Spirit of Great Horned Owl

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Role: ~Extractor of Secrets~
Lesson: Timing
Element: Water
Wind: West ~The Quest Within~
Medicine: Clairaudience

Insight into the Shadow Self * Feminine Power * Timing
Extractor of Secrets * Clairaudience * Sensuality
Protection of the Unseen * Sister to Red-Tailed Hawk
Able to Hear What is Not Spoken
Harbinger of New Cycles


One of the physical characteristics that easily distinguishes the Great Horned Owl from other members of the Owl family, are the tufts of feathers that resemble ears or "horns." These remarkable feathers that sets this Owl apart, are the reason for the Great Horned Owls namesake.

It has not been clearly established whether these feathers are merely adornments to attract mates, or if they serve a biological function such as increasing and/or filtering sounds as they travel through the air and to this beautiful birds ears. Regardless of their function (if any), these feathers create a signature appearance for the Great Horned Owl that is also closely linked to his/her Medicine of Clairaudience.

***For the two-legged beside whom Great Horned Owl flies, there will be an inherent focus on communication in all forms, but as good as these individuals are at speaking and writing, they will also make excellent listeners. These souls are the best of friends, providing a listening ear and excellent advice that is based in their own rich experiences. Likewise, music is deeply stirring to the Horned Owl Soul and they can often elicit healing experiences for themselves by listening to some favorite music, or (if there are other creative Totems that travel beside them) they will be gifted themselves in musical endeavors.

This responsiveness to sound is a reflection of the Horned Owl`s elongated head feathers that resemble ears, and hence much of life is processed through what these individuals hear. Often, they will pick up subtle voice inflections and tones that will alert them to when another is attempting to decieve them though the process may be so quick and automatic that they may not even be aware of this acuity.

Another form that this ability to "tune in" takes on is Clairaudience. Where a Clairvoyant can often see other realms, alternate futures and realities, spirits and all manner of that which unseen to the average two-legged eyes, a Clairaudient will have the ability to hear messages that will elude Others. This ability may be somewhat startling for those Owl individuals who develop this talent later in life, rather than are born with it, as often the Gift will arrive out of as a result of an accident or a by-product of delving into spiritual and mystical philosophy.

In the instances where the individual has been born with this talent, there is not so much trauma attached to the talent, but for those to whom the blessing of Clairaudience comes later in life, naturally the emergence of this gift can be quite alarming. Much stigma has been attached to individuals who "hear the voices" of departed relatives, spirit guides and others who speak across planes, with accusations ranging from "fantasy" to schizophrenia being leveled against individuals who are often fearful of coming forward and acknowledging such unique abilities. So long as no medical or psychological factors are the key behind the sounds and voices heard, the Great Horned Owl would do well to acknowledge and heartily embrace this Gift, for it has been given by the Great Mystery for a reason.

If the talent has remained thus far dormant, then it may be that the Soul beside whom Great Horned Owl flies still receives messages, yet instead of "hearing" the words spoken, the messages will arrive in the form of vivid dreams and strong intuition. By embracing this talent with a humble acceptance and enthusiasm to be of service to his/her fellow two-legged, the Great Horned Owl soul matures fully into their unique and mystical heritage.
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  • I personally have been getting allot of Owl Medicine directed my way. I live next to a 3000 acre forest preserve, and there are now # ols that I can hear all around my house at night. I had heard one for months, even in the winter, but two more have joined the nightly chorus and now there is one, right near by. Last night, when I went on my forest walk to honor the setting sun before the new moon. I was drawn to a particular place in my yard. When I looked down I found 2 Barred owl feathers. Still trying to see what this means to me.
    When I was in 6th Grade, I had a class on native Americans of the north east. We each had picked "indian" names for us by the Class (to make it fun I suppose). Mine was White Owl. I never Felt a strong connection to Owl, but OWL has been coming to me recently.
    • "I never Felt a strong connection to Owl, but OWL has been coming to me recently."

      Patience. That is one thing an elder will teach you. Not all answers come right away. Maybe that is a symptom of our throwaway, fast food society, we lose the ability to be patient. My friend Bear Warrior posted something about approaching elders.

      "When you ask for teachings in the traditional way, you never push.
      You wait until the elder/teacher is ready to teach you.

      During the wait, the elder/teacher is watching, praying, and listening. The elder/teacher may not get back to you for months, even years. They may never respond, but they are still watching, praying, and listening."

      Note, they may not get back to you for months, even years. I think this is the same way in the spirit world. When I was a boy, wolf came to me. I would even run through the woods howling and with the pace of a wolf. Why would this be? It wasn't until I was in my forties that I learned about wolf medicine, but he has always been there guiding me. We are brothers. When Owl thinks you are ready to understand, he will come to you again and reveal his medicine to you. While guide books, medicine cards and such can give you a general guide on what medicine your animal spirit brings, only in quieting yourself and spending time with their spirit will they reveal their truth.
      Of course, that is just my opinion, your mileage may vary.
      • I have what I believe is a Great Horned Owl "whoo whooing" outside my window at night. I know that patience is my current lesson and was tickled when I read what you said. I am especially impatient when it comes to knowledge. If there is something new to know I want to know it.

        How do I engage this spirit or this connection? I am a curious soul, but also prone to fright.
        • Hi, Stareyed,

          My suggestion is to learn about the Great Horned Owl. I remember once having many experiences with snakes and being afraid of them. On a whim, I stepped into a pet store and went and looked at the snakes in their cages. I asked the salesclerk If I could touch one. He took out a little python and wrapped it on my arm! It was a beautiful being, and I touched it and it felt dry and soft. Not at all like I imagined!

          Is there a raptor rehabilitation center in your area? There might be a place where injured owls are treated and then released. Sometimes an injured owl cannot be released, so they will keep them in a sheltered habitat area. There may also be an Aviary.

          For sure, research and learn about this great Child of Nature!!!

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