folklore fish

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A certain bone in the head of a fish will bring good luck, if kept on your person.

A crawfish pinching one of your toes will not let loose until it thunders.

Carry on your person the precious stone from the head of a crawfish and you will have good luck.

If you blow your breath into a goldfish jar, the fish will die.

If you have goldfish in the house, you will be ailing all the time until you get them out.

It causes bad luck to keep goldfish in the house.

Keep a piece of oyster shell in your pocketbook for luck and money.

Minnows come by spontaneous generation.

Never let anyone give you a goldfish or you will have bad luck.

Sometimes fish fall during a rain.

The bone in the head of a white perch is especially lucky, if carried by a fisherman.

There is a precious stone in the head of a crawfish.
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