The Super Galactic Centre and Precession

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I started the Divine Science? topic to ask if some of you have a vision upon why tropical and sidereal astrology are both empirically valid.
Zane alluded to the relationship between the Zodiac, The GC and the Super Galactic Centre as being a factor in this. Unfortunatly my curiousity transcends my knowledge, there are some interesting takes on it on the internet...but nothing conclusive. So I ask once more...Zane, anybody...what is the connection?

Meanwhile, I found a fascinating article by Michael Erlewine, perhaps it will spark conversation:

Our Milky Way Galaxy is a member of a yet larger structure containing many tens of thousands of galaxies that cluster together to form a large, rotating, flattened, disc-shaped meta- or Super Galaxy. Our galaxy is located towards the extreme edge of this Super Galaxy and therefore the greatest number of external galaxies that make up our Super Galaxy are all in the same general direction in space with their center at 1 deg 05m 28s Libra in Zodiac Longitude and +l4 deg 54m 03s in latitude. The equator or plane of the Super Galaxy is inclined to our Zodiac by an an angle of about 52 deg (a septile), with the intersection or Line of Nodes to the Ecliptic at l6 deg 21m 06s Aries/Libra (northern node in Aries).

In the illustration, a section of the Zodiac through Virgo and early Libra is shown, where the Super Galactic Plane intersects the Zodiac and some attempt has been made to present the mass of external galaxies in this region, although in fact, there are literally ten of thousands in this area. The greatest concentration of galaxies increases through the sign Virgo, reaching the Super Galactic Center at about 0 Libra, crossing the Ecliptic in the middle of Libra, after which there is a gradual decrease in concentration.

We shall now present one of the most fascinating aspects of the study of cosmic structure that this author has encountered: the center of the Super Galaxy at 1 deg. Libra is almost exactly at a 90 degree angle from the center of the Galaxy at 26 deg Sagittarius. Furthermore, the equatorial planes of the Galaxy and the Super Galaxy are inclined to each other by an angle of about 84 degrees, again, almost a right angle! As previously mentioned, the Galaxy is inclined to the Earth's orbit, the Ecliptic or Zodiac by a sextile, and to the Super Galaxy by a septile, and to each other by a square! In other words, the Cardinal Sign axes are in line with the two greatest superstructures we know.

These superstructures are literally perpendicular to each other with their centers at the zero points of the Cardinal signs. Here is great food for thought in understanding the traditional meaning of the zodiac. Each year the Earth passes through the plane of the Super Galaxy at the Equinoxes and the plane of our Galaxy around the Solstices. The midpoint between these two great planes and centers occurs in Scorpio/Taurus, and it is in these signs that the earth/sun axis moves out-of-line with one great center and begins to form an alignment with the other. This is perhaps added confirmation as to the significance of the Scorpio/Taurus axis in astrology.

Transit Tables

As pointed out previously, the equators of the Galaxy and Super Galaxy are inclined one to another by about a 90 degree angle. A practical result of this is that when one of these planes is directly above us by Meridian transit, the other plane is roughly on the East Point or what is sometimes called the Equatorial Ascendant (a point 90 degrees from the RAMC or Sidereal Time.) Included in this article are tables for all North Latitudes from 0-60 degrees of Meridian transit of the central planes of both the Galaxy and Super Galaxy listed by the Midheaven (M.C.) or l0th house cusp that indicates the point of transit. We list the M.C. rather than the Sidereal Time (RAMC) since most astrologers are more familiar with the location and use of the Zodiac than they are with the Equatorial Coordinates, altlhough it must be understood that calculation of these points is to be done on the Celestial Equator rather than the Zodiac or Ecliptic.

It is traditional to associate the qualities of Sagittarius (the direction of the Galactic center) with Integrity, truth, and religion. The qualities of the Super Galactic Center (associated with Virgo/Libra) such as service care, reflection, and responsibility are not generally regarded as the defining qualities of religion, but are considered to be secondary or accompanying virtues -- the "handmaidens" of Religion.

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    A lot of the locations of Major constellations and how they relate to the Zodiac, literally: which aspects they make to Zodiac evokes a whole other perspective... The GC to the SGC, or ZS ;) 90 degrees: building up... Right now, it just occured to me, i have to investigate as to which degrees they occupy sidereally relating them symbolically to the tropical Zodiac. Thus, Sabian astrology has moved from a fascinating, yet quirky toy into an essential part of figuring out the energery represented by any point in the Zodiac.

    The septile aspect the ZS makes to the Zodiac stunned me..I just rediscovered this aspect and am still marvelling at the beauty of the energy it represents: I never knew the Great pyramid was built at a 51, 8 degrees slope. The postion of the SGC in Libra has completely changed my conception of how the 'wheels' work and interconnect. Our 'perception' of the location of "constellations" and the energetic and symbolic repecercussions of this, reveals the intimate connection of humankind to the stars.

    So...our little solar system, in the periphery of our Galaxy, circumventing the GC...being connected with the last decanate of Sagitarrius...circumventing an even greater centre...subjectively and perhaps even objectively part of the first decanate of Libra: the hub of the wheel. It almost seems warped...askew in a space-time continuum context... Libra part of the Zodiac, a 'local' wheel, but also a lense throught which the ZS energy manifests and relates to the Zodiac. Someone with a scientifc dispostion would point to the inherent absurdity of it...galaxies so remote they could never be part of the constellation, yet our eyes - the radical subjective projection of Man connects them in more ways than we can imagine...

    I have a natural tendency to rationally distill meanings from this think in terms of geometrical patterns, quantifiable relation, even asrological symbology...I feel that this m.o. is rapidly desintegrating...This is on another level...I don't claim to know a lot about physics and esoterica...but now I'm getting glimpses that the former now is confirming assertions of the latter. Our universe is alive...everything is connected, "our" zodiac is part of something else...each part of it relates to the rest of the universe in ways that will shatter our conceptions of the space-time continuum. Astrology is but a nursery rhyme, but a very powerful one.

    Zane eluded to the relationship between the Cardinal points of the Zodiac, the tropical system and the ZS...hub. Alignment will allways be a contentious seeming less pressing, compared to finding out to which plane of consciousness a system relates to.
    Most astrology like Life is experienced as deterministic, while in truth All is connected and influencing each other in one way or another. The not the last station in the emanation-epistrophy which is existence...but more like a mandala alluding to something which is far more subtle and profound.

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