Pisces/Aries - Aries/Pisces Cusp Traits

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They are the people center of happenings even in the middle of crowd, They feel alone. As it is a star's week they are always surrounded by well wishers, supporters, and junior collogues. Though they are self Centered but many a time they let go off their ego and fulfill the requirement of prevailing situation, might be with the inner unpleasantness.

As a young man they fall in love in their own idea even to project it to themselves. Because they are motive oriented and self motivated. Many a times they neglect the feeling of others and go ahead with their goals. Because they feel this inners zeal is the most worthy thing in their life. And they can climb the most difficult mountain with this, and most to say they achieve in their goal.
When its come to the competition they implement their own visionary ideas and courageous style and their will to win become so strong where they never look back sometimes this type of Aries let their energies go just for the sake of experience also but they fall into their depreciation after doing that.

They can find their best of solutions to any problem in their friendship and frustrations. Sometimes come into Aries B's life that they
are rejected and ignored by their friends and supporters but this pane makes them finally to overcome to realize their prevailing need.

In relationship you might find emotionally fulfill Aries B but often they burn out quickly. Their selfish nature to concur and dictate terms unfortunately spoil the whole emotional inclination . As quickly they get involve the same speed they get uninvolved also. They open up with the deep level of understanding and they close with the great level of misunderstanding. They try to be fully emotional but their nature makes them out of place.


They are motive oriented, brave and full of fire. Their weaknesses irritation, loneliness and selfish drive .


Try not to show your over emotional sight. Get responsibilities and try to fulfill them. Be away from your jealous nature, realize your inner values and develop to the best of it.
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    Fri, August 19, 2011 - 11:50 PM
    Hello David, I just recently joined the tribe site and I appreciate this thread that you have created. I have the aries pisces cusp; I was born on march 21 with the sun at about 1.30 degrees aries. I feel as if many of the points you mentioned pertaining to this cusp energy do resonate with me strongly. I have a dominating drive at times, but am usually able to commit myself to certain responsibilites that are important in keeping my relationships in check. Also, like you've mentioned in your post, I have an extremely self motivated personality. I love to succeed in anything that interests me. This inner motivation and passionate nature sometimes causes strife between my wants and the needs of others around me, which usually means I have to momentarily postpone my studies and interests in order to serve my freinds and family in munane ways that can seem restricting, but ultimately, are neccessary for my spiritual growth. I'm also very idealistic as well and with the Aries enthusiasm and initiative, I can frequently concretize my ideas which are brought about by the piscean energies of imagination and vison. By compromising my energies through helping others I believe that this can broaden my scope of understanding and help me get in touch with what I really need in life; whether or not I intended it to be that way.
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    Thu, February 23, 2012 - 9:33 PM

    Firstly I'm a female pisces/aries cusp - in my thirties
    All I can say is that, these energies are very difficult to control (when young) for a female
    (because of the extreme sensitivity versus the extreme direct doer type personality),
    let alone for a male. That having said...if one prevails and masters this cusp/polarity
    then the world is your oyster.

    I'm very successful financially, an an athlete :-) and also psychic...go figure
    Bottom line again...the world is your oyster, if you use your gifts well and the
    time (2012) is a favorable era, for the pisces/ aries cusp. This era is also
    favorable for male pisces/aries cusp placement.

    MOTIVATION: never give up, your vision...but it can always expand/contract with time.
    TWEAKING is the essence to focus on here
    WARNING : Be very careful in choosing a worthy that can give to you
    and is stable & reliable (avoid air signs and be weary of water, although can work with right
    water signs. espc. important for females in this cusp)

    Best of luck fellow, aries/pisces cusp babies ...& with much love

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