Genius, Tredeciles and septiles

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Astrology and Genius

Genius is as rare and elusive as serendipity, in fact in many ways they seem interdependent; you need one to manifest the other. But what is the essence of genius? What comes to mind is a unique aptitude to create something singular into existence, noone has ever imagined before, yet seems to be conceived at the right time and place to effect massive change in human evolution.

As such, every generation yields but a few 'pure geniuses', as there are but a few and far between watershed moments in our collective evolution. Genius is related to the word genus (sub-division of a species ~ e.g. a people), suggesting that a genius epitomizes the collective consciousness of the future.

If we allow that a true genius can effect a paradigm shift on a civilizational level, we can them an embodiments or Avatars of a collective consciousness-shift, caused by the re-alignment with the very archetypal sources, Life is made of. A genius is channelling universal truth in a way that expresses a new phase in the development of a genus (cultural group) of a species (humanity).

From this mode of thought, the socio-cultural paradigm shifts, revealed by Trans-saturnal sojourns from one sign to another might be involved - aspecting Sun, Moon, Ascendant or ruler of the Ascendant and Mercury. But which aspect? Potentially any, depending on the manner in which these reboots of the collective consciousness are affected.

Quintiles and Tredeciles producing Genius

Perhaps the most essential quality of genius is its unicity: the ability to unify by expressing something unique. It shines forth with a highly individualized and virtuosic aura, impossible to imitate or replicate. Intimately woven into the fabric of personal identity, it conveys something with universal resonance and casts a trans-cultural ripple effect lasting whole era's.

Fifth harmonic aspects, such as the quintile, biquintile, tredecile, decile and vigintile are all involved in translating universal truth (albeit on different levels of consciousness) into singular traits, focused on producing something radically innovative through massive creative prowess. Without these highly expressive and virulent aspects, potential will not fully be actualized.

They are more prevalent in charts of people, widely known for their creative (fifth house) accomplishments (tenth house). It's no coincidence that trines and squares are often 'supported' on a interior level by compounds of fifth and seventh harmonic aspects. They express a higher vibrationary quality that can be tapped into once the more gross energies of the major aspect have been sufficiently refined.

Quintiles have long been known to have higher presence in charts of 'creatively active' people. The tredecile, though, is quite rare in most people's charts, yet quite ubiquitous in charts of geniuses (as will be demonstrated in a following post). They seems to expand the talent of the quintile into the public arena for the greater good; It grants a scope that goes beyond mere artistic or mental virtuosity (in any field of human activity) into the province of an era-defining accomplishment, affecting one or several generations:

"The tredecile begins at the First house...the other ends fall into the Fourth and Ninth Houses"
" the tredecile, you have the capacity to reach into the deepest experience of the energies involved and with them to great height of philosophic influence upon the world for many succeeding generations."
"It does provide you with opportunity to create a lasting and meaningful legacy for the planet."
"... suppression of this energy causing one to become fearful of expressing their deepest feelings. They may decide it's safer to follow the traditional ways of thinking and, as a result, will immerse themselves in 'proven philosophy and collective thought group where they will not be challenged."


This may well be the phase where unusual intelligence and genius part their ways...A Tredecile, as any aspect has a waxing and waning phase, these links describe both phases in terms of conscious choice:

"As the principle of integration approaches ascendency over the principle of multiplicity, the mindful individual is called to come to terms with his contributions to the whole. Out of it comes self-liberated from the past and its shadows. In this test of capacity, the aspirant must exercise her genius and exploit her inner resources to the fullest if she is to go on fearlessly into the light."

Septiles, Serendipity and the Eureka Effect

As I alluded to in the previous post, serendipity plays an uncanny role in radical innovation and its timing, both of which form such an integral and crucial element in dividing mere talent from genius. Either through sagacity or mere chance, discoveries are made by connecting seemingly unrelated dimensions of experience.

Septiles (spiritual grace/interdimensional awareness) produce a strange aptitude to channel this sense of serendipity into situations that are in need of some kind of 'divine intervention'. It is the 'Deus ex Machina' sensation that often intervenes through synchronicity at critical junctures in the manifestation of genius, propelling them into active service of the planetary consciousness.

Any time you see a quintile (5th harmonic) connected with a septile (7th harmonic) aspect you get what some researchers call the driving force behind 'the Eureka Effect'. The Eureka effect is an experience of sudden realization, stumbled upon through serendipitous events that often accompany people of genius in their quest for innovation.This is a link to an astrological research site, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that:

1. Astrology works
2. Genius is shown in the Birth Chart
3. Namely, by a combination of fifth and seventh harmonic aspects

So genius is the rare ability to translate seemingly coincidental elements into unique and massively influential innovations; thus creating a free-flow of events, guided by the providence of archetypal revelation. People with this aspect combination often initiate and bring to consummation events by the presence and intellectual (veiled intuition) activity. They have their hands at the reigns of destiny, guided like a sleepwalker towards the right moment (Kairos).

They stand at the threshold between two worlds: the Archetypal and the mundane to receive and distribute the renewed (Uranus) manifestation of pure Eidos to its perfected conclusion. As the spark of inspiration hits them, they start creating new intellectual or material forms (Saturn) in such a way that it produces a watershed moment in the collective consciousness - at first causing incomprehension and chaos with their peers and finally collective recognition and implementation of their vision.

Even generations later, the genus (collective consciousness/4th House) is still experiencing the prolonged impact of the mental fecundation (Aries) created (5th house; Leo; fifth harmonic) by an individualized exemplar (Uranus) of the pure Archai (Aries). Eventually its importance will only be understood fully, centuries later, as a critical phase in Trans-cultural and generational evolution (Sagittarius).

Seventh + Fifth Harmonic = Genius

This is a list of people that could be considered geniuses with these aspect combinations (fifth-seventh harmonic) prominent in their charts:

Albert Einstein:

Uranus biseptile Moon tredecile Mercury
Jupiter septile Venus tredecile South Node
Mercury septile Pluto quintile MC
Saturn septile Pluto quintile MC
Moon tredecile Saturn
Sun tredecile Ascendant
Moon quintile Jupiter
Venus quintile North Node

Nicola Tesla

Uranus septile Sun quintile Pluto
Uranus septile Venus quintile Pluto
Pluto septile Mercury tredecile Mars
Mars biseptile Saturn tredecile Neptune
Mercury septile Pluto tredecile MC
Southnode tredecile MC
Ascendant tredecile MC
Moon tredecile Mercury
Sun quintile Ascendant
Jupiter quintile Neptune

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Moon septile Sun tredecile Jupiter
Pluto septile Sun tredecile Jupiter
Mercury septile Moon quintile Venus
Sun septile Pluto quintile Venus
Mercury sepile Pluto quintile Venus
Jupiter tredecile Mercury
Jupiter tredecile Sun
Mars tredecile Jupiter
Mars tredecile Uranus
Mars tredecile South Node
Mars quintile North Node
Mars quintile Ascendant
Jupiter quintile Neptune

A few observations: all three have Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mozart and Tesla, respectively have Uranus and Mars on their South Node.

Here are some links which deal with similar themes:


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    Sat, October 30, 2010 - 9:05 AM
    Fantastic Post Partha!!!...there's been quite a few posts lately on this topic i've noticed...........Never considered these aspects before.....Do u knw any good links where I can calculate these aspects in my chart just to satisfy my curiosity??? Or if you could give me an idea as to how it can be done.....

    P.S> My understanding is that Uranus and mercury aspects usually help in translating the intuitive genius into rational any uranus mercury aspect should have have some kind of unituive flowing from the one to the other and materialize in the respective house that mercury is located rite? So I was just curious, do you know the energy flow works in the aspect of sesquiquadrate ( i knw its not a harmonic) but i have Uranus within one degree of my ascendant (sagittarius) sesquiquadrate mercury in the 8th house in leo conjuncting sun in cancer (also in 8th) have any idea how that might work out? i mean how they interact?/ Cheers!
    • All Aspect Calculator

      Sat, October 30, 2010 - 10:33 AM
      I haven't focused much on sesquiquadrates or tri-octiles, though I have a few in my chart. So , this is based on what I read and the info you gave me.

      I think you should always look at the phase an aspect is in to go beyond generic interpretation. If you know the exact orb of this aspect you can find the sabian degree pertaining to the energy interaction between Uranus and Mercury. This link explains the technique:

      This is a link to find all aspects between every planet

      It won't identify Tredeciles, which are either 108 or 252 degrees with a two degree orb.
      This is a link to the full Sabian Aspect orb wheel:

      Sabian aspect interpretation provides a method that will enable your right and left brain hemispheres to harmonize - simultaneously analyzing and imagining the energy geometrically and symbolically.

      The following is very general interpretation, based on the info in your post, I hope it can shed some light on that aspect in your chart.

      Uranus on the Ascendant seems like a very acute and energizing ability to perceive things categorically exerting a very subtle distortion onf the conscious mind. You might feel the need to get to the bottom of things and are attracted to the esoteric and unconventional. The tri-octile introduces you into situations that severely tests your ability to translate the adventurous and fiery idealism of Uranian intuition into in-depth study and communication with others to transform their outlook on Life.

      This is very much about the desire for and fascination with an intense sharing of secret knowledge, emanating from piercing your own or other people's personal motives. Uranus wants to liberate the everyday mind, but in the case of a tri-octile, this release and illumination proceeds in a volatile, yet mysterious manner - manifesting through circumstances that demand repeated and disciplined practise in alternately forcefully piercing through (personal/intellectual) veils and respecting the privacy of others and protecting yourself from other people's indiscretions.

      It's about finding radically new modes of thought and communication, as the ones that seems most natural are creating resistance and confusion; slowly but surely, one learns to fine-tune the mind and is able to release the built up tension and chaos from the past.

      This is a link to some helpful descriptions of minor aspects:
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        Sat, October 30, 2010 - 11:20 AM
        Hey thanks a lot partha....u've given me a lot to think about it....ur interpretation was spot on especially about the need to break away from conventional methods of thought and living...almost a violent resistance to "pop-culture", interests in the occult/esoteric, the need to get to the bottom of things.....all so very true! I guess u cud say even this exchange between us is part of that life long journey and voyage which is where i derive my user name from...:-)...and my uranus is in sagittarius which makes even more i dont know if this is a coincidence or what but the year I was born in 1986, voyager-II launched many years earlier, had just reached the planet uranus!!!.:-)
        Your interpretation even had some points which I just realized about myself. really appreciate it! thank u for taking the time...

        Thanks for the Links as well...shall go thru them indetail and continue my voyage toward the truth...:-)
        • Re: All Aspect Calculator

          Sun, October 31, 2010 - 6:50 AM
          "almost a violent resistance to "pop-culture"

          Sounds very much like the sesquiquadrate energy, resisting being influenced by the status quo and wanting to liberate peoples minds in a very spontaneous and direct way.

          "plus i dont know if this is a coincidence or what but the year I was born in 1986, voyager-II launched many years earlier, had just reached the planet uranus!!!.:-) "

          very synchronistic, Voyager...
          • Re: All Aspect Calculator

            Sun, October 31, 2010 - 10:35 AM
            "resisting being influenced by the status quo and wanting to liberate peoples minds in a very spontaneous and direct way. "

            Yes you describe things wayy better than I do, in I tend to describe too much, sometimes ramble,......ur very precise.......this point u made is absolutely true...its not just my own resistance but also trying to liberate others, trying to get them to open their eyes to the superficiality of this culture we live and try to make them look deeper into life and existence itself........but I also have this feeling that I dont wana push that too much before I myself achieve such a state where I have transcended mundane life not by escaping it but like a lotus leaf, touching the water yet remaining dry...........but the least I try to d is get everyone to try and look in this direction....

            "very synchronistic, Voyager...

            Synchronistic!! thats the word! I thnk carl jung coined this rite??
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    Sat, October 30, 2010 - 9:20 AM
    Here's an interesting link to a discussion forum about Nikola tesla's chart.....(in case you haven't already seen it...:-))

    I particularly liked the following interpretation.....the neptune in 12th explaining his strange lightning like visions (almost mystical) channeled thru the uranus in the 1st house into electricity related inventions and then the refined final product into the 3rd house mercury mind translating into a actualized invention in the real world............

    "Uranus, planet of originality, is in the first house sextile to both 12th house Neptune in Pisces and 3rd house Mercury in Gemini. Neptune rules Pisces. Mercury rules Gemini? Uranus is at the exact midpoint of these two dignified planets. In one way or anther all three planets relate to intelligence. Add to this the conjunction of Moon-Mars and you have your genius served up on a silver platter with watercress around it. Where's the problem? I don't get it. Tesla's chart cries out "Genius". Exactly what aspects to Uranus are most of your respondents looking for? What do they expect: Uranus trine every other planet or what? A first-house Uranus, a 12th house Neptune and a 3rd house Mercury conjunct Saturn are more than enough to spell genius. But add the 6th house Mars conjunct the Moon in Cancer and the word "genius" becomes as obvious as a black-and-blue, throbbing boil in the middle of one's face. How can so many people be confused? "

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    Thu, January 20, 2011 - 3:29 AM
    I found an interesting perspective on Genius.

    “Genius,” wrote Sri Aurobindo in The Synthesis of Yoga, “is one attempt of the universal Energy to so quicken and intensify our intellectual powers that they shall be prepared for those more puissant, direct and rapid faculties which constitute the play of the supra intellectual or divine mind.” Swami Vivekananda also linked genius and Yoga, pointing out that the secret of genius is a tremendous power of concentration. He added that according to the science of Yoga we are all potential geniuses. There is much to be said for the Indian view of the Vibhuti or genius as one who manifests supernormal powers that are latent in all of us. The West, on the other hand, though it has produced remarkable geniuses in many fields, has labelled this mysterious phenomenon, but offers little satisfying explanation of it apart from recent developments in transpersonal psychology which are indebted to Eastern thought."
  • Unsu...

    Re: Genius, Tredeciles and septiles

    Tue, December 13, 2011 - 2:47 PM
    Very interesting. Of course I think you really can't "explain" genius only with these aspects, but they are very important part of it. I have lately tried to understand Isaac Newton's birth chart. He would have exact Moon tredecile Jupiter if you are using 1:00 AM birth time for him. He has also septiles between jupiter and neptune, moon and saturn. For example Einstein has more quintiles than Newton if I remember right. I am just wondering how can you explain astrologically Newton's huge capacity to concentrate...?

    If we are talking about genius I would like to compare two musical geniuses (in my opinion) in this way considering difference between minor and main aspects: I call Mozart genius. He has many minor aspects like quintiles and septiles. But I would call Jeff Buckley "the power of nature" and his chart is full of main aspects like conjunctions, trines and sextiles. Jeff Buckley was something more primary and tangible than Mozart. But of course you should listen to them both. :D

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