Sacred Animal Spirit Guides

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According to Native American teachings, Power Animal Totems are our Brothers and Sisters, they are also the messengers and a reflection of the ~Great Spirit.~

Walking beside us throughout our lifetime, is our Power Totem, that animal spirit with whom we share an especially strong bond, what some might think of as a "guardian spirit." The Power Totem is indeed that, yet so much more!

Each Animal Totem possesses Medicine which is unique to that creature, and therefore, what is true of the Wolf is not necessarily true of the Frog, or owl, for they each have their own story to tell us, if we will but open up and listen.

Native American Indians recognizes that there is beauty in all things, the two leggeds, the animals, even the rocks and trees have their own special ~Medicine~.

Please come, share & learn knowledge, experiences and good energy with us! It does not matter what kind of cards you use all are welcome! We are all one!

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