Venus, Mars and sexual fantasies

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What's your Sun sign and house placement?
What's your Moon sign and house placement?
What's your Venus sign and house placement?
What's your Mars sign and house placement?

And finally: What's your favourite sexual fantasy, and how do you think your signs and houses come into play here?
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  • You first. :-)
    • Lol. Guess I should have seen that one coming ;-)

      Ok ehrm, uuuhh... *blush*
      Here goes: My Venus in Scorpio in 12th house of (the subconscious?) gives me quite a passionate love nature, yet also idealistic (and perhaps unrealistic...) I have a need, nay, craving for beauty, tranquility, meditation, for something Higher, in my love life. Venus also rules my 7th house of Taurus in my chart, so love is very important to me.

      My Mars however, is placed in Capricorn in the 2nd house of personal resources, ruling my 5th house of romance and creativity (Aries (ruled by Mars) lies on my 5th house). So this would suggest that I need an exciting partner with some fire in his belly. Capricorn in 2nd is earthy from two perspectives, so in my desire nature I do have a certain strong earthiness that is missing otherwise in my chart - a need for pure, raw physical passion. Which I think would surprise most people that knows me because I've got a 1st house Moon, Venus conjunct Ascendant and other "sweet" aspects. I've got a very soft exterior. Which fools people all the time :-)

      OK. Now your turn
      • I'm still learning about astrology and still don't qiute understand the different placements, i once did my horoscope online and it told me that my venus is in aquarius 3rd house and my mars is in pisces 4th house, could someone tell me what does this mean. My sun is in capricorn, my rising is in scorpio and moon in pisces
      • Sorry to put you on the spot, but I just knew it would be fun. :-)

        Well, we share that venus in scorpio. Mine doesn't take on those 12th house ideals though. I still have the passion, but the 7th house placement kind of forces me to be guarded and secretive and prone to jealousy. Wonderful.
        Luckily the Libra sun balances that out with fairness and flirtation.
        Mars in Scorpio in the 6th just kind of further boosts the passion of Venus.
        Moon in pisces......I also like to cuddle.

        Simply initial thoughts. Good question Mona. :-)
      • Ptolemy noted a long time ago that the position of Mars in a male chart and Venus in a female chart was a good indicator of dishonourable deviations from the norm. He goes on to say in the "Tetrabiblos" that if Mars is separated from Venus or Saturn and yet supported by the planet Jupiter then a man would be inclined to "natural" urges, while if close contact with Saturn only then they would be "cold-blooded" and if Venus and Jupiter should also enter the scenario then he would be easily excited and lustful. Furthermore, if Saturn is isolated and Venus was in close contact with Mars the males would be extremely licentious. Venus on the East in male charts connotes association with women of low social standing, while in the West suggests they will frequent the company of respectable women, but those perhaps already attached. In a woman's chart he noted that if Venus was suitably configured with Jupiter - that is opposition or square then they would be temperate in their desires, but with Saturn somewhat repressed and likely at times to deviate. If again Venus was conjoined with Mars then they would be given over to lust easily. If Jupiter entered the latter equation then the woman would enter into sexual enjoyment with those of inferior rank and nature. While if the Sun is well aspected and high in aspect they would consort only with those males of a respectable kind.
        • As yet no mention has been made of the subtle influence of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in matters of sexual deviation. Venus and Mars would require certain aspects to the outer planets, to be in certain signs or be especially angular in the chart for them to be concerned with sexual fantasies. I describe this as subtle because in each of these planets there is a spiritual dimension which the majority of human beings cannot transmute and at present find difficult to bring to positive or creative expression. In evolved human beings they often manifest as "psychic powers" or spiritual gifts and are responsible for raising human consciousness beyond the material plane into the "cosmic levels". In unevolved human beings these higher octave planetary energies find other channels and outlets within the human psyche and eventually in social and personal sexual behaviour. When they are not transmuted they fall into the lower emotional levels (the desire and feeling nature), stimulating and exciting them to such an extent that they create variations and deviations in personal sexual experience. The sexual force is nevertheless the raw spiritualising force....that needs distillation....;)

          "The more vivid the imagination, the more highly strung the nervous system, the deeper the capacity for spirituality, and the more likely an individual will exhibit some form of sexual abnormality."
          Vivian Robson - "Astrology and the Human Sex Life".

          Aspects from Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn often create a highly strung or nervous disposition. In effect these can become vehicles for spiritual evolution ascent or descent depending largely on the individual's outlook. Generally speaking the negative side of Uranus is about personal control, that of Neptune is about escape or secret fantasies, while Pluto is about having power over, sometimes manifesting as mind games of course - all of these feature largely in most sexual liaisons. Uranus to me is deviation/experimentation while Neptune is fantasy and imagination and fianlly Pluto is abduction.
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    Let's Sun is in Aries, Moon is in Capricorn, Venus is in Gemini, and my Mars is in Leo.

    I'm not sure about house placements however. A favorite sexual fantasy is one in which I'm in the woods being hunted by my sexy pursuer, who's a werewolf, and it involves the use of cunning and instincts, and when I'm finally captured, he ravishes me.
    • That's a good one, I might try that one out some time;-)

      My favourite sexual fantasies usually involves a man's obsession with me (Venus in Scorpio), tiying me to the bed, blindfolding me, controls me (I'm guessing this is Mars in Capricorn control) and 'ravishes me', as you say.

      My Venus lies in 12th house, who always seems to want what they can't have. This shows in my fantasies, only there the scenario is the exact opposite my real life: in my dreams, it's the man who can't have me (though he takes me anyway!)
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        That's another one of my fantasies...and obsession is strangely enough to me also very erotic and exciting in my opinion. I'm also big on the whole tying down to the bed, blindfold, and control thing...I sorta had that happen to me recently.
        • I asked my boyfriend to do that too once and he agreed after some hesitation, but he's just much too nice. He was very careful throughout, and kept asking me if I was ok every other moment. He's the sweetest, kindest man on earth, but sweetness takes the whole point away from dominition/submission... So I still have to say that that fantasy has gone unfulfilled
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            I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. It definitely takes a certain personality and chemistry to have that kind of experience, and well, niceness just doesn't factor into the
          • It's a shame you're so far away Mona....
            • In which direction would you fall, Tony? Dominition or submission?

              You're a Libra with a Pisces Moon - I'm thinking submission ;)
              But then there's both Venus and Mars in Scorpio, so who knows?
              • I can go either way. I tend to be a little more on the dominant side, willing to go much further for the others enjoyment though.
                In a relationship I can't handle someone too submissive. It never works. I end up feeling like I'm taking advantage and feeling like an ass.
                But for play all bets are off........
                • Pisces sun - 11th house
                  Capricorn moon - 9th house
                  Capricorn mars - 9th house
                  Aquarius venus - 10th house
                  Aries Lilith - 12th house
                  Aries Mercury - 12th house

                  I really don't know what these placements mean in context. I do know it's been a long time since I had a partner from whom I could get Enough on any level. Fave fantasy? Random intense casual sex with someone I've never seen before & won't see again.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Virgo Sun- 7th house
                    Scorpio moon- 8th house
                    Virgo mars- 5th house
                    Leo venus- 6th house

                    I don't really have any fantasy in particular, for me it would be more emotional than anything. But I do love heated debates and wrestling, anything competitive where I get to touch their goods. Lol. If they fight back, I'm good to go. But if they don't want to dish it back, I get turned off, and it's usually some stupid excuse too. It's gotta be all in the mind for me man! But I do like sentimental stuff too, but it's not as enticing.
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        Wow. I have the exact same fantasy. Except for the blind folding part. I want the object of my afections to make me look at them. The control part is definatley on. But I want to be dominated. Its funny, because everywhere else in my life I want to dominate accept in the bedroom.
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    Sun Aries-6th house (tightly conjunct to eros)
    Moon scorpio-1st house
    Venus pisces-5th house
    Mars Aquarius-5th house

    I like to think about how the object of my affections wants me. This is probably because of my Aries sun. Most of this fantisy takes place in some sort of work area or a public place. No doubt that, that is directly linked to the sun being in the 6th house. Then I like lots of emotion and anticipation leading up to the catch. This, I believe, comes from Venus and Mars being in the 5th both making trines to my passionate moon in Scorpio.
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      Hi Mona!

      Let me see
      My sun sign is Libra, 4th
      My Moon sign is Piscis, 8th
      My Venus sign is Scorpio, 5th
      My Mars sign is Taurus, 10th

      My favourite sexual fantasy is all about having the power to make my lover beg for plasure, in any way possible LOL. Also, I would like to make out in the rain. Just that two, I guess its all to blame to my Venus in Scorpio - you know, dominance and subtle passion power LOL
      • OK I am a MAJOR slacker...

        I have not even looked at this tribe in almost a year I see....

        how NAUGHTY of me.. since I am the creator and thus moderator of this tribe...

        nice to see some new life being brought into this tribe here in 2008...

        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~as for my reply to this most perfect of excellent questions:

        Sun in Leo
        Moon in Aquarius
        Venus in Gemini
        Mars in Sagittarius

        OK so since I am a professional Erotic Coach, I have been blessed to make most of my fantasies come true.

        My fantasies have to do with dominating more than one woman at the same time.

        Earlier in life they were about dominating one woman at a time...but since I started doing that at age 19 and I am now can see how things have evolved for me fantasy-wise...

        As to how that links into my natal chart.

        Leo is a very dichotomous energy...Since the natal chart informs us what we are STUDYING rather than what we ARE...Leo could be said to be THE STUDY of power and dominance/submission. That is very much why some leo's study power by BEING powerful while other leo's study power by NOT being powerful.

        In my case there has been a clear evolution into my comfort with my own power, as I have taken the clear inherent power that existed in me at birth and developed it into a more conscious, clear and balanced energy that I can exert in much more adept and elaborate ways than when I was born. Thus the energized but somewhat self conscious pre-teen that I was....has grown into a very energized and powerful professional dominant who guides others on their journeys in the erotic realms.

        Leo energy when positively actualized is among the strongest possible energies to be found in the zodiac. Power that can be warm, glowing, nurturing, benevolent.

        In fact, once the power is actualized in Leo, the quest then is about Benevolence vs. Despotism ....Thus, it is not just the Content of "Being Dominant" or powerful, but also the STYLE with which one expresses said power....

        In me this takes shape in how I am able to blend a very warm, loving personality with the essences of intensity, extreme focus, strength that are craved by those who enjoy submission...

        All through my chart this is supported further...

        Moon in Aquarius provides for a creative, unorthodox and elaborate view of fantasy itself...thus the settings and moods of my fantasies are varried and manifold...Thus I do not just fantasize about dominance submission but a wide array of erotic experiences. Even within those fantasies that are within dominance submission, my tastes are varied and styles diverse...

        I love costumes, role-play, avant garde locations and gymnastic positions...

        Venus in Gemini - accounts for my enormously wide taste in what sort of women I find attractive...While other poor folks are stuck with needing to have a girl with large breasts or green eyes... I am attracted to a large variety of different types of woman...from her appearance to her style to her manner of comporting herself physically..

        In my life this leads to me having multiple lovers oftentimes or many different playmates or perhaps playmates I share with a lover...I've had all manner of situations like this...including having a "wife" and a "slave" at the same time once...

        Mars In Sagittarius - This speaks to the physical intensity that is woven into my dominance. It also represents the part of my curriculum where I love the hunt...the chase...the act of creating and crafting the experience as well as actually having the adventure itself...

        Sagittarius energy has great stamina and yet also can be distracted. Thus in my fantasies and in my erotic reality...I enjoy having many things going on as it provides both dynamic variety and multiple points for focus.

        All these signs weave together in their elemental energies to make my fantasies a very hot and fiery place.

        Leo(fire) Sag(fire) meet up with Aquarius(air) and Gemini(air) to create quite the firestorm...or a very warm gentle breeze...

        The embodiment of my natal chart as seen in my fantasies involving erotic power exchange play with multiple women is very much in alignment with the apparent curriculum sa seen in the combination of the signs in my chat

        I like expressing my ample energy in power exchange play. I like having care of one or more women in my guidance. I enjoy creative, elaborate and dynamic erotic adventures. I like the chase, the planning and the experience of erotic experiences.

        This was a SUPERB question Mona!~

        Captain Erotica
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    Sun - Virgo - 11th house
    Moon- Taurus - 7th house
    Venus - Virgo - 11th house
    Mars - Virgo - 11th house

    The best sex is when theres feelings involved... but i do like to be schooled in a way... i gotta be made comfortable... idk... about fantasies... ive got too many! lol
  • I have:

    - Sun in Leo in the 6th house.

    - Moon in Cancer in the 4th house.

    - Venus in Cancer in the 4th house.

    - Mars in Aries in the 1st house.

    I don't know if I want to reveal my specific fantasies, but I tend to like dominance struggles, roughness, etc. I really WANT to be dominated, but I never just LET somebody do it. So I guess a huge fantasy of mine is for a guy to actually win someday... heh.
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      venus-3rd house
      moon-11th house
      sun-4th house
      mars-10th house

      sexual fantasies anything involving water ( rain, beach... ) men in uniforms/ suits ( i think

      this is due to mars being in my 10th house ) umm.. foreign men & accents.
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        foreign men & accents

        Strange, but , either one is an instant turn off for me.
        • sun,,,libra 7th house

          moon ,,, Taurus 12th house

          venus ,,, scorpio 6th house

          mars ,,, sagitarius 7th house

          my favorite fantasy, of the moment is to go have a picnic in Norway
          and practice some pleasurable knots
          • ~ Also, I would like to make out in the rain. Just that two, I guess its all to blame to my Venus in Scorpio - you know, dominance and subtle passion power ~

            K, I hear you on this one - I'd love to make out in the rain too. Enjoy a passionate kiss in some deserted street after sun down under a dim streetlight, soaking wet from the rain; body-warmth from the lover... And so on and so forth ..
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    I´m ashamed of my fantasie cuz it´s really stupid, but you´re all strangers to me so I don´t care.

    First of all, I only fantasize about the man I´m inlove with in real life. Otherwise it doesn´t do it for me. I have a fantasy where he´s the biggest asshole you can imagine and humiliates me infront of other people. Then i leave him and he comes back and we have make up sex. And then the stupid story keeps repeating itself over and over. And what exactly is sexy about this you might ask: Well - it´s knowing that deep down in that demon body, there is a human heart that pounds just for me. It´s just that he likes torturing me - cuz that turns him on. Unfortunatly this has a lot of times been more than just a fantasy. And I enjoyed it.

    I know: I have deapseated emotional problems, and I like men who share that trait with me.

    If you want me to try to explain this by my astrological signs i´m not sure I can. When it comes to sexual fantasies I think moon and venus and mars are the most important. My moon and venus are in Scorpio. It might explain why I like the drama, but aren´t scorpios supposed to be too proud to like humiliation? Shouldn´t I be the humiliator of my own damn fantasy? I´m supposed to be strong. And yet nothing turns me on more than someone simply treating me Baaad... My mars is in libra, so I´m supposed to like "neat" sex. Guess what? Wrong again! Not even in real life, and certenly not in my fantasies! I like it plain nasty. Pain? Yeas. Violence? No you´´re talking. Bruises? Thought you´d never ask. See - emotional problems...

    I like astrology, but I´m just saying maybe we should see it for what it really is - Bull shit.

    Or am I missing something here? In that case break it down for me. Cuz I´m tired of living my life like a fucking Marla Singer.
    • Its your life,,,,astrology is like seeing a painting, the textures and the colors

      however,,,you are the author of your own life
      • I have to Agree with Captain here, I've absolutly love making love to 2 women at the same time, i lost my virginity in that way, Although as my fantasy's go well, Twins, Japanese Twins to be exact, innocent naughty lil school gals staying after school to get an extra lesson from there English Sensai. I love Role playing, And i dont mind the Rough stuff at all, But i have an overpowering personality so i Have to be dominant. I love hearing them scream and Cry, makes me feel so fuckin powerful and alive.

        Taurus Sun in 8th house

        Cancer Moon in 11th house

        Taurus Mercury in 8th house

        Gemini Venus in 10th house

        Aquarius Mars in 6th house

        I do like to mix it up tho, Being soft and sensual has its benefits. As well as Great Foreplay. I love to Worship their Yoni =D
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      I relate to your fantasy! My mars is also in libra and I don't think it means "neat" sex, but our urge to have a partner who we feel is as infatuated by us as we are willing to be by them.

      sun in libra, moon in aries, venus in saggitarius, mars in libra

      i have many fantasies: angry sex, one night stands with strangers, revenge sex, sex with elder men, sex looking at the sky (on balconies, roofs), on abandoned public places (like a mall at night, how awesome)... one constant is the fantasy of having two men dying over me but only one winning.
  • sun cap
    moon Pisces
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Scorpio

    I do not have a fantasy, per se...more a mind set as there is always something lurking sexual somewhere in my psyche 24/7....

    my fantasies always involve water, fire, outdoors or public....lots of hungry energy...two lovers who are on fire and cant consume each other fast enough.....
    maybe that has to do with my Aries rising.
    I am not a patient lover...maybe if we are talking third or fourth round and my energies are waning...

    Environment is a big thing for me:

    I am not an exhibitionist, but if we can't been seen, I am game...
    new places such as when we travel get me hot...seemingly again because more of my senses seem to be engaged.

    The elements are a turn on for me as well:
    especially water...kissing in the rain, or on the beach in the pool or shower, storms with heavy thunder and lightening...
    ...also sun and breeze on my skin..outdoors, or out of view of crowds...the more all my senses are engaged the better.

    I love my vivid imagination...and intense emotional energy...and both serve me well sexually...
    unlike our bodies-which are limited- the mind and emotion have endless potential and when we learn to incorporate them.
    I remember reading that sex is 90% im the mind and 10% body...but do not recall the source..

    Still, my old lover and I really enjoyed creating scenarios and talking out our fantasies and turn ons.
    I am happy to dress up and become another person to endulge a fntasy and I believe our sex life is richer and more satisfyig for it.
    We had great communication and talked very openly which I liked and made it easier to explore our desires, needless to say sex was amazing.
    Now my tastes have changed.
    My current lover is more physically aggressive which I had not had in my past and did not know I would enjoy so much.
    But now I LOVE that...must be my Pisces moon...
    I am thin/petite and he is a tall man with broad shoulders who can pick me up, carry me to the bed or where ever and dominate me totally.
    I would never give up control in my daily life (which would be my Cap sun/Scorpio stellium)
    so when he talks control I cant get enough of him...
    that has made me even more agressive to match him which turns out to be mutually very gratifying.

    He will come at me out of nowhere..very spontaneously..pick me up force me against the my clothes...very nice..*wink*

    then I turn him over and enjoy returning the favor...

    There are other times when I am the aggressor...especially if I know he is down, or stressed...
    When I get into the mind of my lover and know secretly what his deepest desires are,
    I will have him like putty in the palm of my hand.
    I will go there because pleasing my lover is very satisfying indeed.
    I like knowing I am the one who makes that happen for him.
    I want him to know he can turn to me and his needs are important to me.
    So there is some emotional elements to this as well.

    I am not into bondage...I am always cautious of a fire in the building...LOL...
    but being held down/holding down...forcing...and the exploring that exchange of power definitely has its advantages....

    We have also engaged in talking naughty...and being very noisy...all things new for me which I learned I prefer now...

    On the softer side...I can be the romantic...and I love love love soft long kisses for the sake of kissing itself.
    Kissing in my oppinion is an art form. it is the most sensual thing you can do with your mouth and is way under rated.
    It is so sensual...paced out and mutually exploring...
    sometimes it is a comfort, sometimes it heats up..
    it is great in the art of seduction for me...

    Last, I am not a casual lover and sex with a stranger does not appeal to me.
    I totally absorb one person and one person I am a highly selective lover.
    In a relationship I am highly sexual and sensual and when not in a relationship, I am a celibate monk (; lol

    It would be nice to be more casual at times to explore my own sexuality even more, but I know myself well enough
    that there would be more disadvantages for me than advantages...

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      One: I feel you sister
      • The elements are a turn on for me as well:
        especially water...kissing in the rain, or on the beach in the pool or shower, storms with heavy thunder and lightening...
        ...also sun and breeze on my skin..outdoors, or out of view of crowds...the more all my senses are engaged the better.

        A thunderstorm with lightening would be out of this world, moist rain drops pulsating on every nerve in my skin, GAWD, I love ur vivid imagination, it suits you lol =D
        • yep, that is definitely on my list of to-do's....
          The closest I have come to sex in he rain was an old boyfriend (not lover) reaching out into the rain and catching raindrops and rubbing them on my lips with his finger between kisses....
          talk about HOT...but we were not lovers.....could have been...but I was a late bloomer .....and he was saying good-bye/leaving to go into the military....
  • Sun: Aries in 1st
    Moon: Scorpio in 8th
    Venus: Pisces in 1st
    Mars: Gemini in 3rd
    Rising: Pisces

    Sexual Fantasy(s): Probably either doing it in an elevator or joining the mile high club, lol, I've even thought about doing it in the end zone on a football field of my favorite team with my favorite jersey on.

    I think the whole pisces in venus with the mix of the scorpio moon makes for the scary getting caught in public thing a turn on and the whole gemini wanting to be scandalous attractive on so many levels. Then the whole aries sun is what makes me bold enough to maybe even dream about with with my pisces venus with a pisces rising mixed in a very possibly thing to happen with the right person.

    I do, however, get asked a lot, over the years by guys I've dated or been in relationships with about wanting me to do a threesome or some sort of filming of the sexual act or something to do with hard-core play, then again, I do seem to find myself getting involved with a lot of geminis and pisces more so these last 4-5 years that have the taurus, cancer, scorpio, and virgo natures in their charts...
  • My Sun is in Aries
    Moon in Cancer
    Jupiter in Cancer
    Venus in Pisces
    Mars in Pisces
    Uranus in Scorpio

    I have two grand trine in water which are between my 3rd pisces, 8th cancer , and 12th scorpio house.

    I enjoy sensual sexual encounters, ones that you can only have if you are spiritually connected to the your lover.

    What else do you all see, please let me know this is interesting!
  • Aries sun - 6th/7th
    Cancer moon - 10th
    Pisces venus - 5th
    Pisces/Aries mars - 6th

    I like a good mix. Without being too graphic, I want to be raped by her. Then I also want to sneak up on her and take her when she doesn't expect it. Arguing turns me on,too. Sneaky things like,pulling her of to the side in public and fondling her around a corner from a bunch of people just out of sight. Taking her in her parents house,with them in the next room.

    Finding her spots is important, so I can .......take advantage

    I like it softer sometimes too. Massaging her ear with my tongue and lips from behind while I work her over with my hands. I can turn any situation into something interesting. If she's on that page, awesome

    I want all of her, in every way and I want her to want that from me
    • Basically Power,Passion and emotional chemistry are what I want
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        Sun: Scorpio 12th
        Moon: Gemini 7th
        Mars: Libra 10th
        Venus: Libra 10th

        Ive been thinkin.... and decided it would be impossible for me to decide on a favorite fantasy.......... I love sex, I love making love, I love fucking... I like to push you to the edge and make you take me up against a wall, I like to be tied up and handcuffed.... I like feeling like I have sexual power over you,... I like to feel like I don't have power over you at all and your untouchable. I can play the innocent angel role... or I can choke you and tell you to shut the fuck up and take it like a man, and it's all genuine... Like Zayne said above... " Basically Power,Passion and emotional chemistry are what I want"

        I want to and can make any situation sexual.... I like a challenge....
        That being said.... Ideally, I love to be in love ( there's the Libra....) when i'm in love, and feel i can actually trust someone, I want to let go and give my soul to you, any way, anyhow all day and night for hours on end until i'm dehydrated and physically exhausted and sore and then i'll even do you in my sleep, there's nothing like waking up to sex.... especially oral...... ( Hi Scorpio.....) Then when i'm bored of that, we move on and explore EVERYTHING, all different kinda toys, crazy position that don't even feel good but their fun., but it's magical... magical.... (that was sarcasm).. ( cue Gemini...) Then we start all over again.....

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    What's your Sun sign and house placement? Sun Cancer in house 2
    What's your Moon sign and house placement? Moon Scorpio in house 6
    What's your Venus sign and house placement? Venus Leo in house 3
    What's your Mars sign and house placement? Mars Gemini in house 12

    Not sure how the houses come into play here, I don't know that much about the house placements, to be honest.

    My favorite fantasies usually involve total submission (of myself) and a lot of other very kinky stuff that is probably too filthy to carry out in real life.(this is probably the moon in Scorpio). They change a lot because I get bored of them quickly (Mars in Gemini).
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    I'm a pisces sun and the I think a Cancer moon ( I need to find out my time of birth so I can draw an exact chart). This is weird and I'm blushing while posting but:

    "Your personality is complex. Spiritual depth rides with a proclivity for fantasy and self-deception or deception of others. Sexually you are ambivalent, with a need for love and reassurance vying with an almost masochistic urge to be dominated. You are sexually adventurous and willing to experiment, so long as you feel secure with a partner (or partners), or if you have been subjugated to a stronger will"

    Fits me to the T apart from the spiritual stuff. Apart from this quote I can't really go into the real details of my fantasies because in all honesty if I revealed I would never be able to look anybody straight in the eye on this site. They don't contain anything that is against the law or anything but I just can't talk about them. I seem to be very out of touch with my sexuality and have a hard time talking about it as well with others. Anybody have a clue why this could be?
    • Unsu...
      " I seem to be very out of touch with my sexuality and have a hard time talking about it as well with others. Anybody have a clue why this could be? "

      There are countless reasons for this Vissen.... if you can.. go into a little bit more of how you feel about sex for me.. ashamed? embarrassed? scared? intimidated? Have you had any bad experiences sexually as a child or adult...I'm curious as to were your Pluto is placed as well....
      Often in our culture ( and other cultures as well...) we are taught, as woman, that being sexual is irresponsible or something to feel shame about... this is often a very strong rooted emotion planted by people we may love and trust as well as society in general... but this may not be your case, it's a very broad statement...
      • Unsu...
        Thanks for the reply stacy! No it's not that I've had bad sexual experiences with somebody taking advantage of me or anything. And it's not like I'm a virgin or anything but I do have an unhealthy relationship towards sex which in itself is extremely unhealthy(mentally and physically). Maybe it has more to do with the way I was raised. My parents I guess my mom did really guard us against sex. With the best of intentions of course as ever but I don't think that's a healthy thing to do. I think it's a bit like raising a child in an overly clean environment and them ending up be allergy prone as a result. I now have real issues with seeing myself as a sexual being and I know I'm not asexual. It's a mixture of feeling embarrassed and detached from sex. Like I feel as though sex is for other people and not for me, it sort of feels like there is an obstacle between it and me. As to where my Pluto is I have no clue. I really need to find a document which has my time of birth because I really want to know more!
        • Unsu...
          You mother, my mother, many woman of all ages, races, cultures, and religions..... we women have this stigma attached to sexuality... we have been told since we were children, mostly for our safety, but also out of repressed fear from the women in our lives that sex is dangerous. That we should be guarded and cautious of our own sexuality, or God forbid it may get us in trouble and destroy our dignity. Even many feminists misguide woman that being sexual is something we have been programed to feel, of course, for none other than the pleasures of men..... but what truth is there to this? Sexuality, lust, passion... these are all emotion... wouldn't you agree? Suppressed emotion is never healthy...i'm glad you realize that.. it is equivalent to to telling a child to "cowboy up" and feel shame if they are crying over a dead pet, etc. etc. How dare anyone ever tell me or you, or any of us for that matter what we SHOULD or SHOULD NOT feel, and how we should respond to our very legitimate emotions.... "if you are not outraged than you are deluded", lol i'm quoting a friend...

          So what do we do in order to start some sort of sexual liberation, a rebellion if you will? My generation of girls and girls before us started to question why if a girl has sex with more than one partner she's a slut and looked down upon, but when boys do the same exact thing they are exalted among their fellow classmates.... Why, because i'm a woman should I wait for love and marriage to have sex, why does one automatically equal the other, why are be being taught lies? I don't know you well enough Vissen to know why you feel detached from sex for sure, but i can tell you that your most definitely not alone... I have met countless numbers of women who have the same feelings, or feel guilt and shame over masturbating, or feeling passion toward the same sex, or even having orgasms. Religion, no doubt plays a major role in this... or at least it can. But that's a different debate for another day... And ENOUGH ranting lol!!! I could go on all day, it's ridiculous...

          Try masturbating more... buy some toys over the internet if you feel awkward in a sex toy store... read up on how to use them right, and try it out... if that seems like way to much to fast them sloooow down... one of my favorite things to do is to walk into a book store and look for a good novel... I don't particulairly like those cheesy romance novels, you know what i mean... two of my favorites are "The Bride Stripped Bare " by Nikki Gemmell, and "Endless Love" by Scott Spencer. They are actually written by people who know how to write...... if readings not your thing rent some movies, not necessarily pornos but sexual movies... whatever is sexy to you.... get a new haircut, buy some new clothes, take a stripping aerobics class...(yes, they exist...and not only in Las Vegas lol) anyways....... you get the point, I could keep going all day....

          All that being said, Vissen, you just may not be as "into" sex.... and that, my friend, is ok. We are who we are... and as long as your happy and love you, then that REALLY is all that matters.... just keep in mind that there are countless things you can do to feel more at home in your sexual skin if that is what you desire... you are not alone.. there are many woman in this same situation... i'm sure you know many of them, your mother included....
          • Unsu...
            Thank you so much for your reaction Stacy it means a lot that you took the time to really think about it! I think that in order to overcome my issues with being sexual I will have to do some soul-searching on the subject as well to find out what I'm afraid of. Perhaps it maybe wise to seek some psychological help to, I'm thinking about visiting a sex-therapist or something.

            And thanks for the tips, maybe I should try masturbating a little more. The problem with that is, is that to me I find it so lonely. It's feels like your stuck in your head with your own fantasies which you will probably never act out! I need to stop whining! I will try some toys though maybe that'll help a bit. And the weird thing is with porn 99,9% of the stuff I've seen makes me fall a sleep. I find it monotonous and predictable. This could be an ADHD thing because we're kind of known for wanting to push boundaries in the sexual sense. But basically with porn it's like I know there acting (badly) you can tell almost all the time that the women are bored or uncomfortable and the camera angles are always one dimensional. Since it's mostly shot to cater for the male audience they only focus in on what is interesting for men. I am not dissing porn or anything I understand there is a need for it and I think it's necessary for a lot of people who need the stimuli but it just fails to stimulate me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh I REALLY need to stop whining! But thanks very much :-)
            • Unsu...
              No problem.... I could go an and on about this all day......... seriously.....

              "And thanks for the tips, maybe I should try masturbating a little more. The problem with that is, is that to me I find it so lonely. It's feels like your stuck in your head with your own fantasies which you will probably never act out! I need to stop whining! I will try some toys though maybe that'll help a bit. And the weird thing is with porn 99,9% of the stuff I've seen makes me fall a sleep. I find it monotonous and predictable. This could be an ADHD thing because we're kind of known for wanting to push boundaries in the sexual sense. But basically with porn it's like I know there acting (badly) you can tell almost all the time that the women are bored or uncomfortable and the camera angles are always one dimensional. Since it's mostly shot to cater for the male audience they only focus in on what is interesting for men. I am not dissing porn or anything I understand there is a need for it and I think it's necessary for a lot of people who need the stimuli but it just fails to stimulate me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh I REALLY need to stop whining! But thanks very much :-) "

              For the most part, I agree with you on the porn piece... lol! Remember... it's about getting in touch with you own sexuality, so explore, and find what YOU really like and go with it, nurture it.... if porn doesn't do it, then porn doesn't do it... no biggy, there's PLENTY of other things out there.. I understand that masturbating can sometimes feel lonely... it always makes me crave sex, or at least someone to watch for crying out loud ;) but at the same time, there is something deeply comforting in knowing that I can satisfy myself.... and that is anything but lonely .... for me. Good luck Vissen...
              • Sun sign- Libra, house 22
                Moon sign- Aquarius, house 20
                Venus sign- Virgo , house 07
                Mars sign - Virgo, house 10

                My favorite fantasies are very dominant actually, I enjoy being the dominant one during sex. I enjoy the involvement of role play and games.
              • Vissen,
                I'd like to add some of my personal experience to hopefully give you some insight.
                First, you said masturbaing gives you a loney feeling.
                I do understand that (in the emotional realm) for myself-I want to share deeply and intimately and that cannot be done alone, but there is another element to that intimacy in masturbating that I would like to introduce...
                I recall hearing/reading masturbating being refered as "self love" and I'd like to point that out.
                The greeks said "Know theyself" and it is a worthy concept.
                I was raised (skipping the boring details) in a strong baptist fashion where sex was taught as for the pleasure of your husband and something you as a woman should tollerate but never enjoy.
                Fortunately I have never been inclined to brainwashing and that "rule about sex" never set in with me.
                I had to ask my own questions independently once on my own and did so through some very healthy reading.
                I recall a book called "Woman on Top" (can't remember the authors name) and also "The Hite Report on female sexuality" by Sher Hite....there was also a book I found about acheiving your own orgasms....
                it taught me how to engage my senses beginning with blind folding myself and using different things on my skin/body parts just to test my own sensations and learn my body's responses and personal preferences. Those books opened the door to my self-discovery...

                We are unique beings...and being a woman is incredible!
                Discoevering this part of yourself will not only empower you in your full identity it will help you better to engage and express when you DO choose a lover as you will know and be able to better communicate those things....

                and getting back to the lonley comment, learning to just explore yourself for the pure pleasure of being sensual woman and embracing that may help fill the void of a partner being there.
                It does not take the place of a partner by any means, nor should it, but my point it that self exploration has it's own benefits on every level-incuding that of our very deep/sacred sexuality.
                Sex is afterall how we all got here. It is the means by which we are all created. It is a powerful part of us, it is intense and worthy of our respect.

                I regret that so many women have been raised and robbed of such a wonderful part of our exsistance.
                It is such an amazing world there in our minds where we can be and become any and everything and then manifest/share those unique/intimate things physically and emotionally at our discretion.
                You are already on the right track by posting and questioning...
                I believe by challenging some of the ideas that have been taught to you (as you have) and exploring things on your own you WILL discover your sensual/sexuality
                and it will be a pleseant awakening indeed. And it doesnt end...

                and Stacy- I apprecaited your open honest respenses also. I feel ya sister.....

                Thanks to all for this healthy candid discussion.
                • Unsu...
                  Thanks for the reply Oneinmotion. I agree with the "self-exploration is key in defining your own sexuality" school of thought however I have taken it for granted a bit. It did help to find out what I like initially and maybe this time around it might help me to feel more confident in expressing my sexuality more (which basically my problem come to think of it i.e. I'm a prude). Thanks again to both you and Stacy for the reminder. I'll try it to see if it works!
          • you know I was just going to add something along the same lines. Stigma goes along both genders though imho.

            There are so many cultural factors I tend to think that affect our "fantasies", plus what we've been exposed into believing or not believing as we grow up affects these fantasies as we "develop" them.

            I dont think God factor has to be brought in to even include the fear (repressed fear perhaps as you stated).

            I'll have to say , and this is just my 2 cents, that the excessive depicition of women as sexual objects - and by excessive I mean, there are many many many times over its not necessary to see any nakedness and yet *bang* there it is a breast or maybe the trunk, etc and I also mean this by that there are so many more female depictions than there are males - that to a great extent the saying that the image of a naked woman is more arousing to see than that of a naked male is a moreso conditioned response by now on the evolutionary scale.

            Ooh I might've gone off topic, lol , but why the heck arent there more naked men ????
            • Unsu...
              "I'll have to say , and this is just my 2 cents, that the excessive depicition of women as sexual objects - and by excessive I mean, there are many many many times over its not necessary to see any nakedness and yet *bang* there it is a breast or maybe the trunk, etc and I also mean this by that there are so many more female depictions than there are males - that to a great extent the saying that the image of a naked woman is more arousing to see than that of a naked male is a moreso conditioned response by now on the evolutionary scale. "

              Yes Coco, in our country particulairly, woman are excessively depicted as sexual objects, I agree.... what could be helpful from this is if this somehow could create some kind of sexual liberation, or even comfort (sexy is OK now right? that was sarcasm)... but it doesn't, quite the opposite.... we feel it's ok to look or dress sexy, because that's basically the norm now but have no clue how to FEEL sexy because we've only been conditioned to APPEAR a certain way... teenager and YOUNGER girls are picking up eating disorder and eating diet food and taking diet pills prescribed by drug companies and approved by the FDA in this desperate attempt to be as thin as the models they see everywhere telling them that THIS is what is sexy, and if your not in a size 1, your ugly.... it's disgusting and wrong, not to mention A LIE.... we have been brainwashed and our children are being brainwashed by the media in this country, this is just one of the many ways..... and now I'M getting off subject.......;)

              "I dont think God factor has to be brought in to even include the fear (repressed fear perhaps as you stated). "

              hmmmm not really sure what this meant but would love if you would explain a little more.....

              "Ooh I might've gone off topic, lol , but why the heck arent there more naked men ???? "

              Why the heck aren't there???? I don't know about you but I think a good naked man is as sexy as it gets...

              • Not so sure about the phrase sexual liberation. I get your point, but I also see how that can get twisted too. My personal idea of sexual liberation is evening the gender depictions because lets face it, marketers dont know how to sell anything anymore creatively without the sex inuendo's added in there. Some guy said there'arent more of males because women dont respond the same way to naked male genitals the same way a as a man responds to a woman's naked genitals.
                This is where I personally argue the whole conditioning response. lol I say to whomever says that hasnt much of an idea of what goes on in womens head, at least mine, lol

                Hm as far as the fear factor, I meant other factors could instill sexual fear, or fear of sexuality ( culture the biggie here).
              • *applause*

                wow stacy

                You've managed to completely destroy every illusion revolving around modern society's hang-ups on female sexuality in just a few posts

                somebody give the girl a snickers :-)

                well done
                • Unsu...
                  Coco: Sexual i use the term sexual liberation somewhat casually here but this link should explain it a little more :
         Naturally though, anything sexual is highly personal, I would say that what you have described above is your idea of liberation..... " Liberty, the condition in which an individual has the ability to act according to his or her own will." this is a very broad definition and can be applied to many things......

                  I also agree Coco, that there are many facets to repressed fear, sexual or otherwise.... you brought up culture... if u you look closely in most all cases culture and religion go hand in hand..... but in some cases not... there are many reasons that people do what they do, I brought up religion because i have a personal "history" with religion.... also........ religion doesn't necessarily equal God, and God doesn't necessarily equal religion, but again... another discussion for a different thread ;)

                  Zayne: Thank you Darling...... *kisses*
                • I have to remark, its a damn shame how simple typical men are when it comes to sex

                  I feel for those of you women who have to deal with "minute-men" who are fast asleep before you've even realized they came
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Zayne this doesn't happen to me often... I know my lovers, and my lovers know me... they know me well enough to know that if this happens I will knock their ass out...not to sound unladylike or anything ;).... or worse... they will not enjoy the pleasure of me anymore. I don't play that game, that is selfishness is one of the worse ways. If you have to cum after a while , I won't fully blame you.. I can be harder to hang with than many, but your jobs not done until I'm satisfied as well.... I'm sure you don't have a problem with this though, Zayne...
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                      Sun Sag 12th house
                      Moon Scorpio 10th house
                      venus Capricorn 1st house.
                      Mars Scorpio 10th house.

                      I already did some of my fantasy's, most of them concern very rough sex, with me dominating every second of it. I'm just to scared i go to far sometimes eventhough i never heard anyone say stop, still maybe the exciting part is knowing that there are still taboo's to cross.

                      One of my fondest memories was with a girl who was learing to be a teacher, she was a pretty normal girl, but in the bed room i became the teacher and she the student, and she was a quick learner.

                      I do like sweet sex to, but even sweet sex with me will have passion, i can't do slow sex at all, it bores me. I can last quite some time, i only avoid doggy style if i don't want to cum to fast, something about doggy style really fires me up and just can't think dead babies anymore lol.
  • Sun: 12th House Taurus
    (trine Mars and Neptune, opposite Pluto

    Moon: 6th House Scorpio
    (trine Jupiter and loosely opposite Venus)

    Venus: 12th House Taurus
    (loosely conjunct Ascendant [but still in the 12th] and loosely opposite Moon)

    Mars: 8th House Capricorn
    (conjunct Neptune, trine Sun, square Mercury)

    ...and, for the hell of it, 7th House: Sagittarius cusp (ruler Jupiter in 11th House Pisces), containing Saturn + Uranus

    I know it's been a while, Mona, but I've definitely noticed our many chart similarities in the past! Interesting that you have submission fantasies, too. That definitely has been a fantasy of mine for a long time; same with interest in people I can't have. I've spent so much time daydreaming and obsessing over crushes on people who I absolutely would never be able to be with... So very 12th House Venus! And they are/were often older (Cap. Mars and Saturn on Descendant). I tend to eroticize the idea of being with people significantly older than me.

    I tend to be into power struggles, in general, too. As I've gotten more comfortable with my sexuality, I've found that I am rather switchy. I sometimes like being in control and sometimes like being controlled. But control, in general, excites me. I love the idea of a bossy, older, very put-together, tough femme. I'm into being tied up and beaten. I'm a masochist, but I'm not so switchy on that side of things. I can enjoy being dominant, but I'm not much of a sadist. I always want to try more 'extreme' SM, but haven't done a lot with that (interested in sharp objects, etc.).

    I also fantasize about me being in control in some situations. I like the idea of seducing women who have primarily been straight, which is such a gay-dude-type fantasy (the 'straight boy' thing). Probably makes me a 'bad lesbian' - just a bit - for having that one, since we're supposed to be annoyed with bi-curious girls, right? But I think curiosity is a wonderful thing. And I like the idea of sexual accomplishment through that, to some extent, which is a bit gross and selfish, actually (and I think is a bit Capricorn Mars).

    And, back to me-as-submissive, I really love the idea of being led around and put on display (seems rather Taurus - love of admiration). I love doing things for people to give them pleasure and like the idea of being commanded to do so. And I have a particular fantasy of being a pretty, androgynous, puppy-ish 'boy' and serving the above-described tough femme. Though I don't always go out of the house very put-together, at least at work, I love dressing up and putting on various sorts of 'costumes.' I more often dress up pretty femmy, but sometimes feel like looking more androgynous/boyish. I think this might be a bit of a Gemini Ascendant thing (particularly as chanelled through a Venus-Ascendant conjunction). Changeable appearance and androgyny...

    Summing up some of this, I think the Scorpio/Pluto and Capricorn/Saturn influence in my chart really adds a lot to the interest in BDSM, power dynamics, pain, age gaps... The Taurus-y side of my chart makes me get off on the idea of being admired - it's a little narcissistic, though my 12th House and Neptune aspects are very uncomfortable with that fact. And the 12th House influence makes secrecy and unrequited desire/daydreaminess pretty big deals in my fantasy life. I also feel most sexually comfortable in around strangers/in strange settings, because I can let the sexually expressive side of myself loose without weighing in what people expect of me. (Plus, public sex is a big turn-on.) I can be a bit of a shameless exhibitionist if I'm not around a lot of people I know or people I'll wind up seeing all the time. But I'm rather shy and modest much of the rest of the time, and can let sexuality build up for a long time without giving it chance for expression. And I need to know I'll have positive results before I'll risk acting. That's also very Capricorn Mars, I believe.

    Though anonymity is sort of a turn-on for me, I also am really captivated by the idea of sexual tension with some particular person. Prolonged sexual tension (in real life and in movies/books) absolutely SLAYS me. I can fantasize about the culmination of that tension ENDLESSLY. (Scorpio Moon obsessiveness?)

    Finally, I also am really excited by novelty and things that shock me. I often am interested in being somewhat horrified/repulsed (or at least surprised), while simultaneously attracted. A bit of a 'dirty and wrong,' sleazy vibe is something I go for. That could be fairly Pluto/Scorpio/8th House (taboos), as well as my having to do with my Gemini Ascendant and Aries Mercury (novelty and variety).

    And by now, this is a on the too much information side and pretty full of tangents! I do go on...
    • kay
      offline 0
      ? capricorn/aquarius- 9th
      ? leo 3rd 4th house
      ? capricorn - 8th house
      ? aquarius 9th
      7th house sagitarius
      5th house libra

      my fantasie is to see a boyfriend have a sexual encounter with another man, but without me actually participating ie i just want to watch them but not join in .
      other than that nearly all my sexual thoughts are of sensual long lasting sex with a ardent man that could go for hours
  • Unsu...
    sun sign cancer in the 12th house- I'm very shy/secretive, which makes it a bit hard for me to approach/be approached.

    moon capricorn in the 5th-

    mars capricorn in the 5th

    venus virgo in the 1st.

    I love seducing others, trying to get someone to fall in love with me. I often fantasize that I am irresistible and admired by men everywhere.
    My capricorn moon makes me much more attracted to older men and I tend to be a bit more on the submissive side (virgo venus) . (Not into bdsm/i just let others lead me.)

    I can be quite emotional when it comes to sex and my appetite for sex is quite vigorous. I would have sex non stop if possible. (vesta in the eighth house in aries)

    Fantasies of seducing/ being seduced. Tantric sex. Yab yum. Even the occasional rape fantasy. Sometimes I like my hair pulled, I love being bitten, slapped, etc...but I'm not into extreme masochism. I love feeling....subordinate. LOL.
  • Sun -Aries, 9 house
    Moon -gemini, 11 house
    venus-pisces,7 house
    Mars-Leo, 12 house.
    My fantasies is younger-older and domination.
    Probably because my mars is leo assertive, but in12 house and venus-pisces submissive, I can't choose what side I am on, so I prefer to watch. So, I like porn.
  • Unsu...
    Sun in Taurus, house 8
    Moon in Pisces, house 7 (focal planet of a T-square; exact square to Neptune at I.C., Neptune in exact opposition to Venus )
    Venus in Gemini, house 10 (exact trine to Saturn and nearly exact trine to Pluto in house 2)
    Mars in Taurus, house 9 (exact conjunction to Mercury)

    My fantasies are pretty specific and rarely change (Taurus hah)...this is my favorite one:
    The man is usually about 10 or more years older than me, a father-figure (Venus in 10, trine Saturn, Capricorn ruling house 5) and usually wearing a suit/uniform of some kind (often he’s a university professor or scientist… Venus in Gemini, Mars with Mercury in 9). He’s tall with sort of a Dirty Harry build/expression… very dry, serious and intense, and almost never smiles (all that Capricorn/Saturn stuff again… also the sun in 8 = intense Scorpio traits). He’s forceful but never violent (except a little bit, later); he’s patient and controlled because he knows I’ll come around whether I want to or not at first.

    He walks up behind me and presses his lips to my cheek/neck, whispering the dirty things he’s going to do to me, all the while running his fingers through my hair and pulling my head back a little at a time. He gets me so hot and bothered that soon I’m begging him to take me right there but he just teases more, holding my wrists together and pinning me down on the floor while he kisses me all over and I moan and writhe like a wanton whore :p He smiles a little then and calls me a “filthy little slut”, which makes me ridiculously turned on (Venus square ascendant, maybe?). When I start straining, trying to lick and kiss him back he says sharply that I have to lie still or he’ll stop. I try but it’s impossible, so eventually he puts me across his lap and spanks hard until I promise to obey… when I finally do he calls me a “good little girl”.

    When I start to wince and moan again he lets/makes me suck on his fingers while he looks down coldly, calling me more dirty names… then he tells me to get on my knees and I’m almost faint with lust. Later on he finally does penetrate me, but only after I’ve been struggling, crying and begging for it for what seems like forever… he also teases me with the tip many times first before finally thrusting in. He tells me I’m not allowed to come until he gives permission and pulls out the instant my eyes slide shut (which happens often when I’m that turned on). He forces me to maintain eye contact the entire time, and tears start running down my face for no apparent reason (that’s probably the Pisces Moon/Neptune square)... he licks them off and tells me it makes him horny when I cry. I can feel him getting even bigger and harder when he says this. My orgasm is so forceful it hurts! lol seriously though, I would worship him after that.

    Sometimes the man is about my age, but in that case he’s usually a priest in a cassock. In that case also, he’s a little more rough with me and seems frustrated and angry much of the time.

    Btw, quickies are good too but only when they’re interspersed between more drawn out sexual encounters… otherwise it really would make me feel like nothing but a sex object, which in turn would make me feel like a piece of shit and I’d have to leave :p
    • Unsu...
      Fucking hell- what a fantasy!! I LOVED it!!! I'm submissive in ALL my fantasies. Maybe because I'm assertive in real life?
      • Devyn: I am a Pisces Moon as well and I have to say I relate well to your kind of imagery....
        your fantasy was very sensual, erotic. and *delicious*.

        StoneAge: I am also assertive in real life so the fantasy of having that control taken is infact very arousing.

        Our lives can be very set sometimes and with that, restricting.

        The beauty of fantasy (as I see it) is how it gives us a place where we can be free to explore the deep abyss of our potential and be limitless versions of ourselves and if desired, evolve from or into them....

        • Unsu...
          One: I just looked back through the posts again... it seems that there's an awful lot of personal planets in Pisces and/or 12th house(!) I noticed Scorpio/8th seems to come up a lot as well. It's really too bad there aren't more people like the Gauquelins doing statistical studies on this sort of thing... it's very interesting.
  • Pisces Sun in the 9th house
    Sag Moon in the 5th house
    Aries Venus in the 10th house
    Scorpio Mars in the 4th house

    My sexual imagination is usually in overdrive mode. It's like having a p0rn movie playing in your head 24/7 (could be Mars Rulership in Scorpio). Pisces, Sagittarius, Aries and Scorpio all have a very intense sex focus and the combination makes me ridiculously hot most of the time. Jupiter and Mars have a powerful influence on me, and I dream of being a Raja with a full harem. A troop of women to belly dance for me when I clap my hands. Sexy women in slave girl pants surrounding me and serving me hand and foot. A crazy orgy of bodies piled on top of each other, hands everywhere, lips and mouths everywhere. Everyone in the love pile is into each other, and the sex flows all over us. I come over and over until I start to pass out from pleasure, then a new set of women grab me for some more. I satisfy every single one of the women, then keel over unconscious in pure bliss and exhaustion...
  • Sun Pisces
    Moon Sagittarius in 1st
    Venus Capricorn in 2nd
    Mars Aries in 5th
    Ascendant Scorpio

    Make you pick. :D If it's a quickie, then it's short, vigorous. Not necessarily angry. But trying to pick a fight with the person you like is , hard to resist. Sex in public places ( bathrooms, stairwells), orgies. Just scattering the semen all over the place. The more people the merrier.
    (I didn't try this btw). Displaying skill and showmanship. Not romantic in that sense. I can't concentrate on soft strokes and passion at the same time. Either it's slow and brooding or quick and passionate.

    Venus Capricorn. Older women, slightly older. In a sense they're practical , know what they want , gives you a feeling of ease. Could spend entire evening making love. Fall asleep , wake up and go on.
    Give me music. And I'll poke you like a drummer.

    Moon in Sagittarius: A girl in every town/port. Making a road trip during the weekend.
    Ascendant : I'll soak your soul in semen. I hope we'll die doing each-other. Somehow that's the only way I won't feel jealous, because our soul won't disconnect.

    Sun in 3rd: Make the surroundings inspiring or the moment in time, or if it's special. I'll give you my fated best. I'll talk to you . Give you adjectives, poetically summed up sights and scenarios. Until you feel intoxicated.
    • Unsu...
      What's your Sun sign and house placement? Sun Cancer in house 2
      What's your Moon sign and house placement? Moon Scorpio in house 6
      What's your Venus sign and house placement? Venus Leo in house 3
      What's your Mars sign and house placement? Mars Gemini end of house 12

      My fantasies always involve some kind of power play. If I'm fantasising about men, I'm submissive. When I fantasise about women, I'm the dominant one. Vanilla sex doesn't come in to my fantasy. I'm always taken advantage of in some way. Some of them are too depraved to write down here.
      • Devyn and Steve regarding 12th house...

        Yes, the imagination is indeed very vivid.

        And my 12th house moon trines my Scorpio stellium... so talk about fuling a fire!

        Glad I have that 1st house Saturn keeping me in check. *whew* LOL
        • EDIT:

          Devyn and Steve regarding 12th house *and Pisces...

          Yes, the imagination is indeed very vivid. *Especially when combined.

          And my 12th house moon trines my Scorpio stellium... so talk about fuling a fire!

          Glad I have that 1st house Saturn keeping me in check. *whew* LOL
          • hmmmm

            I have to be inside her, in more ways than one :-)

            If she reveals her desires to me, I will most certainly take advantage. There is virtually no place where I would not take her. I want to throw her down and take what I want, and I will, but more often than not I will drag it on.

            I want to run my finger tips slowly down the small of her back while I have her pinned in place from behind, around to her navel and down between her legs. Tease her with my fingers , then bring them up to my mouth so I can taste her. I'm inches away from her ear and I tell her how she tastes. I spend much time on her neck and ears while I fondle any part of her body I desire with my hand(s). I tell her what I will do to her, and what she will do for me. I want her slippery wet when i decide to circle it with the head, teasing it, but not thrusting it in. Not yet.

            If she tries to touch me, I'll have to pin her hands in place. I might need to get the handcuffs..............but I'll just rip off her panties and use them to restrain her if necessary. I have to work over her entire body. Touching , kissing and licking every sensitive spot. I have to have it all. She's mine.

            On her back, I hold her hands together above her head with one hand while I work her neck over with my lips and tongue and my other hand fondles her breast..........sliding it up and down her inner thigh, letting the head ease up and penetrate ever so slightly......thrusting it allllll the way in briefly so she can get a feel for me, then pull it out and tease the edges more

            She has to ache for it and so do I

            She starts to push her hips up to me in agony, wanting it inside her

            I cup my hand under the back of her knee, raise her leg and.............
  • Hi all,

    and thanks Mona, love this topic :)

    I’m Sun conj Eros Leo, 8th house
    I’m Moon Cancer, 7th house
    I’m Venus Leo, 8th house
    I’m Mars Aquarius, on 2nd house cusp

    My turn-ons are many… I prefer tall men with a bit of muscle, so they can toss me around in the bed – or wherever we happen to be. Strong kissers and guys who take their time with foreplay are a definite yes... so are threesomes with 2 guys and hot, passionate, sweaty, jungle animal sex. The longer the better. But as a 7th house Moon-Cancer I feel better if one of the guys is my SO. As a Moon Cancer I do like my security, especially emotional security and spiritual connection with my lover. A guy into Tantric sex would be ideal.

    About pure fantasies, as a Mars Aquarius; unusual, maybe even kinky, is the name of the game. I won’t disclose the most far-out fantasies here, but for a long time I’ve had fantasies of motorcyclists with delicious black leather driving suits and a non-seethrough vizor in their helmets - I love the thought of having sex with a stranger whose identity remains unknown. As a Leo I’m into power play, light bondage and BDSM, in domination/submission I’ll go either way. Don’t know if it’s due to any particular sign, but men in uniforms do it for me too… especially firemen. Also sex in public, the danger of getting caught adds to the fun factor ;)

    My 5th house ruler is Mercury, dwelling in the 8th house, so I like sex talk, online or live, and reading sex stories, but the effect goes further… I need intellectual stimulation to develop deeper interest in a guy. He won't need a 6-pack but for the Mars Aquarius in me, his personality, charisma and uniqueness are essential. I love some foreign accents, and should a guy also have a deep voice... Heaven :D Last but not least, in my 8th house is also Pluto, so even if it horrifies my Cancer-Moon side, I guess intensity and a roller-coaster ride is what I’m basically looking for.
  • Unsu...
    Scorp sun, pluto, saturn, and merc in 4th
    Libra moon in 3rd
    Sag venus & Uranus in 5th
    Cappy mars in 6th

    There are women out there for whom I would love to be a man for. (venus/uranus)
    There are men out there for whom I would love to be a man for. (venus/uranus)
    Fantasies about power plays/exchanges. Being over powered. Or me overpowering. (scorp)

    That's all I can admit to at the moment;)
  • Unsu...
    Scorp sun, pluto, saturn, and merc in 4th
    Libra moon in 3rd
    Sag venus & Uranus in 5th
    Cappy mars in 6th

    There are women out there for whom I would love to be a man for. (venus/uranus)
    There are men out there for whom I would love to be a man for. (venus/uranus)
    Fantasies about power plays/exchanges. Being over powered. Or me overpowering. (scorp)

    That's all I can admit to at the moment;)
  • Sun in Virgo - 10th
    Moon in Aries - 5th
    Venus in Leo - 9th
    Mars in Leo - 10th

    Most of my fantasies involve intense, prolonged emotional restraint (Saturn 1st house) between both parties involved, before the big payoff, which itself is raw, rough, up against the wall, we both want each other so bad we can't be bothered with even getting our clothes all the way off (Aries moon).

    But I also fantasize about the deeply sensual, spiritual, mind blowing experience (epic, dramatic sex - Mars/Venus in Leo). Secret affairs, even strictly emotional affairs that aren't consummated, get me off like nobody's business, and deep emotional involvement is a always a requirement, no exceptions (Scorpio ascendant). I don't know in what ways the house placements affect my fantasies.
  • Unsu...
    Very cool post=-D

    What's your Sun sign and house placement?

    My sun is in scorpio in my 5th house(koch/equal)

    What's your Moon sign and house placement?

    My moon is in virgo in my 3rd house

    What's your Venus sign and house placement?

    My venus is OOB in capricorn and in my 7th house conj. Sag Desc

    What's your Mars sign and house placement?

    My Mars is in Scorpio and in my 5th house

    I like a lot of variety and experimentation during sex. I guess that would be Gemini rising perhaps the scorpio sun too.
    I tend to be shy about completely expressing my sexuality though,I tend to blush,lol! I guess because of my virgo moon and then the sun in 5th,but its never been a problem.
    I like it when someone tells me what they want to do to me, probably the moon in 3rd house placement.
    I have a strong sex drive and I'm a very sexual/sensual person sun in scorpio/ mars in scorpio, perhaps?
    I'm guessing venus in capricorn makes me need to feel safe with whoever I'm with.

    Here's a kind of tame fantasy that I had, I hope it doesn't bore anyone too much;

    I fantasize about my significant other going to a grocery store. He's dressed like he always dresses, casual, jeans, t-shirt, the norm.
    I wait and follow him there. I enter the store, I'm wearing black high heels and a grey trench coat,and nothing else.
    For makeup I'm wearing crimson red lipstick and heavy mascara, my hair is long and hanging naturally over my shoulders and down my back. My eyes pass over the items in the store slowly...searching. I spot him at the other end of the store and walk casually...a little bit seductively .... in his direction. No one in the store seems to care. I finally reach him,but I behave like I don't know him...I've never met him ever in my life....but he's the sexiest man I've ever seen and I must have him. That's look I give him too. I walk over to him once again slowly, casually. He's looking up at me now(he was studying the fruit) his gaze meeting mine, a little curious, a dangerously sensual glint in his eye. I smile, just a little, walk over to him, and turn sideways a little, so that no one can see. I slide my hand into his, grasp it softly and place it in the gap that the coat made on my leg. He looked at me with feigned surprise and a yet another mischievous glint in his eye. I took his hand and led him away from his groceries and out the door to the car...

    And finally: What's your favourite sexual fantasy, and how do you think your signs and houses come into play here?
  • Sun in Cancer and 10th house
    Moon in Scorpio and 2nd house
    Venus in Virgo and 11th house
    Mars in Virgo and 11th house

    Just about the only thing I ever fantasize about is having a handsome, powerful man totally in control of me emotionally and physically, who rapes and hurts me while getting enjoyment from it. In that fantasy, that man would really have an everlasting obsession towards me and wouldn't ever want to leave me alone. Just thinking about this fantasy just makes me feel warm and good inside emotionally as well and it has elements I want to have in an actual relationship as well. I may be sick or something, but I really need somewhat similar man by my side as he is in that fantasy. In real life too, I cannot get excited from a man who doesn't show initiative or ardor towards me. The thought of having something sexual with an indolent, submissive man just sickens me.

    I think that feeling emotionally good thinking about this fantasy of mine is because of my Cancer Sun, I need security and someone to always be near me attending me... though I can't see how my house could relate here, apart from how this is something I would enjoy for the long term. Then the really exciting and intriguing thought of violence and raping must come from my Scorpio Moon. I want to be involved with something dangerous and intense, it makes me feel good. And I feel it doesn't contradict with wanting to feel secure at all. 2nd house here probably is telling me how much I can get off from dealing with dangerous things/masochism and on the other hand it may be warning me about not going too far and reminding me of how much of my fantasy could I tolerate in reality. My Venus and Mars both in Virgo possibly show how I have focused only on this one perfect fantasy that has all the elements I basically need. Also, it makes my fantasy a long-lasting one because it cannot stop intriguing me even after many years since I started to develop it in my mind. Mars&Venus&Virgo in the 11th house tells about my unconventionality in certain things and how I feel like justifying this fantasy as something that could be reality and how I want to make my life in generally shape into my ideals.

    I really want to bring this fantasy of mine into reality in some certain way and I'm sure it's possible.

    By the way thank you so much for starting this topic, it actually just helped me understand myself even more. :)
  • Coolest post ever :D

    Sun in Cancer, 2nd House

    Moon in Pisces, 10th house

    Venus in Leo, 3rd house

    Mars in Capricorn, 7th and 8th house

    My favorite fantasy involves someone's obsession with me, as well...i think women are usually more prone to 'stability' and someone's deep attachment to them on a subconscious level, regardless to their sun sign or placements, while men tend to fantasize about multiple partners....i guess it's the archaic woman-home, man-hunting cleavage....details such as bondage, chasing, etc, are all indeed espoused by our personalities and stars....hehe
  • This isn't so much a fantasy as something in my subconscious that's apparently quite linked with my sexuality, but I keep having dreams lately that have an erotic vibe or are directly sexual and involve some sort of odd blood ritual. The dreams are sometimes creepy and unsettling and sometimes just curious. I'm an observer in all of them, watching other people performing these rituals.

    I'm sure this relates to my Mars-Neptune conjunction in the 8th house. In fact, one of these dreams was directly set in a planet or universe that was supposed to be the 8th astrological house.
  • Unsu...
    my sun sign is sagittarius, 4th house
    moon in pisces, 8th house
    venus in scorpio, 3rd house
    mars in libra, 2nd house

    A recurring sexual fantasy of mine is being dominated by an older man. Being man-handled a bit. I don't know if that has a lot to do with my birth chart or the fact that I'm female.
    • Hello :)
      i have
      MARS-gemini-1st house { aspected by moon-sagittarius-7th house }
      SATURN-aquarius -9th house
      SUN,MERCURY VENUS-pisces-10th house { aspected by JUPITER-virgo-4th house }

      can u plz tell me what r d effects ?
      • "can u plz tell me what r d effects ?"
        no way, silly bird!
        you're supposed to tell us.
        charts illustrate the spheres within which we play our little games;
        not the ways that we play them, nor the outcomes (effects) of such games.
  • I'm a too sexx-y Double Skorpion:
    Sun 28deg SCO48' (I), Moon 16deg TAU41', Venus 12deg SCO50' (I--conj ASC 12deg SCO10'), Mars 5deg SAG24' (I--conj Sun, fire-fire-fi-yar..."git'-da' FI-YAH-HOUSE--WOO-WOOO-YEAH!" -KISS)

    My favorite dream that I'm working (hard...) on is, of course, 2000 GG and TG groupies and being chased down the streets and ravished regularly by hordes of screaming nymphettes (preferably Loli-goths). The extended dream is selling out "The Concertgebou-Madison Square-Hollywood Bowl...Rock-and-Roll" -Paul McCartney) and the obligatory 6-month lockout at Abbey Road. I like The Beatles as you may surmise.
  • What's your Sun sign and house placement? Taurus, 8th house
    What's your Moon sign and house placement? Capricorn, 4th
    What's your Venus sign and house placement? Aires, 7th
    What's your Mars sign and house placement? Scorpio, 3rd

    I have A LOT of sexual fantasies! Too many to list but the general theme(s) of them are: feminine beauty, female dominance (femdom), gang bangs, glory holes, bdsm themed fantasies etc etc
  • I thought I was Venus in Leo..

    until I looked up my birth time using Stellarium, and Venus was actually closer to Hydra (the water snake/serpent) constellation.

    So I guess I am a Venus in Hydra.

    I don't use tropical. This is more related to just pinpointing exactly where the planet is at birth in relation to the constellation/sign and the distance. It doesn't set forward 23 or sumthin degrees like Tropical to go with the seasons. But anyways,

    Venus in Hydra I know nothing about...
    (again tropical, i don't believe in...)

    so sidereal/pinpointing exactly would be:

    What's your Sun sign and house placement? >>>>> p. unknown/NA
    What's your Moon sign and house placement? >>>>>>>>Pisces.. house p. unknown/NA
    What's your Venus sign and house placement? >>>>>>>> p. unkown/NA
    What's your Mars sign and house placement?>>>>>>>> p. Scorpio/8th house

    Probably thinking about really connecting with someone where every touch is like electricity, and being w/ someone that can get me really hot to where I don't just "kinda want it", to where.. I need it now!
    Someone that has values and respects people and would never hurt anyone physically (trusting someone), someone that knows when to be a little aggressive and a little less aggressive at the right moments. Just a sexual connection.. and someone that wants me without being impatient and knows what to do. haha
  • "What's your Sun sign and house placement?
    What's your Moon sign and house placement?
    What's your Venus sign and house placement?
    What's your Mars sign and house placement?

    And finally: What's your favourite sexual fantasy, and how do you think your signs and houses come into play here? "


    Sun in Pisces, 7th house.
    Moon on Taurus/Gemini cusp, in the 9th house.
    Venus in Pisces, in the 6th, but conjunct Descendant;
    Mars on Taurus/Gemini cusp, in the 9th house.

    Well, I'm still a virgin, and don't really fantasize about sex. It makes me feel stupid. lol I guess I'm just curious about the sesations, don't care about background/environment.
  • Ok, here's mine:

    Sun Aquarius, just squeaking by into the 6th house
    Moon Virgo, 1st house
    Venus Capricorn, 5th house
    Mars Virgo, 1st house

    I guess a fave fantasy is to be adored during sex. Not mushy or wimpy or sappy or gushy, though. Not clingy or weepy, either. An additional fantasy is watching a guy play with himself and get off.

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