Moon veiling Vulcan: Virgo's esoteric ruler

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These notes are based upon the teachings of Djwhal Khul presented in Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology (Lucis Trust, 1951).

It is the work of the zodiacal influences to evoke the emergence of the will aspect of the Heavenly Man and of all monads, souls and personalities who constitute the planetary body of expression. …
The goal of evolution for humanity is to become consciously and livingly aware of the nature of these energies and begin to know them and to use them.

Virgo is one of the most significant signs of the zodiac because its symbology (relating to the archetype of the Virgin Mother, which features in all world religions) concerns the whole goal of the evolutionary process: the shielding, nurturing and revelation of hidden spiritual reality.

Gemini and Virgo are closely related (both belonging to the Mutable Cross and being ruled by Mercury), but while Gemini, with its emphasis on dualism, presents soul and body as a pair of opposites, in Virgo they are blended and supremely - we might say symbiotically - important to each other. In Virgo we become aware of matter guarding and nurturing the hidden jewel of the soul, just as the maternal womb holds and protects the gestating embryo.

The keynote of Virgo is Christ in you, the hope of glory:
divinity within humanity
spirit within form
the spark of Christ-life within the human mother

The great feminine archetypes of Eve, Isis and Mary are all symbolic of personality and (as we shall see) are strongly related to Virgoan energy.

EVE is a symbol of mentality. She represents the lure of knowledge which prompts us towards incarnation. She took the apple of knowledge from the serpent of matter, resulting in the historical human undertaking of experiment, experience and expression.

ISIS represents a similar principle on the astral plane. In ancient astrology Isis stands for fertility, motherhood and as the guardian of children.

MARY carries the process through to the plane of matter (incarnation) by giving physical birth to the Christchild.

Virgo is the synthesis of these three aspects of the feminine: the mental, emotional and physical expression of hidden, ever-present divinity. The three are brought to perfection in Leo, sign of developed self-consciousness and personality unfoldment.

Virgo belongs to the Mutable Cross: the cross of changing lives, of constant mutation. On all arms of this cross runs the theme of service. In Gemini, the body serves the soul. In Virgo, matter and spirit serve each other. In Sagittarius, emerges the idea of serving the One Life (planetary service, serving the Hierarchy). Finally in Pisces, as a result of the entire evolutionary process, appears the dedicated world server. ‘The four energies which constitute this Cross […] are expressive of the whole goal of man in four definite stages. […] It pictorially represents the four critical points or movements in the span of existence of the soul in manifestation’:

Virgo is part of the earthy triplicity with Taurus and Capricorn.

* Taurus represents the incentive behind evolution: the desire or impulse for experience and satisfaction. The Light of Knowledge.
* Virgo represents the incentive behind discipleship: spiritual desire. The Hidden Light of God.
* Capricorn represents the incentive behind initiation: the desire for liberation and to serve. The Light of Life.

Virgo symbolises darkness, quiet and warmth: ‘the valley of deep experience wherein secrets are discovered and eventually “brought to light”; it is the place of slow, gentle and yet powerful crises and periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet which lead to light’. In this way Virgo corresponds to the ‘blinded’ stage of rituals, where the initiate is taken deep inside a cave, for example, in order to turn inwards and silently await the appearance of spirit.

Mercury is the orthodox ruler of Virgo; it brings the versatile energy of the ‘Son of Mind’ to Virgoans; it is the mediator between spirit and matter. Mercury is exalted in Virgo; it brings the message of the gods from one ray to another. Mercury represents the mental principle: the expression of the concrete and abstract mind of God. The lower mind was developed in the first solar system, in this, the second, Mercury presides over the unfolding of the higher, intuitional mind of pure reason. Mercury is manas-buddhi: the fusion of mind-wisdom as expressed through the human soul. Mercury rules the bridge between mind and wisdom (and soul and form), the antahkarana: ‘In Virgo Mercury reaches its full power for Virgo is intelligence and the hidden Christ is wisdom or pure reason.’

The esoteric ruler of Virgo is the Moon, acting as a veil for Vulcan: ‘The Moon (or fourth ray energy) is here seen as an expression of first ray energy, manifesting through Vulcan. The Moon rules the form and it is the will of God to manifest through the medium of form.’ The Moon ruling Virgo is also a veil for Neptune. So in these rulerships, the emphasis is again upon the interchange of mind and form, the infusion of personality with soul.

The energy of Mercury has brought humanity to its present point of evolution; now the potency of Vulcan is intensifying, ‘hence the struggles going on upon the planet between the men of will - selfish and ambitious - and the men of goodwill who are desirous of the good of the whole’. When the human hierarchy has awakened to spiritual possibilities (and the forces of materialism are seen for what they are), Jupiter, the hierarchical ruler of Virgo, will use its beneficent power to lead the human family towards peace and progress.

Through the influence of Vulcan Virgo is related to Taurus (ruled by Vulcan esoterically):

which brings in what might be called the endurance aspect of the will-to-be which carries the incarnated Son of God through the experiences of the dark time wherein the personality becomes the Mother in the stage of gestation, through the period of infancy upon the physical plane and through the stage of adolescence until the initiate attains full maturity. This necessitates persistence, endurance and continuity of effort and is one of the characteristics imparted or stimulated by energies pouring from Vulcan.

DK reminds us towards the end of the teachings on Virgo that, in the case of the disciple, the Sun and Mercury are interchangeable terms (this interchangeability or fusion is typical of all that we have learnt about Virgo): ‘When the disciple becomes aware that he is himself Mercury, the Son of Mind, and therefore one with the universal Christ, the Sun and yet the Son of God” (as it is esoterically called), he is then an initiate.’ When the disciple comes to know Saturn as the God of Opportunity and ceases to think of him only as the bringer of disaster, then he is, in truth, on the Path.

The voice of Virgo on the reversed wheel (the wheel of the disciple) says, ‘I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am’:

Ponder upon the beauty of this synthesis and teaching and know that you yourself have said the first word as the soul, descending into the womb of time and space in a far and distant past. The time has now come when you can, if you so choose, proclaim your identity with both divine aspects - matter and spirit, the mother and the Christ.

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  • Moon veiling Vulcan: Virgo's esoteric ruler II

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    Esoteric Ruler of Virgo Planet of the Fourth Ray

    The vast majority of humanity is still quite fully focused on the life of the personality. Attachments to one’s biological karma, instinctual emotional responsiveness, patterns of early family conditioning and conformistic sociological behaviour (all lunar influenced) are still very strongly integrated into the mass consciousness {Cancer}

    From the ~soul centred~ esoteric perspective, the Moon has no essential life value. It is a storehouse for the past - especially that past which is characterised by outworn and discarded astral images and desires. Although our attunement with the essential wholeness of life is steadily growing, a number of us are still struggling with the relationship between our soul awareness and our involvement with our physical, mental, and especially our emotional lives.

    This is the ~cross~ that we bear, is it not? And it is this ~cross~, and the sacrifices and re-orientations that it requires, which lead us more assuredly to a place of greater consciousness. As we move towards the fixed cross we are moving through the illusion of the Moon, trying to perceive beyond the maya of pre-conditional forms of body, mind and emotions, and into the reality that is Love/Wisdom.

    When an individual has learned how to detach himself from the magnetism of his lunar past, one of three planets can be substituted for the Moon’s placement and traditional function in the natal chart: Vulcan, Uranus or Neptune. The Moon is then said to ~veil~ that planet’s effects.

    When a person is leaving the Mutable Cross and is about to mount the Fixed, the effects of Vulcan are very noticeable. Vulcan rules that process which ~breaks the chains~ to form.. As the ~Blacksmith of the Gods~ Vulcan forges new tools for the expression of consciousness. Past patterns of behaviour are dissolved in favour of a growing awareness, which leads ultimately to detachment from the desires and compulsion of form.

    When the Moon veils Uranus, the individual becomes a vehicle for the birthing of new archetypes of human consciousness. One is freed from the past - Uranus the ~revolutionary~ has seen to that. A new focus for form , one more appropriate to the current evolutionary stage of life, appears.. when the energies or Uranus are substituted for the position of the Moon in the natal chart, the individual consciously acts as part of a group effort working to bring in these new archetypes for the betterment of humanity.

    This is a predominant theme at the present time, as the majority of people on the Fixed Cross are becoming increasingly responsive to the incoming Aquarian Age, its association with Uranus, and the unfolding of intuition and group consciousness. One of the greatest transitions in the evolution of human consciousness at the present time is the shift from intellectual awareness to an intuitive perception of reality.

    The nature of the soul-centred, esoteric energies of the planets does not negate their personality-centred exoteric indicatives. A blending is taking place - one which gives rise to an ever—increasing inclusivity. The nature of the interrelationships between the energies, forces and ray qualities of the planets and signs reveals to us these patterns of unfoldment and their directions. The soul-centred individual has neither forgotten or abandoned the past.

    The effects of the Moon and its sign placement, as we understand them to be from the angle of personality centred and psychologically oriented astrology, are still valid in this respect. But there are other, more refined or highly evolved influences which the Moon ~veils~. These esoteric inferences and effects dominate and supersede the earlier, lunar based ones in the consciousness of the soul-centred individual.

    As we study these deeper, more esoteric aspects of astrology, we will find that our own intuition expands accordingly. This is one of the gifts of astrological studies - they expand our consciousness.

    The third, and probably the most esoteric lunar veil, is that which concerns Neptune. When the Moon ~veils~ this planet’s effects, it may be said that Neptune rules all life on the astral plane - the entire feeling-sensitive nature. The average person is unaware of the vast majority of impressions which bombard his consciousness and to which he responds unconsciously (yet nevertheless storing many of these impressions). The Moon, that is the form nature, blocks and veils these impressions from revealing themselves as it would be extremely disturbing to have total access to the collective astral plane without the properly structured tools of perception. The construction of the ~tools~ for the channeling of awareness is within the province of Vulcan.

    The various levels of the permeating energies of Vulcan, Uranus and Neptune through the Moon, as representative of the past and the formative nature, are quite important. This is especially so to those working upon the Fixed Cross. We are moving through the illusions of the Moon, trying to perceive beyond the maya of preconditioned forms of body, mind and emotions, and into the reality that is Love/Wisdom.

    Neptune is operative when the Disciple is switching from the Fixed Cross to the Cardinal Cross. Its function is to dissolve the sense of separateness whilst maintaining the sense of individualised Self-hood. Neptune, in this respect is connected to that process which we might call the ~redemption of life form~ and the bathing of matter in ~The waters of the Life~, which is, Love. This connects the Moon, the Fourth Ray, and the Fourth Kingdom (Humanity), to the nurturing substance of the Mother, and reveals yet another facet of Neptune’s esoteric rulership of Cancer.

  • Re: Moon veiling Vulcan: Virgo's esoteric ruler

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    Virgo, the Virgin

    Christ in You the Hope of Glory!

    In Virgo, the energy of self-awareness generated in Leo now becomes more internally directed. The quest is then about brooding on dimly sensed spiritual realities, staying with these over a period of time, and giving them a place to grow. As the Christ stated, "Love one another as you love yourself." So first one must love themself, then love others ... self-love is essential and precedes loving others.

    In Leo, the personality has become fully integrated and is made ready to begin the process of coming under the influence of that greater guide, the Soul. In Virgo, the purpose for which the form has been created begins to be realized and now desires to shift from personality satisfaction toward the more internal yearning to know and understand spiritual reality.

    Assigned to serve and guide the race of humanity, Virgo is the spotless queen of heaven and the mother goddess of nature who has never been touched by man, and yet is pregnant with myriad creatures that are to be born from her divine body.

    The ancient myths tell us Virgo, the Harvest Mother, was the first goddess assigned to serve the earth through the guiding of our peoples. Given to serve humanity she brought to them her sacred gift of love, the birth of the Christ consciousness in the human heart. As Virgo sadly surveyed the rampant desires and fears of those around her, she realized the gift she brought, the energy of love, had no receptacle as yet to grow in human form.

    Knowing the cyclic nature of all things, she reluctantly withdrew her life-giving instruction when her appointed time cyclicly ended. (Her influence upon earth some 12,000 years ago, when Virgo was on the vernal equinox point, March 20, was seen through humanity’s dramatic shift from living as hunters and gatherers to becoming cultivators of crops.) She understood humanity was not yet ready for her divine gift ~ the consciousness of love. Knowing this, she tearfully turned her back on the human race and withdrew from the earth to take her place in the heavens.

    Virgo is about allowing the soul to grow and emerge, finally giving birth to the Christ consciousness, or full soul awareness, in its polar opposite Pisces. Virgo symbolizes depths, darkness, quiet and warmth, symbolic of the womb and hence, associated with the "cave experience." Slow, gentle, and powerful crises and development occur here in the dark, ultimately leading to light. (The three earth signs all deal with light in some way. The light of knowledge found in Taurus gives way to the light of wisdom gained in Virgo, culminating in the light of initiation in Capricorn.)

    The Virgin, the giving and loving mother, represents matter and the form, and in this sign the hidden divinity of each is nurtured and shielded until the gestation period is complete. There is an action component of Virgo, in that to truly prepare and nurture oneself to embody spiritual awareness, both inner and outer action is required. All of one’s efforts must be bent towards achieving this goal. The exacting, analytical mind of the Virgo native is perfect for this, with its compulsion to achieve perfection, and extreme attention to detail. As such, Virgo is the focal point for the expression of Active Intelligence, the highest function of mind working through matter.

    Again we see the mother of the world aspect of Virgo demonstrated in its glyph ~ three vertical lines running through it, representing the three feminine aspects ... Eve, Isis and Mary. Eve is childless and represents the mind aspect of humanity; Isis, the emotional nature, and Mary, physical plane experience ... only Mary actually holds an infant in her arms in the religious art of the ages. She is the Virgin Mother, providing what is needed for the expression of the growing soul within. Esoterically, Virgo is the Cosmic Mother because she represents cosmically the negative pole to positive spirit.

    The Labour of Hercules deals with two women in the task of Virgo ~ taking the girdle of the Amazon queen, Hippolyte, and rescuing Hesione from a monstrous sea serpent. The first job he bungles badly, and kills the queen despite her efforts at peace and to assist him. The girdle had been given to her by Venus, queen of love, and represents unity achieved through struggle and conflict, and also is a symbol of motherhood and of the sacred Child. Hercules murdered the queen unnecessarily and then redeemed himself with the heroic rescue of a stranger, putting his life on the line to do so.

    Some writings interpret the queen’s intention to be lacking a sense of love or unity in her interaction with Hercules, merely following orders from a superior and possibly provoking Hercules's anger. Also the Amazons worshipped the moon (the form) and Mars, god of war, and perhaps experienced this crisis as an evolutionary prod to embody the concepts of love and peace the girdle symbolizes.

    In fact, tolerance of others and their ways can be a real challenge for those born in Virgo. Ruled by Mercury for average humanity, Virgo’s attentiveness to details often veils the big picture ~ and the heart of things ~ allowing over-analysis to tear down the goodwill and unity represented by the girdle. Venus rules Virgo for advanced humanity, reinforcing the connection to the girdle’s qualities of love and peace.

    The brightest star in Virgo, Spica, means the ear of corn, again tying in the concept of nurturance associated with this sign. We receive sustenance from this constellation. As we progress around the Great Wheel of the zodiac, Virgo’s frequency stimulates us to "feed our Soul" through the qualities of introspection and eventually, service to others, the natural outpouring of one coming under the influence of their own Soul.

    The power of the sign of the Virgin is the fertility of nature, and she is shown holding in her hand a spike of grain with five kernels (in occult teaching, five is the number that represents humanity). Interestingly enough the Great Attractor, the point in the heavens and toward which all galaxies appear to be moving, is located in the belly of the Virgin. Even science verifies the powerful, magnetic influence this place has upon all matter.

    We achieve unity with the Virgin when we allow the Christ consciousness, that of love, to be born in the cave of our hearts (the cave represents the depth of matter itself). As love manifests itself more fully within ourselves, we naturally follow its light into fuller service and a wiser understanding of the plan on earth. And when this occurs, we are on our way to becoming divine sons and daughters of God, working through matter on the physical plane.

    In the mystic world, the Virgin is the human soul that, when cleansed of all early dross, then becomes purged and can receive the divine seed from the spirit of God. Virgo is the pregnant, expectant aspect of maternity; she is expecting the divine child in whom both principles of spirit and matter are blended into perfect unity. This child is born in every human life simply by the opening of the heart, and the subsequent desire to lovingly serve those around us.

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