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i did a shamanic journey last weekend and slug is the animal that came to me :) kind of surprised me at first, not an animal i have ever connected with very much but i see some synchronicity with slug and things i have been working on. slugs are hermaphrodites and have both male and female parts. just last new moon, i was focusing on balancing the masculine and feminine in myself and others, i even did a crystal grid specific for this. i keep thinking of what other things i associate with slug.... lol. i keep thinking slugs always leave a trace wherever they go and that they can show us how to flow slowly to where we need to be.

what do you think of when you think of slug? what medicine does slug have for you?
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    Tue, September 23, 2008 - 10:38 PM
    you know, maybe i am in denial of my connection with slug.... lol. i just have always associated seeing slug constantly, with living in the pacific northwest where banana slugs and other slugs are in abundance. hhhhhmmmmmm.
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      Wed, September 24, 2008 - 4:44 AM
      Here are a few fun slug facts:

      Birds, ducks, moles and some types of beetles eat slugs.

      Slugs are very sensitive to the wind and can dehydrate and die if caught in a wind.

      Slugs live underground and absorb moisture through the dirt.

      Older slugs are usually females.

      Slugs are so sensitive to changes in temperature they can tell when it's changed as little as two degrees Fahrenheit.

      Number of eggs one gray garden slug can lie in a year: 400

      As hermaphrodites, slugs have both male and female sex organs which allow any two to mate.

      Weight: 300 milligrams for a typical garden slug; about nine slugs equal the weight of a penny. The largest, the foot-long California slug weights about 1/4 pound.

      Family affiliation: Mollusk, with cousins snails, clams and squid.

      Speed: 2 feet in 43 seconds. a person can run a 100 yard dash in less than 10 seconds; it would take a slug almost 2 hours.

      Many predators-birds, squirrels, and mice stay away from slugs and snails because of their horrible taste.

      Slugs are territorial and will attack caterpillars and other slug “intruders.”

      When slugs’ teeth wear out new rows move forward and replace them, conveyor-belt style.

      Favorite foods include: strawberries, leafy plants, and some root vegetables.

      A small slug can eat as much as it weighs sometimes twice that amount in one night.

      Only 5% of the slug population appears above ground at any time.

      In heavily infested fields there are approximately 9 slugs per square foot. This means 392,040 slugs per acre. Slug cycle their feeding habits so that only 20% are feeding at any given time.
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    Wed, September 24, 2008 - 7:55 AM
    Slugs and snails are sometimes connected.....and snails seem to be connected with the water, too. Their shells are beautifully constructed!

    "Though snails and slugs look very different from one another, they're practically the same thing -- except that snails carry coiled shells on their backs, while slugs don't. "

    In a way, slugs are also very similar to snakes. They are very close to the EARTH, and the EARTH is their refuge.....

    Just for fun:
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      Wed, September 24, 2008 - 9:10 AM
      i keep thinking of the determination that slugs have too. i have a raised bed of asparagus that i grow....well i put some copper around the edge of the wood to keep the slugs out. there is one tiny spot where the copper does not overlap, and the slugs always find that one spot to get thru and much on the asparagus shoots. maybe its their strong earth energies that you were talking about maggie that give them this determination. i have absolutely no earth in my astrological chart, maybe that is why slug came to me in the shamanic journey...... thanks for the input all, i have a better feel for the slug energies now :)
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        Wed, September 24, 2008 - 12:21 PM
        ~this came in my Daily OM today...I like the timing of it:

        Enjoying a Snail’s Pace
        Doing Things Slowly
        Life can often feel like it’s zipping by in fast forward. We feel obliged to accelerate our own speed along with it, until our productivity turns into frenzied accomplishment. We find ourselves cramming as much activity as possible into the shortest periods of time. We disregard our natural rhythms because it seems we have to just to keep up. In truth, rushing never gets you anywhere but on to the next activity or goal.

        Slowing down allows you to not only savor your experiences, but also it allows you to fully focus your attention and energy on the task at hand. Moving at a slower place lets you get things done more efficiently, while rushing diminishes the quality of your work and your relationships. Slowing down also lets you be more mindful, deliberate, and fully present. When we slow down, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves to our natural rhythms. We let go of the “fast forward” stress, and allow our bodies to remain centered and grounded. Slowing down is inherent to fully savoring anything in life. Rushing to take a bath can feel like an uncomfortable dunk in hot water, while taking a slow hot bath can be luxuriant and relaxing. A student cramming for a test will often feel tired and unsure, whereas someone who really absorbs the information will be more confident and relaxed. Cooking, eating, reading, and writing can become pleasurable when done slowly. ! Slowing down lets you become more absorbed in whatever it is you are doing. The food you eat tastes better, and the stories you read become more alive.

        Slowing down allows you to disconnect from the frenzied pace buzzing around you so you can begin moving at your own pace. The moments we choose to live in fast forward motion then become a conscious choice rather than an involuntary action. Learning to slow down in our fast-moving world can take practice, but if you slow down long enough to try it, you may surprise yourself with how natural and organic living at this pace can be.

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    Fri, September 26, 2008 - 8:15 PM
    funny to see slug. on the eve of the equinox. Sunday, I had a woman's circle at my house. I had a cup of tea with me out by the fire. When I brought all my things inside after we closed the circle. Voila! Slug in my cup. Been wondering what slug might mean. The hermaphrodite is an interesting bit of information as the slug was there on the Equinox. balance of the sun/moon...masculine/female energy. Thanx for the synchronicity!
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    Sun, September 28, 2008 - 10:26 AM
    The common phrase 'being a slug' or sluggish means 'lazy'. If it came to you, my thoughts are that you may be an individual prone to overactivity and its presence in your shamanic journey indicates you have a 'power' to 'slow things down' which is at your command and can take advantage of.

    If this is correct, its ok to relax on the couch for hours. The body/mind needs a period of repose as well as activity.

    If this is inaccurate, then other hypotheses are welcome :)
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      Sun, September 28, 2008 - 10:34 AM
      Then doesn't have to "mean" anything. Power animals come to you in a shamanic journey as a way to indicate your powers and inner resources at your disposal.

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