Parent and Child Natal Chart Similarities... Coincidence?

topic posted Sun, February 8, 2009 - 5:15 AM by  Samantha
I havn't done too much research on this, primarily cause not many people know what time their parents were born, some don't even know what day! But I've noticed that many people have a very similar natal chart to their parents. For example:

Sun 23 25 Libra 12 H
Moon 10 11 Aquarius 3rd or 4th H
Mercury 2 45 Scorpio 12 H
Venus 7 59 Virgo 10th or 11th H
Mars 0 21 Scorpio 12 H
Jupiter 6 58 Virgo 10th or 11th H
Saturn 0 14 Aquarius 3rd H
Uranus 10 12 Capricorn 2nd or 3rd H
Neptune 14 08 Capricorn 3 H
Pluto 19 05 Scorpio 1 H
Scorpio Rising 12 44

My Mother's:
Sun 12 56 Scorpio 2 H
Moon 24 06 Capricorn 4 H
Mercury 6 06 Sagittarius 3 H
Venus 26 26 Virgo 1H
Mars 10 43 Scorpio 2 H
Jupiter 6 20 Sagittarius 3 H
Saturn 3 29 Capricorn 4 H
Uranus 20 50 Leo 12 H
Neptune 6 54 Scorpio 2 H
Pluto 5 52 Virgo 12 H
Virgo Rising 20 00

I was Born October 17, she was born November 5. My acsendent is her sun and her acsendent is my sun sort of (when libra moon is weak, you look at venus, and mine is in virgo, which bescribes me better than libra even attempts to, lol). We both have a detached moon in our 4th house (house systems differ, bleh), our mercuries are close. We both have venus in virgo, but her 1st house makes it avidly clear on her behalf. Mars in Scorpio - neither one of us have ever won an argument too much more than the other if at all. But since my mars is so close to scorpio, i picked up some good persuasion skills from Libra for my side. Jupiter in a mutable, saturn back at capricorn and aquarius again - the two signs she deems the strangest, lol. neptune in a negative. our plutos are in the 12th house. my mother believes it is just a coincidence, however i find significance behind it. What's more, even though i have my mother's chart almost, i have my father's numerology set-up, lol. we're both a bunch of threes and ones. astrologically though, not very similar - he's an aries, i'm libra. we have mercury in water (his pisces), mars in a fixed sign (his aquarius).
So does anyone else have natal charts like these or noticed this pattern?
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  • I've noticed that myself and all 3 of my siblings have Pluto/Venus aspects... my older brother and I with Venus conjunct Pluto, my younger brother with Venus trine Pluto and my little sister with Venus opposite Pluto. My parents both have Pluto conjunct Sun. 5 of 6 people in my family have Jupiter/Uranus aspects... both parents and 3 of 4 kids.

    I got into the idea of genetic astrology for a little while. Maybe this will rekindle the interest and I'll look again.
    • Those kind of patterns are *very* common I notice. It's very common to have say, your mothers Sun sign, as your own Moon sign, Rising sign, Midheaven, or even, Sun sign, and vice versa; and same rules apply to the father as well. My mother's Rising sign is the same as my Sun and Moon sign, and my venus sign is the same as her moon. My sister's Rising sign is the same as our mother's moon sign, and my sister's moon sign is the same as our mother's venus. My dad's Rising sign, is the same as his mother's Sun sign (Pisces). Plus, me and my father both have Mars in 1st house. My mother's Sun sign is the same as my grandmother's Sun sign (and my mother's Rising sign is the same as my grandmother's moon sign.) Plus, one thing I notice about both my grandparents (from my mother's side), my parents, myself, my sister, and my nephew and niece, is that we *all* have hard aspects (conjunction, square or opposition) from one or more of our personal planets to Pluto (I have Sun and Moon, both my mom and dad: Sun, my grandmother (mother's side): Sun and Mars, grandfather (mother's side): Moon. Sister: Mercury. Nephew: Moon. Niece: Mercury)

      I also notice that on my mother's side, there is a predominance of Air sign births (or the element is strong in the chart; i.e. Sun, Moon, Rising, and/or a cluster of planets are found there) starting, at least, with my grandmother on her side (particularly Gemini and Libra), but on my father's side, there seems to be a predominance of Water sign births (or the element is strong in the chart, i.e. Sun, Moon, Rising, and/or a cluster of planets are found there), starting, at least, with my grandmother on his side (particularly Pisces, there could be more, but I don't know much about my father's side of the family; aside from his Rising, his moon is also in a water sign) Funny, since my chart is dominated *precisely* by both Air and Water - they're just about equal in proportional weight (fire is weak with only one planet, and earth has 2 planets.)
      • it didn't even accur to me to look into generations back XD i feel blonde.... lol

        my mom's side has much water and earth, with a two geminies that i know of (both which commited suicide O_O... ), my dad's side endless fire, but my dad's an aries, mom scorpio, i see the attraction i guess, lol. families can't stand each other though!! lmao. far back on my mother's and father's side both, we cannot find any libras, or even libra influence! zilch. none. virgo, tons. scorpio tons. libra. zilch - til me. but i have libra in 12th house, and it doesn't even really count too much in me, lol. odd thing is is i barely have anything in common with my father or his side of the family, but my mom says i act just like him! roflmao i guess it's the numerology XD
        • With all that, I guess I should add the patterns of the latest generation--from my niece and nephew, to their mother (my sister, obviously.) My nephew shares the *exact* Sun and Rising Sign combo as my sister (plus, his birthday is the day before my sister's.) My niece's Sun sign is the same as my sister's moon sign (plus they both have natal moon in 8th house). My niece's Midheaven sign is the same as my sister's Sun sign. Are all these astrological patterns found in many families coincidental? Hmm...I'll refrain from answering that.
  • NOT A COINCIDENCE! In fact, I strongly believe that this is what gives family members that "striking resemblance"... I too have studied the charts of friends & members of my own family and have noticed this connection between parents & child. ... I'll give you three excellent examples:

    My godson is a Sagittarius Sun/ Gemini Rising... his mother is a Sagittarius Rising, the dad is a Gemini Rising!

    My younger sister is a Cancer Sun/ Sagittarius rising, her son is a Capricorn Sun/ Cancer Rising...

    My best friend is a Leo Rising, her daughter has Leo on the Midheaven

    ....So I think you're totally right when you say the connection is usually between either Sun, Moon or the Angles. But of course the inner planets can play into it too (like in Sam's Case)
  • I always find this topic fascinating! My family has a lot of astrological similarities (as do most, it seems) and, on top of that, my mom shares a birthday with her current husband's father and my dad had the same birthday as my mom's mom, so there's some funny birthday overlap in my family, as well.

    here are just some of our chart similarities. to attempt to clarify my family set-up (because i realize what i wrote was confusing), i have a biological mother, a biological father (deceased), two step-moms, and a recently-acquired step-dad (married to my mom). i just also acquired a bunch of new step-siblings, but i'm not close to them. i am close to my biological sister and my step-brother (the son of the step-mom who was married to my dad), and i am also close to his girlfriend, as she was around a lot while i was a teenager. that step-mom also has a boyfriend she's been seeing for some time now.

    my mom is a pisces sun and my dad had pisces rising. my sister and i have no personal planets in pisces, but we both have a major 12th house emphasis in our charts (my sun/venus/north node and her sun/moon/mercury/venus).

    my sister and i are both taurus suns.

    my sister, mom, and BOTH of my step-moms have cancer rising. (this one always stands out to me the most. that's a LOT of cancer rising. also, my sister has a cancer moon.)

    my dad and my step-dad had/have scorpio moons, as do i.

    one of my step-moms (the one who was with my dad) is a libra sun/aquarius moon. her boyfriend is an aquarius sun. her son (my step-brother) has libra rising (and to add to the airiness, a gemini moon). his girlfriend is an aquarius moon.

    also, my girlfriend was born very near my step-brother's girlfriend, year and all, so they are both virgo suns with aquarius moons.

    finally, i thought it was interesting that my girlfriend and i were each born of a pisces mom and a sagittarius dad.

    • Hi everybody!!
      I tracked the Pluto Moon aspects in my family:

      my sister: Moon trine Pluto
      My brother: Moon CONJ. Pluto
      my mother: Moon CONJ. Pluto
      me: Moon OPP. Pluto

      is for real!!!!
      Pluto - Moon aspects go to one generation to another... i read it from Hades Moon, written by Judy Hall. And often this aspects denote a matriarchy.
  • My mom, dad, and I all have the same rising sign.
    Other than that our charts are very different, however.
    • Unsu...
      I share the same rising degree as my older sister, and my Mum has the same Sun and Moon signs as her (within a few degrees.) I don't know the birth times of most of my family. I My rising degree in Scorpio is quite close to my wife's Moon position, which is very close to her mom's sun, and her Jupiter is right on her dad's Sun position which is very close to my daugher's Moon position.

      There's also some really strong connections between my daughter and my wife's mother which I also share, with my sister thrown into the mix. These involve all four of us either the Sun or Saturn being very close to the same degree in Cancer. My daughter has Jupiter very close to her grandma's Neptune position in late Leo, while I have Saturn close by, and my Neptune in Sag is very close to my daughter's Pluto, which is right where her grandma's Saturn was. All of these relationships are within 3 degrees of eachother.
      My daughter always being told she has a lot of the same mannerisms as her Grandma who passed away soon after she was born.
  • On the money, everyone so far has pointed it out...
    I did a very literal family tree aspect/signage wise and it was pretty awesome
    I suppose DNA and genetics are just the literal/physical expression of life
    Astrology just conceptualises the workings of this...

    Even cooler, is go beyond basic signs and aspects and see how the parents met,
    The dominant patterns in one how it relates to the other, especially transiting at the time...Oh and how subsequent partners are similar to that before, even if they are seemingly different..

    Just a footnote :)
    • Unsu...
      Tiaani, It would be really interesting to see how the planets were when parents met, and how their relationship panned out etc. Through that, we could maybe see why we have the parents we have and what we can give to them.

      "I suppose DNA and genetics are just the literal/physical expression of life" I've thought that the personality is that of the soul, and the physical person is the expression of that.
      • I guess where Astrology is either helpful or undermining, is how people use their findings.

        Whether they accept through Biology - genetic traits, to similar life experiences, to astrological similarities, whatever the tool - that we're never that different from our parents or ancestors. We may want that, or we may act in polar opposite ways, but its the opposite sides of the very same coin.

        If we're all living in this time, we all have the same dormant DNA, just express different characterisitcs more easily due to adaptation that relates to family linkages and memories..

        I often think its when we come to terms with the similarities, as hard as it is, that we can just channel the very similar expressions (whether we like them or not) into the outlets of choice. And that way we feel better about the situation, cease fighting the obvious and move on to do what we want. Then we can mutate and adapt more, but seemingly in ways that 'suit' us better...

        "I've thought that the personality is that of the soul, and the physical person is the expression of that"
        There is a fine invisible line (at most) between physical and non/physical - often I don't see a difference.

        So physicality - in very real/solid structure as well as emotional charge (hormones/nerves), is a perfect representation and in direct proportion to the personality/soul/*whatever word fits here*

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