7th House in your Relationships

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What have you noticed about the 7th House and the relationships you have had? (Romantic relationships specifically, but if you have other examples, as in friendships, etc., let us know).

In synastry, do your partner's planets tend to fall in your 7th house or on your Descendant?

Do you have planets that fall into theirs?

In your composite chart, what does your 7th House look like? Does it say anything about the relationship?
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    My partner in my my only long-term romantic relationship has his Sun, Venus, and Jupiter right on my descendant. He also has his Saturn and north node in the 7th House. I think this makes sense as most of our relationship happens one-to-one (not in groups of friends, or with family around, etc). The one-on-one time we have has always been really wonderful, but I've lacked other forms of interacting with him, really.

    Unfortunately I don't have his time of birth, so I don't know how I fall into his charts, or how my planets aspect his descendant, etc.
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      My last girlfriend's rising sign was exactly opposite my rising sign, so my ascendant sign is/was her DC, and my DC sign was her ascendant. She had Venus conjunct my DC (in my 7th also), and my 1st house planets all fell into her 7th house (Mars being one of them). These, of course, are the synastry aspects. The relationship was pretty rocky, but the sex was hot n' steamy :-). Our composite configurations I can't quite recall at the moment, but it's interesting to note that those who have the sign on my DC (Taurus) prominent in their charts (e.g. Sun, moon, rising, etc) are often ones I find I'm quite attracted to (and vice versa), especially in the romantic sense, and not only that, they seem to be appearing in my life more frequently nowadays.
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        Re: SYNASTRY

        Yes, I find that too. The relationship above first this...

        Also (and you're right, house placements are not aspects persay, but talk of the descendant leads to talk of the 7th ;P) my 7th is full of Virgo beyond the Leo descendant, and I am VERY VERY often attracted to Virgos. I think Leos are easier for me to actually get into relationships with though.
  • I have taurus on my 7th house cusp and only one guy I was involved with had anything in taurus. He had sun and saturn in taurus and both fell in my 7th. He had gemini rising and my stellum in libra (pluto, mars, venus) was in his 5th, while my jupiter was in his 1st. My neputune was in his 7th. We didn't last 4 months, total disaster. In my past marriage, my ex had libra rising and sun in scorpio. He had nothing in taurus, and our marriage 'blew up' about as fast as it begun. In fact it wasn't untill I divorced him that the kind of marriage I wanted (and didn't have) seems a reflection of that taurus on my descendant. Mabe my having uranus conjunct the ascendat has an influence? All I have in my 7th is the south node. I find it amusing to look back and recall my biggest complaint about him and us was that there was no stability, I couldn't trust him and he was the polar opposite of practical and patient. Yeah it was fun and exciting, while it lasted. He didn't have anything in aries and nethier do I. Yet both of us have fire sign moons, and my mars conjunct my pluto and his mars conjuncts his uranus and ascendant. Both had to be in charge, a funny contradiction, all that libra and yet we couldn't stand each other.
    For me it seems more in terms of what I'm seeking and expecting to find. In the realionship not necessarily drawn to men who are strongly taureans, of those I've known we'd been better friends than anything else.
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      Well I'd say south node in your 7th House makes you repeat relationships mistakes, or find "comfortable" relationships that, in the end, are not really good for you.

      The person I'm currently interested in has nothing in my 7th House, but does have Jupiter and his Moon/Mars inconjunct my descendant. So that seems to make the relationship more difficult to form, at least so far.
      • I don't necessarily believe the sign on the 7th (planets there, etc) will tell you who you're going to be attracted to romantically, and vice versa; no more than I believe the sign on the 1st will tell you "who you are" and/or the "mask you wear", or the sign on the 10th will be the "type of career you may be drawn to", and on and on. For some it may be more emphatic and seemingly literal, while for others, it may be far more inconspicuous, or perhaps, completely nonexistent.

        That was my reply to Dawn's post.
        • Scasco, so basically your saying that in regards to planets in houses/ signs on cusps it can manafest quite differently in individual charts. Some quite 'true to form' while others very subtle and in other ways showing up, or simple not lived out or felt within but not expressed? I just wanted to make sure I understood what you posted.
          Gabby, yeah that repeated pattern makes sense. I go years between serious relationships and for the longest time (up untill 3 years ago) I kept attracting the same types of guys, and everytime the same issues. Then I got sick of these guys and have actually been repelled by these types, what I used to see as my type, ugh no more. I'm still working it out, what I find fits my values and what I know seek, it feels uncomfortable, itchy, like how can I still this out/ make this work? Who I was years ago was the sort that once I felt it was 'over' that the spark/attraction was gone, there's no going back. So it make sense on one level why I'd repeated attract guys that no surprize would let me down.The lack of trust, expecting it and then getting mad and leaving because they 'proved me right'. When I got exactly what I expected to get. That 'comfortable/ uncomfortable' makes perfect sense here.Thanks.
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            Yep... and north node (in first house for you) will be less comfortable and easy, but more beneficial to you overall. So you probably grow a lot during the times when you are single... and sounds like you're getting a better idea of who is worthy of being in a relationship with you as well.
            • "Scasco, so basically your saying that in regards to planets in houses/ signs on cusps it can manafest quite differently in individual charts. Some quite 'true to form' while others very subtle and in other ways showing up, or simple not lived out or felt within but not expressed? I just wanted to make sure I understood what you posted."

              That's *exactly* what I was trying to say. You understood it quite well.
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                my saturn is in 7 th house and in aquarius.
                saturn is also in opposition to my sun in leo.

                the seventh house rules intimate one-to-one relationships of all kinds (including marriage, business and counseling relationships), open enemies and conflicts, lawsuits and the lower courts. Planets in the seventh house indicate areas in our lives that need relationships to bring them out, and the houses ruled by seventh house planets are those "areas." Many planets here indicate many needs that we are looking for others to fill. In this case many relationships (or more than one marriage) is probable, as it’s unlikely that one individual would fill all those needs. Individuals with so much projected energy feel a void in their lives, and may encourage others to be dependent, or even pick fights rather than be alone.

                You may have withdrawn from intimacy in past lives, and, if so, have chosen to be confronted with it in this one. The test with Saturn in your seventh house is one you avoided before: cooperation with and empathy for your intimate partner. Your marriage is either early or delayed, and frequently you're attracted to an older person. Relationships are so important to you that they can be a stumbling block at times. It may be difficult for you to be close, since you're so demanding of others. It's easier for you to go it alone, but you won't learn as much. You are not satisfied with superficialities.

                If Saturn is within 10° of the descendant (seventh house cusp), then it is conjunct the descendant and much of the foregoing is even more strongly emphasized. If Saturn is in the sixth house AND within 4° or 5° of the descendant, then it is said to be on the "dark side" of the seventh house, and its influence will be felt in the seventh as well as in the sixth house. The closer a sixth house Saturn is to the descendant, the more it will be interpreted as though it were in the seventh house; when less than 3° from the descendant, a sixth house Saturn expresses itself primarily -- and eventually entirely -- in the seventh house.
                • My DC is at O Lib,
                  My Pluto is at 0 LIB
                  My Vertex is at 0 Lib

                  Yeah I know!!

                  Also I have
                  Uranus and Juno at 15 Lib

                  There are definitely power struggles with in my relationships, more so when I was young.... BUT with Uranus also in the 7th I like it.. HAHAHA
                  JUST as long as its not violent or overbearing
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                    My Moon in Pisces is in my 7th House.

                    Romantically putting so much energy into relationships, and still ending up alone.
  • My 7th House is in Sagittarius, containing Saturn (conjunct my Descendant) and Uranus (down closer to the other side of the 7th House).

    My first reaction was to say that I especially have very 7th House-esque relationships and other partnerships with people with prominent Sagittarius planets, but turns out that's not at all true. I do have two frequent musical/creative collaborators with Sagittarius Rising. Also, one of my major creative partners (in film, primarily) has Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and we work extensively with another friend I'd also call one of my closest creative partners who has Sun, Moon, and Venus in Sagittarius. Those last two I mentioned - the film creative partners - were born near me and also have Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. It's interesting that we all work together so well and so enthusiastically as a unit. I'm very drawn towards working with people, creatively, and having creative partners with significant Fire energy (perhaps to compensate for my personal lack of Fire prominence), so it makes sense.

    Also, my Jupiter is in 11th House Pisces, which I think tends enjoy working in groups. The creative partnerships I have are sometimes one-on-one for portions of the work, but pretty much always wind up involving more people and featuring group collaboration (11th) as a major element of the process.

    As for romantic links to the 7th House, that's - for me - more about Saturn and Uranus and about the symbolic meanings of all my 7th House factors. I tend to look for older, responsible, collected, and often rather intimidating/authority figure type women, romantically. That's very Saturnian. I also tend to look for unusual women (Uranus). Additionally, I don't tend to identify very readily with Saturn, Uranus, or Sagittarius qualities (7th House projection rather than identification). I tend to want a sense of more discipline, more unconventional thinking, more inspiration, more growth, and more adventure through various sorts of partnerships (creative and romantic). Finally, in regards to the symbolism, I have a strong push-pull between duty/responsibility and escape/freedom in my personal feelings towards partnerships as well as within the dynamics of specific relationships.

    My girlfriend has an Aquarius Moon and Ascendant and Saturn and Jupiter conjunct her Sun, so she pretty directly reflects my 7th House. She has her 7th House cusp in Leo and her 7th contains her Leo Venus (on her Descendant) and her Virgo Jupiter. She must largely be looking for affection, warmth, and (as with me) growth in her partnerships. Also, my chart reflects some of this, as I am very Venusian, with a Taurus Sun and Venus, plus Venus conjunct my Ascendant. I also have a very heavily aspected Jupiter (even though I don't feel especially Jupiterian) and a Leo IC (even though I don't feel Leonine at all except when I am VERY comfortable).

    My girlfriend and I have a crazy composite chart with a packed Sagittarius 9th House (even with Jupiter in there!), which seems to reiterate the theme of growth in our relationship. It's interesting we both have fiery Descendants, especially since we each only have one personal planet in fire (her Venus, my Mercury) - we probably need to focus on generating more activity/warmth/fun/adventure in our life together (also reflected by our composite Aries Ascendant).

    Our composite 7th House cusp is in Libra and it contains a Pluto/Saturn conjunction (with Pluto in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio). A much heavier side to our composite chart, which weighs it down and adds seriousness but also gives it roots and depth. (Our other major emphasis in our composite is on the 4th House - mainly clusters in the 4th, 7th, and 9th).
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    I have Jupiter in Gemini in the 7th. Jupiter trines my Saturn/Neptune in the 11th. Squares my Virgo Sun in the 10th.
    Two marriages. Several live-in situations. Several long term dating situations, only one Gemini.
    So, I would say I have had multiple relationships, but one at a time.
    Both marriages were to Pisces men.
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    My husbands vertex in our synastry chart is conjunct my descendant and conjunct my venus.
    • It's strange, I have pisces in 7th and absolutely no planets there. I never met a pisces guy or someone who has planets in pisces.
      Yet I seem to be drawning to indecisive, uncluttered, slow to act, emotional and immature people. Sounds like pisces to me.
      • I have Saturn singleton in Aquarius in my 7th house.
        I have been in relationship with two people in my life.

        I have found both of them to be kinda detached and too 'mentally cool'

        I dont know if my 7th house has anything to do with this but these are few aspects in their respective natal:

        has sun conjunct saturn in scorpio...Mr. Sober!
        virgo stellium

        prsn 2#
        moon in aquarius ( singleton- only planet in western hemisphere)( he s 'overly' aquarian)
        saturn sg venus
  • Mars is in Aries in my 7th and I meet a lot of guys with Mars in Aries. But, I'm much more struck by how their vertex is always conjuncting my ascendant. I recently viewed the charts of a four past relationships and discovered that aspect in EVERY ONE of their charts...
    • I have Sun, mercury, venus, jupiter & moon (moon conjunct my DC) in the 7th house...(scorp sun & mercury; libra venus, jup & moon) and all of my relationships have been utter failures!
      I have never had a good, healthy, lasting long term relationship and have given up any hopes of ever having one! ha!
      My chart is posted in my pics if anyone is interested in checking it out...
      So i really don't know what to make of a fully loaded 7th house!
      • " What have you noticed about the 7th House and the relationships you have had? (Romantic relationships specifically, but if you have other examples, as in friendships, etc., let us know). "

        I have Leo incepted in 7th, and ruled by Cancer Moon, so I don't get the true necessities I need from a relationship. I get the person who wants me to take care of them, though I want and need the attention. I can be stifled in a relationship because of this and other instances in my chart, but that's basically it.

        It's good to know and be aware of I guess. If I didn't have astrology, I don't think I would have discovered this dilemma on my own, I would continue to stuggle with it.

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    I have Jupiter in Gemini in the 7th house. I love Gemini energy. But never had a serious relationship with one.
    I did have a guy with Venus in Gemini cheat on me and I was devasted.
    I think my Venus/Pluto in Gemin overule the Gemini energy and I attract the Scorponic types.
    But I do enjoy them as friends! So no, my 7th does not result relationships, just friendships and amusing acquaintances.
  • My 7th house is very challenging : Mars conj. Saturn in Taurus, opposite my natal Moon conj. Jupiter !

    I tend to attract both Martial and Saturnian types, and usually a combination of both.
    My partners are either selfish or aggressive, too energetic (Mars), or unavailable and aloof (Saturn).

    My first husband was 100% Mars, my current husband is 50% Mars in terms of energy and communication, and 50% Saturn in terms of being cautious and introvert.

    Transiting Pluto is currently forming a trine with my Saturn, and next year with my Mars, AND sextile with my Moon conj. Jupiter.
    I do hope that this will strengthen my emotions (Moon in Scorpio) and give me more determination to deal with Saturn and Mars.