Uranus moving into 8th house

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So what can I expect? Uranus will conjunct my 8th house cusp in pisces in 2 weeks. Moon is in 8th too but too far away still.

Uranus will be 3* away from squaring me sun in gemini. Natally Uranus is in sag in 4th house, opposite mercury in gemini..

Will money fall from the sky?! haha!

Please share your Uranus experiences so I can understand more:)
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    Expect the unexpected. Siriusly. Uranus transits are by far the most difficut to predict as they tend to be timed for unpredictability and a marked acceleration of sorts. In the 8th House, expect the unexpected around areas in your life that have gone stagnant from over-complacency, inertia and/or redundancy. 8th House relates to death and sex and this transit could indicate sexual awakening and/or the sudden death of someone you personally know. In Pisces, there can be a rebirth of imagination and artistic or poetic sensibilities. But mostly it's pretty hard to predict the outcomes for Uranus transits, in my opinion, except maybe you'll experience more freedom than before.
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      Thank you Sherpa for your input.

      I can foresee things happening around me that will force me to relinquish my controlling nature and bringing out the flexibility more. I wonder what kind of sexual awakening I will have :p

      On a more serious note, I saw death in the transits and that's what prompted me to post. But rather, I saw physical death of another more than a metaphysical one. That evoked in me a huge sense of lost and grief even though nothing and probably nothing will happen.

      But maybe I'll get an extra surge to creativity!
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        I have personally known extra surges to creativity coinciding with death by the loss of loved ones. I don't know if that's universal or just my perculiar way of transforming the tragic into the magic.
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          I have read your experiences when you wrote about them and it's good to be reminded that there is that transformation and comfort. It actually hit my 8th house today. Let's just see what it brings. It is time to start working on other things I've been ignoring for a long time.

  • Uranus also rules the intuition, not the quiet gentle all encompassing and compassionate knowing of Neptune, but insights that come in flashes, strokes of genius, Eureka moments when you least expect them. These flashes of intuition are usually highly charged enough for you to get up on your feet to do something about it although the circumstances may not be conducive.

    I think being really sensitive to these signals from very early on could help you in a way prepare yourself for the unpredictable outbursts that Uranus is known for. The unpredictability of Uranus forces you to strain hard at yourself and your own resources to examine and re- examine.

    So basically pay attention at the first sign of rupture before the earthquake and learn to stop, drop, roll with the punches.
  • Funny...we seem to have similar transits at similar times! I've been going through Uranus through 8th for the past 3 years.

    I've just begun researching it, which is what brought me to your thread, and here are some things that have happened (some of which you've heard of before!):

    - Bombarded with credit card debt, loans and sudden expenditures. The problem is taking care of my emergencies with other people's money ala credit cards. So I would be careful with credit.
    - In terms of real estate, which I've heard is also a part of this house, I've never purchased a house, but I can tell you that I've moved a lot and I spend a lot on sudden moves, like when my apt. burned down, and now after my car is totalled, I'm moving again, and using credit to do it.
    - Sidenote: I"m also in my 20s, so kind of an idiot with money, but really, looking at my friends and other people my age, my moves are much more bizarre and costly.
    - Lots of artistic breakthroughs. I had been wondering why the past few years, instead of the years I was actually in school, have been the most fruitful artistically. Considering my transit is also through a house ruled by pisces, what Sherpa said about artistic break throughs is very true. And mine are so bizarre- I come up with weird ideas, and the more time passes in this transit, the more free I feel about writing about sexual/psychological things.
    -Psychologically, I've become so much freer.I was a repressed kid and very shy, and the past couple of years I just feel like these psychological issues aren't taboos, but just a fact of life, and I'm becoming less and less self-concious about expressing them.
    - Sexually, I've had random and sporadic sexual experiences, which could also be an age thing, however, my "lovers" tend to disappear very quickly. And in charts I've looked at of people I'm close to, Uranus transiting 7th or 8th seems to create quickie sexual/romantic experiences. So maybe you'll experiment in short spurts?

    In terms of death, I'm also kind of scared because my moon is in this house. I'm really scared for my mom. I'm a cancer (cusp with gemini, leo asc), and so is she (cusp with leo with a pisces moon), so we have a really calm closeness. I have about 4 more years of this transit, so lots of anxiety there. I'm trying not to think about it, and cherish the time I'm about to spend with her by moving home.

    I also have uranus in the 4th house- -ummm...are we like, the same person?? If you have an aries moon I will be really freaked out!
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      I guess it's because we're both leo rising :) I wanted to update this thread last week but got lazy.

      Well, shortly after Uranus moved into my 8th house, my boyfriend and I moved into a flat of our own. Shared resources. So far everything is good. Learning to share and move around one another. Working out money plans and everything.

      "Sidenote: I"m also in my 20s, so kind of an idiot with money, but really, looking at my friends and other people my age, my moves are much more bizarre and costly. "
      I'm very careful with credit and make sure I pay my bills on time. I have one final payment for the school loan this september. I'm learning to spend wisely and saving. So far, my money situation is always tight because of school fess but maneagable.

      Nothing drastic save my parents going through a divorce which I'm personally happy about though it may not be so favourable for my younger sisters. The divorce has led me to revive many unfavourable memories of my childhood - and I think a huge transformation/death of things past is in hand.

      As for creativity, I've been transitioning between genres and it's been on the low side. But I'm doing well in school and hope to graduate very well next year. At work, it's been a challenge to be creative and still commercial at the same time. All in all, things are going well even though I have to continually put in a lot of hard work and be EXTREMELY mindful about my actions whether it's professional, emotional or material.

      "Sexually, I've had random and sporadic sexual experiences, which could also be an age thing, however, my "lovers" tend to disappear very quickly. And in charts I've looked at of people I'm close to, Uranus transiting 7th or 8th seems to create quickie sexual/romantic experiences. So maybe you'll experiment in short spurts? "

      Well, I was having fun having casual relationships until I met my boyfriend a year ago. I got together with him because he is an emotionally stable and mature man, and we're both on the same growth path. We understand each other despite having murky communication sometimes. There are challenges but there are also many good things about being committed to him. I don't see Uranus upsetting my relationship. More other matters.


      Ready for the freaky bits?

      I'm a gemini sun, leo rising and aries moon. 8th house too.

      My mum is a pisces sun with a leo moon and we don't get along at all. In fact, my anger issues are largely due to my mother and my childhood with her.
      • lol- seems like you're dealing with these placements better than I am! It's very typical that our mothers reflect our chars, but freaky nonetheless. I saw your chart on your profile, and I too have neptune in 5th and chiron in 10th!

        I'm glad things are working out for you as you enter this transit...looks like you already are freer with your resources in terms of sharing, and in someways you seem prepared for this movement in your chart. And you can look forward to some great sexy times with your bf!
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          I don't know about dealing it better. Just taking one step at a time. What I don't see is a reason to freak out drastically even though I may worry unnecessarily inside. Handling things slowly and making sure that what you do is right by yourself is the best way I guess.

          I don't know if I'm freer with resources but I'm definitely freer in my movements and expression:) In reality, I'm preparing for saturn return in 2 years. A lot of the transits seem to be pointing out what I can face potentially as a problem or a harvest when Saturn return comes around and I want to harvest. I know what I want and I'm getting it. Hopefully. And the only way I see good things happening is through perseverance and awareness. I don't understand the uranian energy very well, but I don't want to let that bother me. Just keeping one eye open (wide enough).

          We do have many aspects in common! You have more squares than I do though and your sun in cancer seem to echo my north node in cancer while my sun in gemini seems to echo your north node. Very interesting! You seem to be handling your transits pretty well too? At least, from what I gathered with our exchange. I'd be keen to find out more about your experience of your natal chart!
          • Handling it well?? I guess, considering that a lot seems to happen and I'm just learning to take it one step at a time. Talking to people here has helped, and learning about Pluto has helped. Also surrendering to life and just not overplanning as I tend to do.
            I think Pluto has also been a big help to me. The pluto on my chart, I mean, the trine one, because it's why I don't fall too easily. You also have the sun trine Pluto and NN trine Pluto, yes? That's pretty powerful and focused on transformation- I doubt anything can get you down!

            As for my chart, the 11th house and the 3rd are the dominant, so I'm pretty much learning how to use communication effectively to reach a lot of people. I used to want to change the world a lot, but my Jupiter in the 5th has kicked in and now I'm trying to help myself before helping others. I was a shy kid also, and very overweight, and overcoming that (I'm not either anymore) has also been a big theme in my life, which south node in cancer so clearly exemplifies lol. My chart is still showing itself since I didn't grow up with many of the more social/creative aspects of it, and they've emerged over time, and I'm still learning. I looked at your incredible artwork, and it's definitely inspiring!

            I think on both of our charts the artistic leanings could pretty much sum it up:
            Hey, it's all material in the end!
  • Uranus is in my 7th house right now :\

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      With transitting Uranus in your 7th House, perhaps you are meeting some very interesting individuals these days. Anyone in particular that just really rattles your cage ?
      • Hahaha, oh I've met quite a handful of whom I thought were *good* interesting people but turned out to be bad:

        1) Libra who faked compassion for me in my life situation and went back and forth in saying he had feelings for me.
        2) Sagittarius who just used me for a bit after I met her when she needed emotional support with having to deal with a horrid relationship and then breakup.
        3) Plenty of Geminis who were interested for .5 seconds in me to date and then disappeared again.

        You could definitely say they rattled my cage, hurhur.

        But, I have also come across a great guy to date who is okay with me dealing with horrid body problems, so that's good at least.

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