Has anyone experienced a transitting pluto in the 2nd house?

topic posted Mon, May 23, 2011 - 8:34 AM by  Enrico
what did it teach you? how difficult was it? etc

thank you
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  • my natal pluto is in the 2nd house and i'm sure i've had conjunctions between my natal pluto and transiting pluto but i'm not exactly sure when they were (only got into astrology a few months ago). as for what lessons it taught you, the second house is all about money and possessions. I'd say pluto transiting through one's 2nd house could mean either significant financial gain or loss or a feeling of wanting to "break free" from money and possessions and transcend (or the opposite, wanting to hang onto possessions more).
  • I looked at your chart and you also have transiting pluto conjunction your natal neptune. Neptune is the water god and Piesces is associated with Neptune. Neptune is all about illusions, fantasy and cloudiness. With Pluto transiting your Neptune, perhaps Pluto is using his energy (Pluto is about death, transformation, rebirth) to birth or re-birth some cloudy ideas that have been kicking around in your head for a while.
  • [Pluto = Power/Control] + [2nd house: money, possessions] = deconstructing your relationship between power/control and material things.
    Typically, Pluto transit to 2nd house affects your financial status, material possessions, and things you consider valuable. Your personal finances are likely to shift dramatically with the potential of it becoming quite scarce. It's not that Pluto is determined to leave you with nothing -- in the 2nd house, he is determined that you be(come) ultra aware of what material things mean to you -- he will examine very thoroughly the level of your attachment to your money/possessions and will fiercely the limits and reasons for your attachment. The stronger your attachment, the more he'll force the issue. Expect also your system of standards and valuation of self-worth to be thoroughly inspected. For instance: do you spend money to bolster low self-esteem and feel more powerful? Do you let wealth control you; either the wealth of others or your own? How powerless do you feel without your possessions? Do you manipulate others for material gain? Do you use money/possessions to wield power? Do you hoard your wealth/possession or are you generous with it? These are the kinds of questions Pluto asks as it transits the 2nd house.

    Adding on to what Sara said about Neptune: Neptune definitely has the reputation of making things murky and clouding reality with illusions -- yet, Neptune is also the planet of intuition, dreams and creativity, and receptivity, so it's possible the penetrating laser of Pluto in aspect to your otherworldly Neptune may result in having creative 'epiphanies' for realistic [key word: realistic] ways to deal with Pluto's challenging lessons. But be careful not to cling to illusion - be present and avoid slipping into wishful thinking. There is no cheat sheet to Pluto transits -- they aren't fun, they're reality checks: 'seeing through/into' what you don't really need, purging them (no matter how painful) and, most importantly, learning to **let go**.

    If it helps at all, I came across this article about the emphasis on money matters during Pluto transits in the 2nd (and 8th) house:

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