Astrology Proof. Capricorn celebs

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So I've been confused about whether or not to believe in astrology. If I was just believing it and imagining it, or if I had proof that it was real. My gut feeling told me to keep searching, and randomly I've come across something remarkable. I downloaded Stellarium to see exactly where the planet was and which sign it was exactly in. Unlike tropical astrology it doesn't use the astral body, it shows you exactly where the planet is in, and in which sign(I meant .. planet, sun, moon, etc). I find this more accurate, especially because that is how the ancients do it. And why would we change how the ancients did astrology, right? Why coordinate it to the equinoxes when we as humans don't even know the future or the 4 seasons, especially with the how fast our climate and earth changes. anyways, Stellarium just pin-points things exactly HOW THEY ARE. Which is pretty much how it shows up with Sidereal astrology, and the such....

anyways that is just some background info...
So even with that, I was debating tropical vs. sidereal(or pinpointing w/ Stellarium). I love stellarium its awesome btw.

I have very psychic insights.
Tropical I am Aquarius Ascendant, Virgo Sun, Aries Moon, Leo Mercury and Venus (4 or so planets retrograde)...
awhile ago I thought I looked more and acted like a Capricorn Ascendant and Leo Sun, and being as letting go, forgiving, understanding and emotional sometimes by myself and sometimes alone I thought the Leo Sun and Pisces Moon were more fitting. That was sidereal astrology, but at first I was using Indian astrology.
Also. it just seemed more fitting personally and I looked at the actual definitions of each (sun, ascendant/rising, and moon and found out that I had to separate each three instead of combine them like people usually do.)

I've also had some psychic insights before, such as gut feelings, and knowing someone was near when, etc... I always seem to know what people are thinking through because I can see the many viewpoints. Ok so enough of that. Just some background info. I've been into this for a while as you can see. And just following my hunches.

Who has watched these 3 Awesome SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? haha
1)Vampire Diaries w/ NINA DOBREV playing character Elena
2)The Secret Circle w/ SHELLEY HENNIG playing character Diana
3)Victorious w/ VICTORIA JUSTICE playing character Tori

I first started watching vampire diaries... Now all these characters I notice all look alike. I knew when I saw them they had to be Capricorns. I just knew it! Its not just a feeling its just something you know. I just knew it. Now in reality Tropical astrology only gets Britt Robertson and Nina Dobrev as capricorns. Unfortunately Victoria Justice in tropical is a Pisces. And so I ruled out Tropical Astrology...

Right when I saw the secret circle I decided to check it out for the first time. And this is when I was starting to give up on astrology and think that it was just something dumb. And I'm still searching, for more answers,(although I have to admit I've been showing less and less interest in it since it doesnt have much to do w/ reality)... I finally was led into my psychic realm. Its almost when you know something, that when you go to check, you aren't as shocked, its like.. "oh yeah well I already KnEwww that, so yeah no biggie"... But just to have that sort of "evidence" is pretty cool... So when I looked on Stellarium. Entered all three of there birth dates, ranged times from 12 midnite to 11:59pm (since I didn't know there birth times), turned off the atmosphere settings on stellarium so it was just the night sky, and turned on the cool connect the dots lines to each of the signs.. I was amazed to find that all 3 of these celebrities has a MOON in Capricorn. Yes! I knew it!

How did I know?
They all look like triplets from another mother.

I forgot what there sun signs were, I think two were aquarius and one something else, sag. i think? I'll post that later. Pretty cool huh? Just by looking at there looks. And also because I am a Capricorn ascendant so I know capricorn. Also my two grandparents are capricorn sun signs(deff not Aquarius sun signs like Tropical astrology says..definitely not)... I could tell by there personality too. They sounded smart, a little more serious, caring but in a serious way, smart, studious. Also very long arms, a little bony(since capricorn rules the skeleton, a little devilish, small faces, brown round eyes, arched eyebrows, long brown hair, and similar body structure w/ arms, legs, etc..) Upper leg goes out a bit, inner calves curve in and to the side and long and well you just have to have an eye for the capricorn and the body structure..... Here are pictures.

nina dobrev (vampire diaries)

victoria justice (victorius)

shelley hennig (the secret circle)

i'm not saying I TOTALLY believe in this. But its just too weird. I've been getting these insights. And then again it could just be a coincidence that I noticed the personalities and looks of all three of these random girls over a span of months and just randomly decided to look them up on stellarium and found out they all have capricorn moon signs. Could be just my imagination... ?..... or ..
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    Thu, December 15, 2011 - 6:51 AM
    Hi, Kendra,

    One thing we know about Astrology: It is an ANCIENT field of knowledge. It is the Ancestor of Astronomy, and for that, it deserves respect. There is also a Shamanic type of Astrology, practiced by our tribal ancestors who did not commit it to writing.

    People have always studied the stars and offered their own interpretations. Astrology works on a system of Correspondences: As Above, So Below. That's from the Egyptian, Thoth, in his "Emerald Tablets." For me, it depends on the interpretations of individual Astrologers. Some, I agree with. Others, I do not.

    There are some very cool Astrologers around in this day and age: A couple of my favorites:

    CAROLINE CASEY: "My astrologer friend Caroline Casey says, “Believe nothing. Entertain possibilities! Astrology is not a belief system; it is a [symbolic] language of the dynamic interplay between our interior life and the exterior world.” All we can do in the face of the immensity of life is to entertain possibilities. Why not imagine, for a moment, that these possibilities exist? That we are connected to our planet, to our solar system, to our galaxy, to each other. Scientists know that we are affected by the Solar cycle of sunspot activity as well as by the Moon's cycle. And did you know that most of Western civilization's greatest philosophers and scientists were also astrologers? Check it out for yourselves. "

    ROB BRESZNY: "His most recent work derives its name from the concept of pronoia, a term John Perry Barlow defined as "the suspicion the Universe is a conspiracy on your behalf."

    Some other Astrologers I like are: Eric Francis, Jonathan Cainer, Gloria Star, Jenny Yates, Ffiona Morgan....there are so many!

    Here's a site for Celebrity Astrology you might like:

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