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can anyone tell me when orula is suppose to be taken care of?also,what adimus are basic for orunmila?
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  • Arent you suppose to take care of him once a week on Mondays , you blow smoke and aguardiente , im not sure , just what ive seen from my brother but i might be getting confused with elegua , orula might be once a month ill ask my brother and post later
  • Iboru iboya iboshishe

    Orula does not require weekly adimu or offerings like the warriors. When taking care of your Orula, you should take down the batea and take some epo (manteca de corojo) in your hands, then pick up the ikines and rub them gently between your palms in front of your face.

    While you anoint the ikines, pray to Orula for health and wisdom; not money, not brujeria, not any of the daily concerns, but only health and wisdom.

    DO NOT touch the ikines if you have had any sort of sexual contact within the past 24 hours. It is important to be pure when touching the actual ikines, although the polvera may be touched at any time that you could wear elekes.

    All of this and more should have been explained when you received your mano de Orunla.


    Ogbe Di

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