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back a few years ago I was talking to a tribal friend of mine we all called him trinket I think he is sue he lives in LA. now.we call him trinket
because he makes the most wonderful traditional northeastern tribal trinkets I have ever seen really very nice stuff.Any way we all know that the tribal historys predate written documentation in the form of legend and word of mouth folk lore. I rilly love the old stories some of them give me visions and chills,the story I want to talk about is a old one it goes back to the ages of darkness....Once apon a time the world was full of demons they lived in vast tribes from coast to coast ,there was red and black demon tribes .One day some star people
arrived and became so disturbed by all they thought was evil, they vowed to kill every demon with there advanced weapons technology
and star ships.After killing a great majority of the red and black demons a god made him self known to the demons that were left and taught them a ritual to shapechange in to people like you and me who the starmen did not want to kill.there were a couple of demon tribes named in the story I will only name a extinct one the aclascik tribe and I hope I spelled that rite.The aclascik tribe were red demons in
a morph state ,some times they were known to come out of there shapeshift and dance in there village but the rest of the time they
looked like people as I was told there chieftains name was dancing bull and the very last of a vast tribe of red demons that once ruled
the north eastern sea board .I love that story it gave me visions of star ships and red demons ,there is a old saying I think from coligious
it sead the truth is like a kiss on the cheek and a lie is like a slap in the face .I can really feel the kiss on the cheek when it comes to tribal
stories from trinket....thanks your friend..john
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