Baldarchy 1/20/06 Taking Back The Night

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What is it about Bald that makes you want to touch it, or shave your own pate toute suite? What
makes you wanna run out and buy a Gillette? What is it about that bald guy that makes you wonder, "why is he better than me?"

Bald is the new black and we are taking back the night.

Please join us in depilitated form on January 20 at the Bal-Mar Lounge, 5449 Ballard Avenue, at 9pm. Ballard has Bal...d in it,
we're doing it there en masse. One shiny, polite, tripping, drunken

Bald Grrrls always encouraged. And girls who are friends of The Bald (you know you are).

Once you've had bald, you never go back.

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