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Intimacy and personal space
Chariklo was the wife of Chiron. She was discovered in 1997, and is about compassion and emotional connection, among other themes. She is about the "Need for definition between intimacy and personal space. Seeking definition of human interaction and boundaries. Desire to help without co-dependent interference. Negative: invasive, manipulative, solicitous without intent to respond, aloof. Positive: an shoulder to cry upon, well defined relating agenda, counselor of independence vs. intimacy." The Pisces Point — Centaur Transits for 2003

Compassion and emotional connection
The next involves a sign I haven't mentioned yet, but which is profoundly important in the lives of those born in the Sixties: Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign associated with freedom, but it has a lot to do with control and rigidity. One of its main themes is the crystallisation of reality. It is closely associated with Saturn, which is its original planetary ruler. Through the peak years of the Sixties, Aquarius was stuffed with yet-to-be-discovered planets.

These include Pholus, discovered in 1992, which is all about opening the jar and releasing the old karma that often goes back three generations. Pholus spent many years in Aquarius during the Sixties. Also in Aquarius was the first planet that would be discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto, designated 1992 QB1 (it is still not named). QB1 has among other themes an association with the near-death realm. Also in Aquarius was a centaur planet called Chariklo, the wife of Chiron. She was discovered in 1997, and is about compassion and emotional connection, among other themes. These potent forces to me represent the breakdown of the carefully guarded, cherished and polished crystal of Aquarius belief systems.
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    Chariklo: In Greek myth, Chariklo was the wife of Chiron. She offers relief from the dictates of patriarchy, through the safeguarding of sacred sexuality. Chariklo can represent balanced, active feminine expression, however she also serves in protection of social boundaries including those that are transgender or sexual in nature. The polarization of woman into virgin or whore that characterizes many cultures, can be left behind for mature, self-fulfilled, maternal yet sexually active womanhood. As expressed by astrologer Philip Sedgwick, Chariklo is all about learning to maintain two important personal boundaries; one that would promote quality relations with other people and another that protects personal, sacred space, namely the enclosure of your own spirituality and individuality.

    so where is Chariklo # 10199 in your natal chart? can you relate to the description above? how about synastry? any chariklo/chiron aspects with your loved ones?

    I checked 5 married couples, only 2 of them have Chiron /Chariklo aspects, the rest have Chiron or Chariklo in aspect to the synastry luminaries, angles or angle rulers.

    couple 1 him - her
    Chariklo 23'37 tau - 20'28 tau
    Chiron 2'16 gem - 28'05 tau
    his Chariklo is widely conj her Chiron (5) and Sun (1)

    couple 2 him - her
    Chariklo 19'05 aqua - 28'04 aries
    Chiron 10'35 pisc - 8'29 tau
    her Chiron sextile his Chiron (2) conj his ASC (0)
    his Chiron sextile her Saturn (1)
    her Chariklo opp his Sun (2)
    his Chariklo conj ner MC (1) square Venus (2) trine ASCR Merc (1) sextile Moon (3)

    couple 3 him - her
    Chariklo 16'43vir - 8'21 lib
    Chiron 19'26 can - 10'28 leo
    his Chariklo widely conj her NN (5) trine Mars (1)
    her Chariklo conj his Sun (0)
    her Chiron conj his ASC (0) sextile his Sun (1)

    couple 4 him - her
    Chariklo 1'47 aries - 12'09 aries
    Chiron 15'38 aries - 24'04 aries
    his Chiron conj her Chariklo (3) and Moon (3)

    couple 5 him - her
    Chariklo 25'45 scor - 0'52 cap
    Chiron 18'25 scor - 17'16 cap
    his Chiron sextile her Chiron (1)
    his Chiron sextile her Moon (1)

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