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Srimad Baba Balia of Sishu Ananta Ashram is a great saint who through the marvels of his spiritual power, divinity, abstract devotion, unfathomable wisdom, universal love, sympathy & compassion has conquered the heart of thousands not only in the state of Orissa but also in the remote corners of the country. Baba was born in April 1954 from his blessed parents Sri Sachidananda Mohanty & Basanta Devi of village Arilo. Bestowed with many God gifted virtues from very childhood, Bichitra Nanda (the family name) developed antipathy & aversion for the wordly life & bondage. Pitiable sights of miseries, poverty, disease, destitution tormented the young boy so much that he often felt unhappy & was stricken with grief. On the bank of river Paika very often he would go & sit pensively drawn within himself absolutely indifferent to his surrounding close by. Agitated or angry often he would wail over “who am I ?” People around both at home & outside world feel baffled at this strange question of the young boy. Only at the tender age of seventeen he left his home & family for ever & started his rigorous & ardous journey into the spiritual world that took him several years to attain ‘Sidhi’ or perfection in his divine goal. In 1970 during his visit to Lord Jagannath at Puri, near the sacred pillar “Garuda Stambha” thrice in the air he heard the name Balia uttered. It struck him as though a commandment that he be known as ‘Balia here after. Bichitranand’s transformation into Balia was thus ordained by God & is known since then in sacred name ‘Baba Balia’.

From within the ant hill mound hymns like “Jaya Sishu Ananta Rajaram, Jaya Satya Sanatan Kalki Ram” would be heard often. From then, this hymn or prayer is accepted as “Nam” of Lord Sishu Ananta in Ashram. Balia one night dreamt Lord Sri Chaitanya commanding him to recite the name “Nitai Gour Radheshyam, Hare Krushna Hare Ram”. These twin Namas are the principal hymns of the Ashram; Baba Balia has intense love and regard for the ideals of “Namacharaya Srimad Baya Baba” whom he has accepted as his Manas Guru (Mentally accepted mentor) in later years in his spiritual discourses he most often quotes the ideals and teachings of Baba Baya.
The ideology, teachings & messages of Srimad Baba Balia are very much appropriate for the present time and provide proper guidance and direction to ideally build up a family, the society and the nation at large. Universality of religion and respectful tolerance of every faith and path are the prime concern of Sri Baba’s mission. He has highest regard, recognition & adoration for all religions, incarnations, great mentors & saints. When Baba Starts enchanting his religious discourses he always offers the Adya Bandan (Beginning Prayer) giving reverential salutations to all of them. His mission of life is to work for the harmony among all religions by practising the ideals of Srimad Bhagabat Geeta. Baba says that though there are differences in religions, the ultimate aim of all is to reach at the eternal truth. Love & respectful tolerance conquer the world but hatred, dislike, intolerance breed jealousy. All perverted and dangerous misconception of religion must have to be set at rest. Religion must serve as a strong force of unity and never be cause of chaos & disruption among people. Essence of religion is to create harmony, peace, tolerance in individuals, families, societies, nations and human race at large. Religion is the only effective antidote to all forces of disruption and disharmony that destroys the delicate human relationship. Hence religion must have universal approach rising above every conceivable & artificial consideration of caste, creed, sect, country, nations and like. Religion must teach only one truth that is all humanity is one but a great family. Baba gives stress upon the two basic factors.

- The Pancha Tattwa (Five theories)

- Chatur Mahasakti (Four great elementary power)

The five theories are:

1. The Geeta

2. Samanwaya (Universality)

3. Seva (Service)

4. Jagannath Cult

5. Paribesh (Environment)

Four Great Shaktis:

These four great shaktis are personified in the four Goddesses of Hindu pantheon.


She represents the peasant folk and is deemed to be the sustainer of life, material progress and prosperity of the mankind.


She stands to represent the teachers community. The embodiment of all higher and nobler pursuits of wisdom and learning and academic excellence.


She stands to represent the physicians calling. She is the destroyer of all evils and saviour of the pious. Good health and sound psyche is her domain.


She represents the warriors community symbolizing in her the spirit of patriotism, valour, sacrifice and peace. She hunts out all distress and calamity that might befall mankind. RSS Feed what is XML?

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