Saturn and initiation

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As the personality goes through the many cycles of evolution, the process of reincarnation provides, Saturn oversees it's steady climb. As any planet sign or house, this planet has many dimensions. One thing stands out though: that the perceived malefic nature of this planet is really a distorted reflection of it's grace.

Saturn's house position and aspects reveal the major Test we have to pass within this lifetime to become one with the Soul. It represents the challenges we face, in the light of the choices we made consciously in this or in previous lifes. This is Self-Initiation: treading the burning ground and the baptizing of the personality into the fire of the soul. Saturn forms an area of transition, a bridge between the realm of subconscious personality expression (from the sun to mars) and that which is beyond this solar-system: the galactic vibrations focused through the transsaturnals - the superconscious.

Initiation is a multi-facetted process that guides us through the major crisis of our lifes: the Saturn return and major transits to planets and points in our natal chart are very much connected to the natural rhythm of unfolding, karma provides. In these times we start to become aware where we have to repay or collect karmic debt and how to transcend this process.Crisis produces opportunity, the house and natal aspects from Saturn manifest where need to concentrate our efforts to understand and willingly test ourselves to overcome the conditioning of our lunar nature and expand (jupiter) our consciousness beyond the restrictions society and upbringing seem to project upon us. Here we find information critical to going beyond the rhythm of time - of Self-willed emancipation: Uranus.

The excuses we make for ourselves through blaming genes/biological karma, gender, cultural imprints and trends are no longer valid when we seek to experience the Soul's reality - it is then when Saturn changes his M.O. from restricting and inhibiting into facilitating and counseling. Saturn, 'the great teacher' transforms karma into Dharma. This is most apparent with those, no longer glamorized by the limited dimension of their sevenfold solar personality - consciously integrating the transsaturnal energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These individuals are moving from the the involutionary stage of building a personality by defining it (Saturn) in terms of likes and dislikes (moon-the past) into consciously evolving their identity into one that is releasing personal preference in favor of identifying with humanity as a whole and performing the service associated with it.
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  • Thank you Partha this post resonates with me.

    In my chart, today I find these transits, with natal Saturn at 22Aqua49'58". MC at 23Taurus45'44" My Natal Saturn (and Sun in another T Square) is the focal point of a T Square with Moon and Neptune.

    T Jupiter conj N Saturn
    T Neptune conj N Saturn
    T Chiron conj N Saturn
    T Uranus semi-sextile N Saturn
    T NN semi-sextile N Saturn
    T Sun square N Saturn
    T Mars opposed Saturn

    It seems to me to be a "Jump Start" of planetary energy that is preparing me for more to come in Spring, 2010. I am up for the task. Blow that T-Square outta the water!
    • Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron conjunct your Natal Saturn...a very auspicious influence, but quite bewildering at some times, I assume.

      The last few days I was thinking how different planets relate to the same themes, through association by sign or by quality of operation. Saturn, as a force of materialization and framing is the very antithesis the energies of Neptune and Jupiter, which are all about what cannot be contained. let alone framed. Much has been said about this transiting stellium in

      To experience such a redeeming and graceful focus of energy through Saturn in your own sign must be extra-ordinary, especially now Jupiter joined - a good time to give shape to the visionary... I'm curious though, does Neptune's full square cycle with Saturn create opportunities to engage in the themes of that T-square with regard to the houses ruled by it?

      Transit Neptune now completes a Grand Trine with natal Saturn and Mercury: I am thankful for the sleepwalking quality now overshadowing my thinking and a guidance, that adds a much needed empathy and acceptance to my rather strict mindset. I hope it will stick.
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    This is a good reminder.

    Once Saturn transited into the first house, I've never felt (or continue to feel) more of the nodal and moon-saturn energies (or more Saturnian). Now it's transiting my second house (my natal Saturn is in Libra in 2nd house), it's been very good and solid.

    I have Sun trine Saturn, Saturn-moon opposition tightly square the cancer north node/cap south node. My dad is a capricorn so I've definitely felt his influence regarding accepting responsibilities. For the past few years of my life, the structure just gets stronger and stronger and I often feel very strongly connected to the Saturnian energies. Yet the balance being overly emotional and reactive (aries moon) is so precarious. Half the time I do swing from one state to the other, especially when interacting with people. hmm. This is something to ponder about for the upcoming Saturn return in 18 months.

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