alcohol cock injection

topic posted Fri, January 25, 2013 - 10:39 AM by  Michael
Wer hat damit erfahrung, was sind die auswirkungen.
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  • There is a lot more blood flowing through your penis then through your balls and the area where you inject into your balls has no open blood flow. I think you might end up with blood alcohol poisoning if you injected it into your penis.
    Google translate...Es gibt eine Menge mehr Blut fließt durch Ihren Penis dann durch die Eier und die Gegend, wo Sie in Ihre Bälle zu injizieren keine offene Blutfluss hat. Ich glaube, Sie könnten am Ende mit Blut-Alkohol-Vergiftung, wenn Sie es injiziert in den Penis.
  • Just did ny 3rd, my dicks been hard for three days, my balls are t witching, anyone have any suggestions? I thought it was supposed to disconnect hthe felings but it had intensified them
    • Unsu...
      I have read a lot of posts but none by anyone doing alcohol injection into their penis.
      I have heard of injecting lidocaine into the penis to get a long lasting numb dick.
      Unless you have a verifiable source that this won't cause some kind of very undesirable side effects it might be better to not do this.
      If there are a lot of independent postings over a long period of time from different web sites where alcohol injections into dick did something positive then I might believe it. Otherwise, i would be skeptical and not do it. In addition a long term erection can permanently damage your dick and its ability to ever get erect again.
      • From my experience I can not recommend it.
        If you do not hit the dorsal nerve directly (which could be the only aim) you would end up in necrosis and lose at lease some parts of your penis.
        Depending on the point of injection it could be more or less or even everything.

        No need to risk that.

        I only read one positive post about a numbing trial for the dorsal nerve. That only worked out, as hitting the nerve has been indicated by electric current. If you hit any blood vessel, which is pretty probable the above described scenario sets in.
      • You really don't want to inject into the penis. Injecting into the testical is one thing, there is not open blood flow there, where is the penis is nothing but open blood flow. You wouldnt want to inject alcohol into the blood stream directly as this could lead to alcohol poisoning.

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