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I have noticed that name asteroids are usually very prominently positioned in synastry charts of close friends and intimate partners. Anyone else noticed this?
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    Wed, August 30, 2006 - 12:30 AM
    Yes, although I can't think of a good reason why.

    My friend Jacob Schwartz has made a lifelong study of this subject:
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      Wed, August 30, 2006 - 6:55 AM
      Great site, Zane, thanks.

      I've found another intersting site on asteroids!
      Is Your Name in the Stars?
      Chart delineations have included the four major asteroids, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, and Pallas Athena for some time. These four large asteroids orbit in a belt between Mars and Jupiter and are referred to as the asteroid goddesses and they represent the feminine roles in our charts of both men and women. The sign and house placement and the aspects to the other factors in the chart give us all a deeper understanding of our feminine side.
      The use of the minor name asteroids are a fairly recent addition to chart interpretation and are receiving a great deal of attention with some astrologers since they provide very precise meanings and add depth to chart interpretations. I personally have been totally “hooked” on them. I have a program with 11,000 name asteroids on it that can be calculated for any date to use in individual charts or transits to the chart in predictive work. They are uncanny. When I discovered that the names of all three of my children are on my chart’s ascendant, along with the asteroid “child”, they had my total attention. Here are a few ways that I can add details to your chart by using these incredible orbiting rocks.

      Names - The placement of your name and the names of your loved ones will tell you how you identify yourself and how your loved ones impact your life.

      Mythical Names - They tell a psychological story. The asteroids that connect to your chart will describe your own personal mythology.

      Names of places - It is uncanny to see how the names of places by placement in our charts will describe our experiences there. This is very useful as an additional re-location technique.

      Names of Love - There are several asteroids named for different types of love - passionate love, platonic love, love with friendship, mutual love and unrequited love. Not only do they tell you about your own slant on the subject but they are dynamite in doing relationship comparisons between two charts.

      Asteroids of love -
      Eros - passion, sexual attraction and romantic love
      Amor - unconditional love in both romance and platonic relationships
      Anteros- mutual love
      Anacreon - love and friendship
      Medea - extreme love, love/hate relationships
      Sappho and Ophelia - unrequited love, disappoints in love

      Names of occupations - You will be surprised at how many asteroid names describe occupations. Having spent a lifetime involved in a myriad of vocations in addition to my Astrology, I made a list of them and to my amazement everyone of them fell on planets in my chart that were about career, work and money! All of the astrology names were connected to the career area and Astro Wizard and Stargazer fall on my moon in my career house. This is interesting in hind sight but the real value is in locating those that are pertinent to your chart when you are looking for a new career or checking them out for your college age child when they are uncertain about a path to take.
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        Wed, August 30, 2006 - 8:18 AM
        I found an asteroid named "wil" last year. There doesn't seem to be one named "will". Which i think is wyrd but par for the course in that. Anyway, i can't tell it does much in my chart, but see some indication it might be active in my kid's charts.

        I've found some cool co incidences with this. I think a chart for a cloe who had chloe conjunct Sun, if i remember correctly. I was surprised i found it. I don't considher mycellf much of an astrologer, but i think i have a good intuitive thing going with it. I have urania right on Sun in natal chart.

        I've just been using the list accesable from What is it, the Swiss Ephemeris or something? Lot of asteroids, that's for sure. Last year, i took better part of a day, and scrolled through the whole list noting the numbers of interesting ones. the firefox "find in page" finds them if i know the name. then it's easy to plug them into charts.
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      Wed, August 30, 2006 - 10:25 AM
      Here's my favorite asteroid story...........

      1. My name, Zane, has its origin in the name John (much as Bob has its origin in the name Robert, or Bill in William).
      2. My nickname, going all the way back to when I was 18, was Adam. And even now, I use the name from a favorite book, "Adam Link", for an internet nickname. My yahoo nick for example is AdamLink.

      There is an asteroid named Johnadams, which falls right on my 7th house cusp at 15 Virgo 06. My two names....

      I don't know the date I picked the nickname, unfortunately, but the name 'Zane Adam' figures significantly in my life.
      Years ago, when I was quite young and foolish, a female friend of mine got pregnant by someone she didn't love. She was on the verge of suicide because her parents were going to force her to give the baby up for adoption. I proposed to her, even though we had never even dated, with the goal of enabling her to keep the baby. She said yes (apparently she had a crush on me for some time anyway). Being young and not knowing the law or options, we didn't know we could have gone through with it....and her parents still sent her away to a home, where the baby was taken away from her. However, she was allowed to name it first, and so she named it Zane Adam.

      I proposed to her when Mercury was conjunct my 7th/Johnadams, and found out she had named him Zane Adam in a letter received the day there was a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction exactly sextile my 7th/Johnadams.

      When Johnadams reached her 8th house cusp exactly, the baby was taken away from her. Alice has Johnadams at 18 Aquarius 47, and the baby was born when she had a Johnadams return to her natal position.

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        Fri, October 13, 2006 - 1:58 AM
        When I was born my name asteroid was conj my mom's VH cusp :)

        I checked 3 charts and found out that in all cases when children were born, progressed asteroid Child (1 degree = 1 year progression) made a 30/120/60 degree aspect to either VH cusp or VH ruler!

        my Moon that is conjunct Neptune with only supportive aspects to it, seems perfect from the astrological point of view but does not feel so from my personal experience. It is conjunct asteroid Medusa and in opposition to asteroid Grieve, both aspects exact;

        My Sun is conjunct asteroid Angel, Datura and true BML hmmm dunno what to say...

        Asteroid Felicia is in exact square to my Sun and 4-degree-orb-conj Saturn; it is clear now why my Taurean Sun that is supposed to enjoy all possible pleasures of life finds it quite challenging and unfamiliar.

        A friend of mine is a very talented and very well paid for his age artist and he has asteroid Talent conjunct MC. His X house is empty, nothing special with XH ruler and it always seemed weird to me but not anymore!

        The guy I was hopelessly in love with's name asteroid is exactly conjunct my BML(mean) on the 5H wonder.... he is my Animus figure!..signs* name asteroid conj his IC....on the day when he proposed me his name asteroid was conj my DSC and my transiting name asteroid conj his name asteroid and BLM that must be why I freaked out; my transiting name asteroid was on his MC.
        In the solar return chart, when I fell in love with him, his solar name asteroid was exactly on my natal name asteroid, solar NN on his name and my solar name on natal Venus!

        I have no idea how asteroids work, but they do!
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    Sat, October 21, 2006 - 12:13 PM
    ok, I have never known about 'name' asteroids but I checked out Zanes link he provided...

    It doesn't look like I have one! :-(

    anyways, Ken was the name given to me by my parents, and the one I have always used.

    ..legally, its actually my middle name, my legal first name was assigned to me by a pastor guy...and I don't use it very much
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      Tue, March 3, 2009 - 4:22 AM
      more ideas on name asteroids:

      if you cannot find your name asteroid, you can find one that resembles your name and if you feel some kind of a connection with it, it will work too

      in your own chart, name asteroid shows how you perceive yourself, describes your own mythology

      in someone else's chart, is what you are to them depending on aspects it makes, conjunctions are especially important (your name conj any other planet or asteroid in someone's chart makes them identify you with the planet's influence / energy)

      middle name asteroids add flavour, I'd say but I haven't observed them often enough to say more

      last name asteroid may reveal your family dynamics from your own perspective

      in synastry between spouses last name asteroids show how we see our partner's parents and other closest relatives

      you can read aspects to it the same way as if you had these aspects to your Sun, but the difference is that name asteroid is more intimate, it's your relationship with your Self, your own self-concept sort of, while Sun aspects are more of a social influece, like 'how others (parents, friends, lovers, co-workers, etc) have made you feel about your Self'
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    Sat, March 5, 2011 - 9:31 AM
    Once there was a time when I hated my Name. Of course, there are a lot of people who want to change their name (I suppose so). ^^

    But ever since then I'm searching for a "true" name, which does have a special frequency that resonates with me.
    I also read that Babylonian people were having name-crises, too. They were searching for a real name, because words are just words, but they can never fully describe the "truth".

    Of course I accept my name for means of communication.
    But then there was astrology:
    My name asteroid is exactly opposite my north node / conjunct my south node. I suppose it means that my given name is not what I feel what resonates with my life path.

    Then there's the fact that some people who just get to know me can't remember my name and call me Anna. The name asteroid Anna sits exactly on my Descendant. I don't know how to interpretate that. May it doesn't have a deeper meaning and the guys hust cold not read :D (they got to know me on the internet)
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      Sat, March 5, 2011 - 1:49 PM
      your name asteroid conj DSC, it may mean you perceive your Self through the eyes of others, other people you have long-term, serious relationships with (not necessarily romantic) form your perception of yourself

      loved your name asteroid conj SN interp!
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        Sat, March 5, 2011 - 3:08 PM
        >loved your name asteroid conj SN interp!
        Thanks ^^ haven't had much hope that my interpretation is helpful at all, lol

        humm, the interpretation fits me. But Chiron in 7th could explain it as well.
        So why the name Anna (which doesn't resemble my name at all)?
        Although they are just minor asteroids, name asteroids have a meaning, too. "Anna" means grace. The Dsc is how you relate to others. Grace is a life theme for me, too (although minor). Because I have none :)
        But it did happen that I watch for graceful woman and try to feel myself into them for gaining grace. I want to be seen as, only seen as beautiful, graceful and lovely. It's an ideal. That is what the 7th House is about, right?

        After submitting my post I thought about names or myths or symbols that could be important für my search for the real name.. First I came up with Pegasos, but there is no asteroid called Pegasos.
        Then I remembered that I did something similar like a meditation, where my imagination can just pop up from my subconscous.
        The name "Amelia" appeared. I can remember this because some time afterwards I watched Underworld where the Vampire Elder is called Amelia.

        "Amelia \a-me-lia\ as a girl's name is pronounced a-MEEL-yah. It is of Latin and Old German origin, and the meaning of Amelia is "industrious, striving; work""

        Coincidentally the name asteroid is conjunc my Sun in Virgo! =)
        Not sure if Amelia fits as a real name, because it is still a word and it's only my sun, not the whole being. But the thing here is that I felt the frequency of the name, the frequency of my Sun/Virgo and I find it a wonderful proof for astrology and the principle of energy...
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          Re: Name Asteroids

          Sat, March 5, 2011 - 3:17 PM
          Oh, and where I now live and was born ruled a princess called Amalie Alexandra. There's a beautiful story surrounding her.
          She was obsessive-compulsive about hygiene (a born Virgo) and a bit neurotic. She thought she swallowed a piano that was made of glass.

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