The Coming of Nibiru by Bob Dean

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The Coming of Nibiru by Bob Dean
Phoenix, Arizona, September 2008

Bob said he had important news, from his own inside sources, about Nibiru: the highly controversial Planet X. This video contains extremely important information for all students of Planet X to consider.

True to form, Bob recounts other intriguing stories, including

the NRO's classified discovery of "a goddamn boat" high on Mount
Ararat, and

confirmation of Henry Deacon's report that the Anunnaki are active on
present-day Mars.

Watch this video through
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Bob Dean : An Officer and a Gentlemen - Part 1 -- A video interview
with Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert DeanPhoenix, Arizona, May
Bob Dean: It is the most important issue in my view in human history.
It's not merely that we're not alone but we have never been
alone....It's lucky like I said that I didn't end up in jail because
I drove my friends up the wall. I pushed my security clearance to the
limit. I use to get into classified file cabinets, sort through
material and look for photographs and reproduced things that should
not have been reproduced....If there had been a threat from these
guys (pointing upwards) whoever they were, it would have been over a
long time ago. As one of our old Generals use to say, "they could
have cleaned our clock from the beginning"....Because when we started
shooting at them they had a unique way of eliminating all of the
electrical systems in our aircraft....But these guys could be walking
up and down the corridors of SHAPE headquarters or the Pentagon or
the White House.

Kerry Cassidy: Were they?

Bob Dean: I have always suspected that yes, they have been....How do
you tell Christian Fundamentalists that that lovely man from Galilee
two thousand years ago was a part of that program?...He tapped me and
he went over to the vault and pulled this thing out and he threw it
on my desk and he says, "Hey, this will wake you up. Read this." It
was "The Assessment". He said when the old man read that story, or
that report, The Assessment, he said it hit him like a truck, hit him
like a ton of bricks. He told me the General threw his hat across the
desk and he says, "Do you know what the hell this means? Everything
we've got, everything we've done, everything we've had... doesn't
mean a damn thing."...Monumental aggravation and frustration that the
government had continued over all these years to lie to the people.
Bob Dean : An Officer and a Gentlemen - Part 2
The sheer anger that I felt over what the government was doing to
people to keep the lid on this - it violated every concept of my
whole idea of life and honor and democracy and fairness and decency.
And then I began to realize that the government we think we've got is
not the government we have. And I said this publicly to people in
conferences. I said, "You people out there blithely think you live in
a democratic republic... well, you don't." And then what's all come
out over the years - the shadow government - we don't know who they
are. We have no idea. We have an inkling of who they might be. But
these guys are unelected. They are not... they are not responsible,
they don't have any responsibility to congress, to the people, to the
country... to anything. And they're running the damn program. And
that drives me up the wall! I could almost kill... my sense of anger
is so deep over that... that these self-appointed so-called experts
that are running this program and keeping this... the greatest story
in human history from people. The people have a right to know. And
let me tell you why I say that. I shared this with Bill: I have
always believed that if this were to come out - totally - as big as
it is, as dynamite as it is, that it would bring about an expansion
of consciousness in people. That we would stop thinking of ourselves
as Muslim, Christian, Jew, whatever... we would think of ourselves as
human beings from one little, tiny planet on the edge of a middle-
class, mid-sized galaxy. And that knowledge in itself would bring us
together as a species and as a race. And I thought, "That is our
survival." If we can bring ourselves together and think of ourselves
as 'one race, one people,' this knowledge that we're not alone and
we've never been alone I think would do that. (sighs)

Kerry Cassidy: So...

Bob Dean: But the story is so big, honey. Let me tell you something
else. Over the years I've learned... what I learned in 1967 was
nothing compared to what I've learned since. Over the years, digging
in, talking to people... talking to people in high positions...
people who would - you know - sit at a conference and say, "Hey,
let's sit down and talk. Let me tell you what I just learned... "
I've almost come to the conclusion that the story is so damned big
that the government may be right: that the mass of people can't deal
with it.

How do you tell people that this species, this race that we're all a
part of... is a hybrid race? That we were genetically created by an
extraterrestrial intelligence... how do you tell them that? Ha...
carefully! (...) I've seen things in this life, that have affected
me... affected me a lot. But you see, I know... and don't tell me,
and don't ask me to explain exactly how I know and how much I know...
Because, I have never shared this before, but I have been contacted.
(deep breath) It's very difficult to talk about. I've been abducted.
I don't look upon it as an abduction... I look upon it as an
invitation, and... I've been aboard some of those ships several
times. I've had even friends come up to me and say, "Oh my God... "

Forwarded from Jean Hudon whose wonderful newsletters are offerred
free at

From Sasha: Janet and I have spoken extensively with Bob and are
convinced his data and experience are genuine and his evidence
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