Ceres through the Signs and Houses

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Think of the key words for each Zodiac sign and house, then, do the same for Ceres, and we will have a good idea as to how Ceres may manifest itself in the signs and houses. Ceres projects nurturing, love, mothering, parenting, grief, despair, depression, love and care of the homeland, the earth, agriculture, gardening foodstuff, nutrition, the Initiation process through childbirth, death, dying and resurrection, and the mysteries behind the hidden veil.

Aries or 1st House

Ceres will be an obvious part of the personality, initiating and promoting self nurturance and caring for others. Independent, assertive, self starter, action orientated, physical activity, the grief work of Ceres may be connected to the self, through health, appearance, personality, or projection to partner could occur, or may attract a challenging partner or relationship.

Taurus or 2nd House

Ceres here will find nurturance in owning possessions, giving comfort to others by touch, massage, food, gardening, agriculture, horticulture, farming, crop circles researchers, environmental issues, stability, sharing artistic, musical and nurturing talents. They will enjoy a day at the spa, and/or with a beautician. Loss and grief work connected to possessions, values, self worth, loss of earning ability, addiction to food and other eating disorders. This placement needs to learn relax and have some fun.

Gemini or 3rd House

Communication is important, giving, receiving and collecting data and information so they may share it with others. They like to communicate to others and public relations may be their niche, at least in the local community. Possibly educators or those who like to be educated. They need to feel competent when communicating with others. Short distance travel, cab and bus drivers, postman, real estate agents. They may help others by working with their hands, the local mechanic, painter, musician or secretary. This placement may also have the responsibility of caring for their siblings; they could be the local neighborhood babysitter, and enjoy nurturing others in their community. Grief work may include siblings, painful communication, lack of education, trouble with transportation and accidents.

Cancer or 4th House

The home and /or family will be important to these people. They are sentimental and emotional finding nurturance in their own home, caring and cooking for others, performing domestic activities.

There can be an interest in real estate, land, mining, geology or gemology. Early childhood family life will play an important role on how they handle their emotions and nurture others. They may care for others' in their home, or become home care workers, midwifes, and be highly conscious of parenting. Grief work will involve the home, early childhood, the mother or father, mood disorders, and genetic family karma; sometimes a medical condition.

Leo or 5th House

Here, Ceres will love to generously nurture their loved ones and children, by finding ways to be creative, have fun, and enjoy sports and hobbies. They can teach others how to find the inner muse and creative spark! This would be a great placement for a children's art teacher or writer…Harry Potter maybe? They will feel nurtured by receiving attention and extra special loving gestures from those who care about them. They will enjoy traveling in style and comfort. Their grief issues may come from failed investment strategies, too much gambling, money shared with their friends, partners, conflicting values, love affairs and rebellious teenagers. There could be a custody battle over children or child support. This may be where the story of Ceres, Persephone and Pluto began.

Virgo or 6th House

Serving others is what Ceres likes to do here…and they enjoy working. You will nurture your co-workers or your company may nature you. These people are perfectionists and often have technical and organizational skills. Health care workers, dieticians, nutrition, health food and vitamins, herbology, and medical personnel and those who work with pets, veterinarians, the SPCA, as a matter of fact any service industry will find itself at home here. Virgo is the sign for fashion and design, sewing, handiwork and restaurants. You could feel nurtured by fashion, food, and health awareness, by serving others, your co-workers, your pets….is a big one, and we have all heard how they give us unconditional love! And pet lovers love to lavish their affection on their companions. Grief and loss will be connected to issues of the 6 th house and Virgo, namely, health, illness, food safety, hygiene, work, pets, perfectionism and loneliness.

Libra or 7th House

Ceres loves to give and care for others with this placement in relationships, partnerships and public relations work. But needs to watch that giving is not ‘over the top' so to speak. Relationships don't work well if only one partner is rowing the boat. Resentments and a co-dependant relationship could develop.

Here, Ceres' is looking for pleasant, loving, harmonious relationships. The mother may have, in fact, modeled this through the family dynamics.

This is a good placement for those who work with the public as there is a genuine interest in nurturing others in a diplomatic and graceful way. Grief issues could include loss of partner or business, disharmony, extreme dislike of rude manners or language, a power struggle for identity.

Scorpio or 8th House

Ceres here may be nurtured by the stability of the mother-child bonding relationship as well as other meaningful close encounters, especially powerful emotional or sexual encounters. The partner's money and investment income, responsible decision making regarding financial well being. Inheritance, contribution to environmental issues, recycling, investigating hidden information, and the mysteries of life and death. Nurturing received through a healthily sexual relationship. Working with the dying, hospice and chaplaincy work, doctors, childbirth and midwifery.

Grief work with money, inheritance, (especially with siblings), loss or death of those we love and care for, child maintenance, alimony payments, divorce, sexual dysfunction, power struggles, obsessive behavior.

Sagittarius or 9th House

A love of adventure, the outdoors and concern for the environment and our animal kingdom. Ceres here may take on a project such as feeding the hungry, involvement in social issues, ‘saving the whales or polar bears' Persons on a missionary path, spiritual guru's and teachers, healers working or volunteering for the social order. (E.g. Mother Teresa, Princess Dianna)Nurturing will come through teaching or preaching about humanity's evolutionally path in terms of our environment, diverse cultures and religious traditions, as well as the love of travel. These people may feel nurtured by acquiring knowledge and wisdom and teach others how to explore their inner and outer worlds, developing their own philosophy and spirituality. Grief work may come through the realization that all cannot be saved. Issues may include frustration and acceptance of foreign countries, cultures, traditions and religions, our sick and starving populations, the animals at risk due to mans aggressive nature and the challenging weather patterns.

Capricorn or 10th House

In order to feel secure and nurtured, persons with this placement need to feel in control, organized, and know where they are going, they don't like surprises. We can count on them to make responsible choices and decisions. Ceres in the 10 th will want to help organize, and teach you the process of goal setting and help you understand that success comes from discipline and perseverance. No get rich quick schemes here! They may be a bit too controlling too! One of your parents or a mentor embodied this energy and encouraged your career path. This placement will want to help maintain the ‘status quo ‘at a leadership position, while developing systems which define responsibly, structure, organization and focus to reach a common goal. This can be the placement for a politician or high official that is able to reach the masses with the message of care and respect for whatever their mission is. Remember, Ceres rules our agriculture, farmland, crop circles … (Maybe that is her speaking to us through the ground or from the sky!). This position will be concerned about the health and welfare of the country, our values, and government polices in reference to‘re- building our new earth'; a Plutonic energy must also be involved for the regeneration and rebirth process. Because it is the 10 th house and therefore the zenith position, it is closer to the heavens suggesting concern for the air we breathe, and atmospheric conditions. Grief work may involve caring for an elderly parents, conflict and/or caring for your boss, co-workers, your career choices, the state of your country, government, the health care systems, environment.

Aquarius or the 11th House

From an esoteric viewpoint this is the house of the ‘world server', therefore you may have a mission to help the masses in a humanitarian way. Persons with this placement love the world and look at our global community as all are friends, bothers, or sisters. There are no boarders. Remember the song by John Lennon, ‘Imagine ‘Imagine all the people loving everyone….

We care and nurture our friends and are nurtured by them as well. All 12 step groups embody this archetype, the challenge loss, and then returning to a state of well being, while friends in the support group nurture and care for you. In addition, this placement would most likely include single parenting groups, adoption, foster parents, orphanages, or those who work in community group homes for disadvantaged children and youth. Ceres here may rebel against the social structure and want to see change, bringing in new innovative ideas, inventions, and to work to bring about positive change for our future. They can be activists and will let their ideas be known through the use the written word, newspapers, public speaking and books. Grief issues involves friend, groups, and rebelliousness, the rebel without a cause syndrome, adoption issues and our global community.

Pisces or the 12th House

When Ceres is in the 12 th house you will want to help the disadvantaged through charitable organizations, volunteering, fund raising, and working in large institutions or behind the scenes. Psychological and karmic issues regarding the mother, and/or your family of origin may be repressed and need healing. You may nurture yourself by spending time alone, enjoying a day at the spa, or creating your own spa atmosphere at home. Spending time by the water will be calming for you, sailing, spiritual retreats, and quiet moments alone are important to your well being. This is also the house of fantasy and imagination, therefore artistic inspiration and poety may flow through you. Dreams of how you wish you were nurtured, or how you would like to see the world. This is a good placement for nurses or those in the caring fields, where you care for and may even quietly support those in need. Addiction counselors, recovery houses, and organizations such as the Salvation Army would be a good example of Ceres in the 12 th house. Psychological imbalance and grief are experienced due to lack of love, choosing partners that are not able to nurture and care for us, inability to have children, illness of self, addiction issues, parents, siblings, spouse, and insufficient nurturing in your formative childhood years.
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    Mon, April 18, 2011 - 5:52 PM
    The problem is that, while there is an affinity between the sign and the house, they are not identical. A person with Ceres in Aries is not a carbon copy of a person with Ceres in the first house.

    The distinctions get a bit blurred in writings like this.

    One can think as the chart as a play, and the planets and asteroids as the actors and actresses. The sign is the costume worn, the role that is being played. The house is the particular stage that the scene is being acted out on, with the various scenery and other props setting the mood.

    It is easiest, perhaps, to see this dealing with a more well-known archetype from the group of inner planets. So imagine if you will a young person, played by Mercury.
    He has taken on the role of a reporter, writing up all the bits and pieces of interesting news he discovers, and he is dressed in a Gemini costume.
    He primarily writes about the theater, and other forms of entertainment, finding dramas his favorite topic, and his stage is the 5th house.

    His friend, another Mercury in Gemini, much prefers to write about finances, and how to build a secure financial future. His stage is the 8th house.

    A Mercury in Leo has decided writing about drama is not for him....he wants to perform the drama, and have everyone's undivided attention on every word he speaks. His stage is the 5th house.

    He has few 'equals' in his mind, but one of these is another Mercury in Leo who has the 3rd house as his stage. He, too, wants to command the undivided attention of others, but he spends his days in an elementary school, telling stories to children who can't get enough of them.

    Talk to people you know with Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd house, versus Mars in Gemini in the 8th house, and you will see they are much, much different from each other. Anything in Scorpio is intensely focused, anywhere and everywhere it goes, even in the 3rd house. But a Mars in Gemini has a whole slew of irons in the fire, even in the 8th house.

    I have Ceres in Pisces conjunct my Ascendant. I have some things in common with the paragraph on Ceres in the 1st, and some things with Ceres in Pisces, but neither one pegs me completely....and that is because the signs and houses have become blurred. My Ceres expresses itself in a Piscean manner, but where? In the way I act day to day. The first impression people have of me is Pisces, and Ceres in Pisces especially.
    I have a dear friend with Ceres in Aries in the 4th. No one notices the Ceres part of her when they first meet her, but I will tell you....when she gets comfortable with you, feels at home with you, that Ceres becomes one of the most noticable parts of her personality, and it is always being expressed spontaneously, impetuously.
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      Mon, April 18, 2011 - 7:41 PM
      Honestly - online cookbook intepretations are supposed to be used as a springboard, a starting point. Everybody who is far enough into astrology to even know about the Ceres asteroid, already knows that. So I don't think anyone is going to take these interpretations, get confused and run with them. Although, even if they did, they wouldn't exactly be super-incorrect.

      As an example - My Ceres is in Virgo, in the 7th house, near my Vertex. There honestly ARE commonalities between the sixth house, and Virgo. Both have to do with serving or helping, and health. And the sign Libra has a lot to do with relationships between people - and the seventh house, is actually the house of the 'other' and relationships (for better or worse - it's also linked to open enemies, but blah de blah lol). So it's not like if someone who is a real beginner at astrology, takes these intepretations and runs with them, that they're gonna get a completely and totally inaccurate read. It's just that with more astrological knowledge, you can sort of fine-tune the interpretation.

      Ever since I was young, I've always had a lot of respect, interest and fascination for doctors/hospitals/the medical profession, and over the years I've thought alot about going to school to become a doctor (Virgo/6th house). So most of the interpretation of Ceres in Virgo, was spot-on for me, and I also saw a bit of myself in the Libra/7th house interpretation, albeit not to the extent of the Virgo one.
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        Tue, April 19, 2011 - 11:35 AM
        I have Ceres in Aries AND the 1st house ~ ah, the simplicity of an Aries ascendant ;)

        but I agree with Argh's point that all cookbook style interpretations on the internet are just starting points in understanding.

        love all-ways,
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        Tue, April 19, 2011 - 4:52 PM
        I see nothing wrong with 'starting points', as long as they are prefaced as such.

        Those who have been into astrology for awhile, for the most part, take everything they read as something to think about, not swallow whole.

        But there are a lot of people who are still fairly new who haven't developed a critical eye, and the printed word (even if on a webpage) carries a lot of 'oomph'.

        A couple examples.
        I have seen a few people over the years write about Chiron as ruler of Virgo as though it were a fact. When I asked them how they arrived at that position, it seems they had picked up the first book they could find on Chiron and the author of that book stated "Chiron rules Virgo". So they assumed it was fact.

        I know of a few people who truly believe the most sexually focused part of one's chart is one's Juno. Why? Because when they were searching the web, trying to find info on the little body, the came across the site of the Magi Society, where they read such gems as "Juno is more sexual than Venus is. Juno is more sexual than Mars. Juno is more sexual than Pluto is. Juno is the most sexual planet in the solar system" and "JUNO is the astrological key to sexuality and sexual attraction. But Juno shuns commitment and responsibility. JUNO rules sex without commitment, the mistress, and one-night stands. Juno is symbolic of sexual affairs whereas Chiron is ruler of love affairs."

        People are hungry for info. I know I am even today, and was very much so when I first got into astrology. But I remember back in those days, many years ago, that I tended to accept everything I read as truth, and had to unlearn some things eventually.

        If something is only a suggestion, a theory, a starting point, it should be labeled as such. There is so much to learn in astrology....but you need to have some knowledge under your belt before you can begin to look at anything with a critical eye, or learn to tell when something is only just a starting point.
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          Re: Ceres through the Signs and Houses

          Wed, April 20, 2011 - 3:18 AM
          I have Ceres @ 1 degree Sagittarius. I can really relate to this placements sign interpretation. I have a few planets and asteroids in Sagittarius, so it can be confusing and complicated to separate the energies (Neptune Mars Lilith Juno & Ceres in Sag). Even though Sagittarius rules my 3rd house, Ceres is located in my second house & I can't relate at all to the house interpretation. I am actually very detached from possessions, with few cherished objects & books. & I wouldn't mind going to the spa now and again, but it is more of an exciting energy experience then relaxing (dealing with strangers energy), for relaxation I would rather be by myself outdoors :-)

          I have Vesta @ 2 degrees Gemin in opposition to Ceres. This could be influencing the energy too!

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