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public - created 12/10/05 The ArtFag mafia is the first loyalty membership program designed for the art underground. The ArtFag Mafia will promote, nurture and protect the underground from litigation, arbitration, and persecution from those who would hinder the movements progress. RSS Feed what is XML?

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night club for fun  topic
join us at Nimby. Thanks JRS  topic
Most of the old crew...  topic
We are still putting up a good fight  topic
art warehouse space  topic
***Chance Operations: Call for artists, perfor...  topic
Show and Tell: Your Monthly Art Fix at the Clim...  topic
Call for Light Artists  topic
Greetings  topic
Sea of Dreams 2008  photo flag
Sea of Dreams 2008  photo flag
Sunrise on the Playa  topic
The Wild Trees by Richard Preston  review
Hazard" movie from Janpan this june at "another...  review
ThunderDome at Nimby SAT 19  topic
Godhead  review
Free Spelling Bee TONIGHT in SF (October 12th)  topic
Essay Contest from Root Magazine & Rough Guides  review
Pic's from the Ruthie's Party  topic
Call for Artists! NextArts Luminary Project  topic
Wanna make computer/synth music for the playa?  topic
The Mafia truck  photo flag
hood ornament  photo flag
Snook driving the Mafia's Truck  photo flag
Mafia T-shirts are here  topic

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