How Face of Alalu, First Nibiran on Earth, Became Face on Mars by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

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How Face of Alalu, First Nibiran on Earth, Became Face on Mars by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Graphics to accompany story:



Millennia passed after Nibiru and the solar system stabilized around Solaris. Life on Nibiru evolved a technologically-sophisticated, long-lived Homo Sapiens, the humans of Nibiru.

The Nibirans fought disastrous nuclear wars, but then unified under a single, planet-wide kingship. The King of Nibiru, 500,000 years ago, King Lahma, confronted environmental disaster. Nibiru was losing its atmosphere, critical to heat regulation and survival.

King Lahma vacillated. Should he nuke the volcanoes to renew the atmosphere? Or send miners to Solaris' Asteroids, where probes showed gold? His scientists told him that they could powder and spread gold to hold Nibiru’s atmosphere. Lahma spent centuries pondering options while the planet's precious oxygen bled into space. [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki pages 32 - 33]

Prince Alalu, exasperated by Lahma’s inaction and desperate to save Nibiru, pushed Lahma off a tower.

Lahma's heir, Anu, agreed at first to Alalu’s rule. Alalu and Anu sealed their alliance when Anu's firstborn son, Ea/Enki (whose autobiography, compiled by Sitchin, is the principal authority for our tale), married Damkina, Alalu's Daughter.

Anu had earlier denied Ea his bride-to-be. Anu had decreed Ninmah, another of his children, betrothed to her half-brother Ea. But Ninmah defied Anu and bore a child to still another of Anu's royal children, her brother Enlil. Anu angrily forbade her marriage to Ea or anyone else ever. Anu wed son Ea, instead, to Damkina.

Anu pledges fealty to Alalu, becomes Alalu's cupbearer. In exchange Anu's son Ea and Alalu's Daughter Damkina will begat the heir to the Nibiran Throne. [Sitchin, Z., The Wars of Gods and Men, 1985, page 84]

Anu, married Ea and Damkina and proclaimed his fealty to Alalu. The first male born of Ea and Damkina would rule of Nibiru. bringing together the descent lines of both grandfathers, Alalu and Anu. Ea and Damkina did indeed have a boy; his name: Marduk.


King Alalu nuked the volcanoes, but this failed to re-establish Nibiru’s atmosphere. He also failed to get gold for an atmospheric shield from the Asteroids; en route, the rocket of goldminers he sent crashed without survivors. For nine more Nibiran years (nine orbits of Nibiru around Solaris – 32,400 Earth years), Alalu’s rule failed to stop Nibiru’s air loss.

Anu, claiming to be rightful king by Nibiran tradition, raged at Alalu's failure to protect and replenish Nibiru's atmosphere. He challenged Alalu.

"Anu gave battle to Alalu. To hand-to-hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged. Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim Anu was hailed as king." [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki pages 24 - 39]

Alalu stole a rocket loaded with missiles his men had used in their failed attempt to stimulate Nibiru's volcanoes to regenerate an atmospheric shield for the planet. Alalu launched the stolen rocket for Earth. He blasted his way through the stones of the Asteroid Belt, nuking them from his path with some of the missiles He landed in the Persian Gulf, anchored his rocket, and made his way to shore.
Alalu confirmed gold in the Gulf. From Earth, he controlled the gold Nibiru needed to survive. The gold gave him power over the home planet. In addition, Alalu positioned his nukes to blast Nibiru on its next pass by Earth. Alalu thus dangled gold as a carrot and menaced missiles as a stick. "The Speaker-of-Words he stirred up; toward Nibiru the words to carry." [Sitchin, The Lost Book of Enki page 60] To Anu on Nibiru he beamed," "On another world I am, the gold of salvation I have found. The fate of Nibiru is in my hands. To my conditions you must give heed! Return my throne" [Sitchin, The Lost Book of Enki page 60]

Back on Nibiru, the Council heard Alalu's demands. Enlil, King Anu's Foremost Son, beamed Alalu back, Prove there's ample gold on Earth. Alalu transmitted his data to Nibiru. Enlil impugned Alalu's data. He and the Council begged Anu to resist Alalu's attempt to regain rule.


The scientist Ea, Firstborn Son of Anu, addressed the Council. Ea, though Anu's Firstborn Son, was second in succession to Anu’s throne.
Enlil, the Foremost Son, was king Anu's legal successor. Enlil was first in succession because his mother, Anu’s Royal Spouse, Antu, was Anu's half-sister. This made Enlil, not Ea, Anu's Foremost Son by Nibiru succession rules.

Remember Ea, though only Firstborn–not Foremost--Son, married Damkina, Alalu’s Daughter. As Alalu’s son-in-law as well as Anu’s Firstborn, Ea could mediate between Anu and Alalu. Thus all in the Council listened intently to Ea address the threat and promise Alalu offered them.

Ea proposed that he, in person, verify gold on Earth. If from gold dust of Earth, a shield for Nibiru its atmosphere to save, said Ea, let Alalu Earth rule as King. For kingship on Nibiru, let him wrestle Anu.

Let me in a chariot [rocket] to Earth journey, a path through the Bracelet [Asteroids] with water, not fire [Alalu used nuclear missiles to get through the Asteroids] I shall fashion. On Earth, from the waters let me the precious gold to obtain; to Nibiru back it will be sent. [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki op.cit. page: 66]

Anu endorsed Ea’s plan and sent him with Alalu's kinsman, pilot Anzu, and fifty male astronauts to Earth. Ea pre-empted the heroic mission to Earth. Enlil, who'd wanted the Earth mission, seethed while Ea and Anzu rocketed through space to their meeting with Alalu on Earth.


Ea rocketed from Nibiru toward Earth. He shot, with water from his ship, Asteroid-Belt rocks in his path. Pilot Anzu warned that they’d depleted their water. If they didn’t replenish it, their propulsion system would fail. Water from Mars could save them.

So Ea and Anzu landed on Mars. Not only did it have water, but it had an atmosphere too. "The water was good for drinking but the air was insufficient for breathing, which means they needed their "Eagle's helmets to breathe" [Tellinger, M., Slave Species of god, page 432] On Mars, they drew water from a lake. [Sumerian records on clay tablets unambiguously indicate water on Mars (long before Twenty-First Century scientists documented water's presence there)].

Rocket's water replenished, Ea blasted for Earth, "its gold Nibiru's fate for salvation or doom containing." [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki page 71]

"' The chariot must be slowed or in Earth' thick atmosphere it will perish" said Anzu the pilot to Ea. They circled the planet a few times slowing the ship down before they entered the atmosphere hurtling toward the solid ground. The gravity was playing havoc with their ship and they were still moving too fast for a dry landing.' "[Tellinger, M., 2006, Slave Species of god: page 443]] So, 443,000 years ago, they splashed into the Persian Gulf. Alalu guided them ashore.

Ea built a settlement, Eridu, at the head of the Persian Gulf, near modern Basara. From Gulf waters, he extracted some gold. He built a plane, and with his personal pilot, Abgal, tested all over the planet for more gold.

Nibiran scientists powdered the gold into fine dust and experimented with it; they could use it, they reported, to disperse as contrails in the air and shield Nibiru's atmosphere. Get more gold quick, they said. Anu beamed Earth: Send us Alalu's ship with all gold you gathered.

So Ea and Abgal entered Alalu's spacecraft. In it, they found seven nuclear missiles. They hid the nukes in a cave in the African Great Lakes area. Anzu, the interplanetary pilot, saw no missiles when he came to ready Alalu's rocket to return to Nibiru.

Anzu confronted Ea. When to Earth we flew, only water cannon did we use to blast through the Asteroids, nearly killing our engine due to water wasted blasting rocks. To return to Nibiru, I need the nukes you took from this ship.

Ea retorted, This rocket you cannot with your attitude pilot. Foresworn is the weapons' use. [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 82]. Replaced as interplanetary pilot you are Anzu. Abgal, who pilots my craft, will return Alalu’s ship to Nibiru while here on Earth with you kinsman Alalu you, Anzu, must remain. And with water cannon only shall Abgal navigate the asteroids.
Ea programmed a return route through the Asteroids and Abgal flew the spacecraft to Nibiru with sample gold to test as an atmospheric shield there.

On Nibiru, scientists processed the gold "to make of it the finest dust, to skyward launch it was hauled away. A Shar [one orbit of Nibiru around the Sun, equal to 3,600 Earth years; Nibirans live so long they seem immortal by our standards] did the fashioning last, a Shar did the testing continue. With rockets was the dust heavenward carried, by crystals’ beams was it dispersed.

[But] when Nibiru near the Sun came, the golden dust was by its rays disturbed; the healing in the atmosphere was dwindled, the breach to bigness returned." [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki, page 86]
Anu sent Abgal back to Earth for more gold.

On Earth again, Abgal found only a small gold yield, all Ea could mine from the Gulf so far. Ea sent Abgal to Nibiru again with this disappointing yield of gold.

Then Ea found gold, huge veins of it, in southeast Africa (Abzu). Jubilant, he announced his find to Nibiru.

Back on Nibiru, Anu and Enlil received Ea's news of vast veins of gold. Enlil, angry still that brother Ea leads the Earth Mission, demanded proof, not just of gold, but of lots of gold. False hope Ea gave already that gold enough could from Earth’s waters could Nibiru’s atmosphere save.

The King, unhappy with Enlil's complaints about Ea, gave in. Enlil, To Earth I order you. Take charge there and the scope of Ea's gold find assess, said Anu.

Enlil made landfall on Earth and examined Ea's find. Enlil beamed back to Nibiru that, despite his initial doubts, Earth probably had gold enough to save Nibiru’s atmosphere.

But the basic rivalry between Ea and Enlil (that plagues Earth to this day) surfaced again.


Father Anu, Enlil beamed from Earth to Nibiru, affirm, by the law of succession, that I, your son by your own half-sister Antu, precede and have authority over Ea, though, he, your eldest son, be.
Come, Enlil implored, to Earth in person and deal with Alalu, too, who claims rule here over Nibiru too.

So, 416, 000 years ago, Anu flew to Earth and drew lots with Ea and Enlil.

At the drawing Anu decreed, one lot would bestow rule over Nibiru; another lot would give its holder rule of Earth and control the Persian Gulf headquarters; the last lot would give responsibility for African mining operations and sea transport.

"By their lots the tasks they divided; Anu to Nibiru to return, its ruler on the throne to remain.

"The Edin [Mesopotamia] to Enlil was allotted, to be Lord of Command, more settlements to establish, of the skyships and their heros charge to take. Of all the lands until they the bar of the seas encounter, the leader to be.
"To Ea the seas and the oceans as his domain were granted, lands beyond the bar of the waters by him to be governed, in the Abzu [southeastern Africa] to be the master, with ingenuity the gold to procure." [Sitchin, Z., Lost Book of Enki, pages 92 -93]

Enlil’s first act was to award Enki his initial settlement, Eridu, on the Persian Gulf, in perpetuity.


No sooner did Anu and his sons divide rule of Nibiru and Earth, then.......

"Forward toward Anu Alalu stepped, shouted, ‘Mastery of Earth to me was allotted; that was the promise when the gold finds to Nibiru I announced! Nor have I the claim to Nibiru’s throne forsaken.’" [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki, page 93]

Anu wrestled Alalu. They grappled. [Sitchin, The Wars of Gods and Men, page 86]

"Anu on the chest of Alalu with his foot pressed down, victory in the wrestling thereby declaring, ‘I am King’"

But when Anu lifted his foot from Alalu, "swiftly he the manhood of Anu bit off, the malehood of Anu Alalu did swallow.!" [Sitchin, The Wars of Gods and Men, page 94]

Enlil tied Alalu up while Ea gave Anu first-aid. "Alalu," Anu groaned, "will slowly die from my seed." *

Anu condemned the sickened and doomed Alalu to spend his last days on Mars. The Nibirans knew Alalu would die soon from biting Anu's penis. "There was apparently something in the "flesh" of others that killed anyone who consumed it." [Tellinger, M. 2006, Slave Species of god, page 438]

So Anu, on his return to Nibiru, dropped Alalu on Mars, with food and tools. Anu also left Alalu's kinsman, Anzu--the interplanetary pilot Ea had discharged--to tend Alalu as Alalu died on Mars.


When Anu arrived back on Nibiru, he told the Council his plans for gold hunting throughout the solar system. He ordered continuous freight rockets to and from Earth. Rockets will shuttle among way-stations on Mars, Earth’s Moon, other planets and satellites between Nibiru and the sun.

King Anu sent his daughter Ninmah with female health officers to Earth. Stop, said the King, on the way, at Mars. If Anzu lives, give him men to start a base there.

On Mars Ninmah found Alalu and Anzu dead. It was too late for the condemned Alalu, but Ninmah revived Anzu.

To commemorate Alalu who discovered the gold that can save Nibiru, Ninmah and Anzu, "The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain [Cyndonia] with beams they carved. They showed him wearing an eagle's helmet; his face they made uncovered." [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki, page 104].

Before she left Mars for Earth, Ninmah gave Anzu twenty of the astronauts from her company and ordered him to build the first way station for the gold freighters.

[In the later Hittite version of this tale, Anu appointed Alalu's grandson Kumarbi his cupbearer (as Alalu had appointed Anu to be his cupbearer). Anu took Kumarbi to Earth to watch him. In the Hittite version, Kumarbi bit Anu's penis. Anu then forced Kumarbi to swallow poisonous stones but Kumarbi managed to spit them out.
Kumarbi visited Ea/Enki, his sister's husband on Earth. But on Earth, Enlil's younger son, Adad/Teshub incited Kumarbi. Adad bragged how he and big brother Ninurta would get privileges of knowledge and power Kumarbi wouldn't. Ea took Kumarbi in a rocket for Nibiru to plead with Lama, the ancestress of both Alalu's and Anu's lines, for mediation. But Lama, when she learned Enlil's sons opposed Enki's mission, sent "lightening winds" against Ea's spacecraft and forced him and Kumbari back to Earth.

Kumbari returned to Mars Base and agitated among the Igigi (astronauts). They attacked Enlil and his people on Earth. Seventy of Enlil's men flew aircraft against Kumarbi and the Igigi. They defeated Kumarbi but Ullikumi, Kumarbi's son by one of the female astronauts, rallied the Igigi again. 380,00 years ago, Ullikumi (Filling the role of Anzu in the Sumerian account) led the Igigi as they attacked the "whirlbirds" of the Enlilites. Enlilite champions Ninurta and Adad defeated Ullikumi and the astronauts.

Sitchin identifies the battles between Alalu and his descendants the basis basis for later Indian tales of battles the Indira vs Vrita fight even later Greek tales of the Titans vs Gods War. Indira/Vrita and Titan/Zeus are based on the Anzu/Ninurta and Adad tale the Nibirans dictated to the Sumerians. [Sitchin, Z., 1985,The Wars of Gods and Men, pages 91 -101]

Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

See for graphics and the rest of the story
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