Yod the Finger of God

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Yod or the Finger of God, I’ve been intrigued by this configuration for quite awhile. I did some research and found an easy way to interpret it.
In my chart I have only challenging aspects to my Sun including two quincunxes from Pluto and Neptune/Moon and I’ve been wondering how I can bring out the creative side in me, how to work out the stressful aspects and get my spiritual being awaken, Yod, is something to look for when I am trying to determine the potential for (the focal planet = Sun = my S-Elf), in order to succeed I will have to rely on a certain level of faith (Neptune) and the Inner Child within (Moon) and let powerful transformations happen (Pluto), no matter how challenging it might be...
P.S. If I do not do this myself the situation urging me to focus on matters ruled by Sun may develop itself when a transiting or progressed planet forms an opposition to Sun, moving on the Neptune/Moon and Pluto midpoint.

What about your Yod?
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    Mon, August 4, 2008 - 4:41 AM
    I don't have a yod in my own chart, but my daughter has very strong one in hers. She was born on Jan 15, 1985 at 3:45 est, ( 8:45 UT) 80W19, 36N55

    This gives her a tight yod, with pluto and mercury at the base, chiron at the point, and the ascendant at the focal point between pluto and mercury.

    I'd appreciate much any insights anyone might have into this chart. It is very interesting in a number of other features as well, with some asteroids definitely active. One of the more complex charts i have studied.
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      Re: Yod the Finger of God

      Wed, August 12, 2009 - 6:15 AM
      Hey wil,

      it seems like you are an expert in this yod thing... i am quite interested myself because my natal chart apparently shows a yod kite or boomerang with the moon at the apex. my natal details are as follows:

      nov. 22, 1980
      1108 local time (0308 UT)
      123e54, 10n18

      venus/pluto - sextile - mars/neptune
      venus/pluto - quincunx - moon
      mars/neptune - quincunx - moon
      sun/uranus (midheaven) - opposition - moon
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        Fri, August 14, 2009 - 4:26 AM
        Sorry deejay, i'm no expert. You born in cebu? I don't see yod as being very important in your chart as the orbs are quite weak for that, but you are best judge of your own chart, imo.

        No expert! like i said, but from what i know of yods they seem very challenging, and i would not feel too left out if i were you.
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    Re: Yod the Finger of God

    Tue, August 5, 2008 - 3:06 PM
    I actually just learned about yods yesterday, and seen the one in my chart...venus in the first is the point, and the other two are a marséjupiter conjunction in my 7th, and the moon in my 6th
    I still cant quite understand the conecpt of these yet
    Is it that exercising the venus energy helps put a focus between mars and the moon....
    here is my chart...
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      Tue, August 5, 2008 - 3:44 PM
      I have tried reading up on this in earlier posts, but it just confuses me since I am a novice at such things lol.

      Can someone explain to me what it is... this Finger of God? <--- And if I have it?
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        Tue, August 5, 2008 - 4:38 PM
        Yods are not all that common , by you have a very strong one, Nadia. It has Chiron at the apex, right on your MC, and neptune and pluto/vesta at the base points, all important players and the orbs are tight making it a very strong yod. I think this very important and reaching an understanding of this and keeping track of influences on the planets involved will be very helpful for you. I think it is likely an important part of your story and the work you are doing this incarnation. It would be good for you to come to understand the dynamics of yods and the planets involved in your particular yod.

        It can be an uncomfortable aspect, bringing a difficulty in coming to decisions and making up one's mind between alternatives symbolized by the base planets. I think it is good to have chiron, the healer, at the apex and this brings a therapeutic energy to the yod.

        Google the term and read up on it. Here is the wikipedia article.

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          Tue, August 5, 2008 - 4:41 PM
          :o Oh wow, thank you.

          I have learned more on tribe astrology than I have any other place so far.
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            Wed, August 6, 2008 - 3:24 AM
            I found this from featuring tribal elder zane. We are lucky to have him here, as well as a number of other really talented and educated astrologers like zane, maryellen, goglesque and others. I've learned a lot of astrology here too.

            Expert: Zane B Stein
            Date: 1/23/2008
            Subject: yod

            is there any major significance to a yod?does it have to be all planets? if one has sun inconjunct neptune and sun sextile midheaven is that a yod?

            A Yod (also called a Finger of God, and the Finger of Fate) is an aspect pattern that must involve at least 3 planets, or two planets and an angle like the MC or Ascendant. It does not need to involve all of the planets.

            How do you tell you have a Yod?
            First, you will have two or more planets, or planets and an angle, that are sextile (60 degrees apart). Then, BOTH sides of the sextile will be quincunx (150 degrees, also known as an inconjunct) to at least one other planet or angle.

            The planet or angle that is quincunx the two sides of the sextile is called the APEX and is the most significant planet in the Yod.

            Thus, in the situation you describe, you have a Yod if both the Sun and your Midheaven are quincunx Neptune. If only one is quincunx Neptune, and the other is not (perhaps because it is out of orb), then it is not a Yod.

            If you have a Yod, then Neptune is your Apex planet.

            There is a LOT of potential energy in a Yod. It is the "I can't rest" type. And this is because the 'motor' for this energy is made up of two opposite quincunx's.

            A quincunx is an aspect where two planets just do not synch with each other. The signs are so different that the respective planets just can't understand where each other is coming from.
            As a result, each is trying on some level to transform the other, and is never satisfied that the transformation is complete. If you were quincunx another person, you would probably feel that you were two ships passing in the night....not enough in common to interact with the person. But because the quincunx is internal, the planets have to interact...they just can't comprehend each other's energy.

            And then, in a Yod, the apex planet is being pushed one way by one side of the sextile, another way by the other side of the sextile...and the apex planet is pushing back in both directions. The two planets that are sextile work together well....which means the apex planet pushes them both into action.

            This 'motor', as I called it, motivates you to try to discover
            your reason for being, your special purpose in life, and then to attain it...and so it gives you a motivation to push to accomplish your goals. It can at times reach 'compulsive' status. (Some astrologers believe that there is a type of 'karmic debt' repayment connected with the Yod...that the urgency, the need to achieve
            your purpose, ties into something unfinished from a past life.)

            I hope this helps.

            Best wishes,
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              Re: Yod the Finger of God

              Wed, August 6, 2008 - 10:50 AM
              Will you help me ,please? :) :) :)

              I am reading this Yod thing for the fifth time at least,
              and ....buzzed off ! O_O... really

              I guess,you understood all,Zane B Stein told :)
              So,please,help me with this.

              I have Uranus which has a sextile to Saturn and sextile to Moon :)
              so Is The Planet Uranus now the APEX ? (or MC or Ascendant have to be there necessarily?)
              as Uranus is sextiling Moon and Saturn making the angle??? :O :O :O

              Please,help me,
              I am restless to know :) :D :)

              Thank you A LOT in advance.

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                Wed, August 6, 2008 - 11:03 AM
                Hey adriana. In order for it to be a yod, the planets that are sextile to each other need to both be quincunx to the same other planet, forming a narrow pie slice of a shape. The fact that nadia's apex is on her MC is coincidence. Very meaningful coincidence i'd say. I looked in our profile but didn't see your chart or birthdata so can't say if you have a yod or not. Those sextiles are a very nice aspect though.
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                Re: Yod the Finger of God

                Wed, August 6, 2008 - 11:14 AM

                and Pluto is also sextiling my other two planets :O
                on two sides

                on one side sextiling even two at once :D
                so may Pluto be considered as the APEX?


                you are intriguing me :)
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                  Re: Yod the Finger of God

                  Wed, August 6, 2008 - 11:18 AM
                  Aha !!

                  I read your recent post now :)

                  but two sextiles may form a TRINE -120 degrees!
                  but never the Inconjunct with each other (same planets as you say )

                  so am intrigued and confused even more now :D

                  and I need to end with the investigation with some real info always :)
                  cant let it go until I know !!

                  Can u help me in that ?
                  to teach me to the end ? :)


                  Thank you in advance..

                  Please,tell me ,
                  which planets will do the inconjunct?which with which ???
                  this is the main question I cant figure out ...
                  maybe am hurrying to understand,
                  maybe this is why ..
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              Re: Yod the Finger of God

              Wed, June 23, 2010 - 1:33 AM
              Hi wil!, :)

              Thank you for posting all this awesome information:) but I'm still not sure if I have a yod. If I do it would include my ascendant. I posted a question about this earlier today at another site and people told me that a yod to be all planets. Anyway,

              This is the description of it.... chiron(aries) sextile ascendant(gemini) and mercury(scorpio) quincunx them both.
              Does that count as one? Actually I think I might have a Boomerang but I'm not sure (I'm sorry to mention it since this about Yods) mercury is opposite Jupiter and it sits right down the middle.

              What do you think? :)

              My birthdate is 11/15/1976 time:6:58pm Place:La Mesa,California
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          Sat, February 27, 2010 - 2:59 AM
          Hi wil & guys, just realised I have a yodkite and/or another yod in my chart..would like help to know what it means?

          uranus in scorpio (10th house) inconjunct sun in taurus (3rd house)
          mars in libra (9th or 8th house?) inconjunct sun in taurus (3rd house)
          both mars & uranus are sextile.
          jupiter in scorpio (conjunct MC) is semi-sextile mars & uranus and at the same time in opposition to natal sun.
          this makes it a yod-kite right?

          another possible yod:
          moon in pisces (2nd house) inconjunct saturn in libra (9th house)
          chiron in taurus (4th house) inconjunct saturn in libra (9th house)
          moon sextile chiron
          as chiron isn't a planet is this considered a yod still?

          My chart is aquarius rising, and uranus & saturn are both part of both my yods..
          sun in taurus, ruling planet venus, which is conjunct to moon in 2nd house.
          moon in pisces.

          I've looked around but I'm still not sure how to interpret these yods in my chart yet..please help, thanks!
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    Wed, August 13, 2008 - 11:20 AM
    if I add some of my favorite asteroids & my part of fortune to my birth chart,
    I have 3 yods focusing around my ascendant
    I'm finding myself foolishly emphasizing my image ;)

    love all-ways,
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      Re: Yod the Finger of God

      Wed, August 13, 2008 - 6:34 PM
      I noticed that i have a yod formed today by transit :P
      Transiting sun in my 7th (also ruler of my 7th), sextiling my 8th house pluto
      both quincunx to transiting uranus in my 1st house

      nothing exciting happening so far...... *shrugs* although i am expected to get a huge check via husband's insurance in the mail tomorrow
      Venus (8th house ruler) conjuncting jupiter/vertex tomorrow too
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    Re: Yod the Finger of God

    Wed, August 20, 2008 - 11:20 PM
    Does anyone know what it might mean to have the transiting nodal axis straight through the centre of my yod? T north node will conjunct my venus in november i think... My progressed sun isnt too far away will be at 10 Aqua when the node makes that conjunction at 13 aqua
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      Re: Yod the Finger of God

      Fri, August 22, 2008 - 6:13 AM
      Transiting north node is your path, this is your destination, apprarently transisting nodes might activate, in quite a challenging way maybe, the importance of what love, self-love, real values for you are... I think that is what you will have to look at
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        Re: Yod the Finger of God

        Sat, August 23, 2008 - 10:28 PM
        thank you gogolesque
        should i be considering the rulerships of the planets involved ?
        (venus is ruler of my 8th, moon 6th, and mars 2nd and 9th)
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    Sun, April 12, 2009 - 9:19 PM
    I have a Yod that points to my natal Sun;

    Mars in Aries/ 7th house sextile Jupiter in Gemini/ 9th house, pointing to my Sun in Libra/ 1st house.

    Still trying to get it figured out, and I think I have the general idea of what it means (when I take into consideration other influences in my chart; the heaviest and most strongly felt listed below) -if a Yod does point to some kind of fated fork-in-the-road. And I'm kinda hoping its not the case. Kinda seems to me like I'm going to have to either choose between my ambition-driven goals or a marriage partner (because Mars is in my 7th house) and a career/ success/ travel opportunities brought on by lucky situations of meeting the right people at the right time (that's already happening, a lot too). I know having Mars in my 7th house as it is is not the most positive placement as it is.

    The other influences I have running in with this are the fact that my Ascendant is Capricorn, which Pluto is currently conjunct my Ascendant, and I have a Grand Trine in my 3rd, 7th, 10th house: Saturn/ Uranus in my natal 3rd house -Sagittarius, Mars in my natal 7th house- Aries, and my Moon in my natal 10th house- Leo: the fire signs. With my chart based on my Ascendant, that turns into a trine in my 4th, 8th, and 12th houses. I've been feeling all aspects of these trines affecting those areas of my life tremendously ---ESPECIALLY SINCE PLUTO MOVED INTO MY ASCENDANT. And I must add: My mother died 13 days after Pluto entered Capricorn. For her, that was it, and for me, it had just entirely begun.

    Those are the heaviest focal points I used to evaluate what is becoming with my Yod...

    Anyone have their own opinion about this?

    If anyone even reads this or has anything to say, I'd really appreciate it.
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    Tue, October 13, 2009 - 8:05 PM
    Hey all! I just joined this group, but I have been around for a minute in these parts. My questions are... I got a chart done and according to the chart...

    I have THREE T- Squares (First t-square has Pluto as a focal point, Second t-square has an Jupiter/Saturn focal point and the final t-square has Venus as the focal point.

    And then I have TWO YODS! One has Neptune as its focal point and the other yod has Chiron as its focal point.

    I just need some help interpeting this, lol. I am hella lost right now, lol.
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    Thu, February 2, 2012 - 12:44 PM
    hi, just today i came to know about Yod and saw i have a Yod in my birth chart. but no idea about that.would be happy if can know little about that. my birth chart MOON in Pisces Sextile VENUS in Capricorn (midpoint Aquarius in MC) pointing to SATURN in Leo (moon and Venus inconjunction Saturn)
    my ascendant conjunct Jupiter in Taurus,Pluto in Libra, urenus in Scorpio, and sun,mars,mercury,neptune in Sagittarius ..thanks

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