotton brocade  photo flag
42DD satin brocade halter top w cotton lining  photo flag
38 DD Halter Top  photo flag
Stretch Velvet Gwazhee Coat w laced sides  photo flag
Back view of DD corset top  photo flag
DD corset top  photo flag
Just wondering how it is coming along  topic
more pre-made items this week  topic
can i order pleeeaaaase  topic
how to contact her?  topic
Fabric page on web site...  topic
How I got into bellydance.  topic
PICTURES!!!!  topic
Turban For Sale!  topic
Just here for moral support  topic

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