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A friend of mine had started getting his hair cut at a different place, one of those old-fashioned barber shops that looked like something out of the 1950s. After a few months of going there, he convinced me to try it too. He wanted me to go over there with him, but i didn't have time during the week so i went there on a Saturday afternoon.

i didn't like the place at first - it looked too old. Linoleum floors, old chrome-and-vinyl waiting chairs, the old-fashioned kind of barber chairs, and the place smelled like Old Spice and shaving cream and old cigar smoke. The metal blinds on the front window were partially closed, casting stripes of light and shadow across the floor. But my friend had said this barber was really good, so i figured i should give it a try.

There was only one barber there and he was just finishing up his client before me. Very close cut, a kind of modified high-n-tight, and a shave. The guy thanked him and paid him. As the customer left i noticed he was looking pretty good in jeans and a tight-fitting muscle shirt and boots, and had called the barber "Sir." i thought maybe he was military or something - with that powerful build and the combat boots and the short haircut, and calling the barber "Sir" and all. And he was really respectful and deferential too, kept his head down and barely looked me in the eye as he walked by.

The barber looked over at me and tapped his chair. He was a big guy, 6'4 or so, hairy and beefy. His arms were massive, and i could see the marks of old tattoos on his hairy forearms. He was wearing one of those retro-style bowling shirts over a tshirt, but i could see his chest hair over the collar of the shirt. And the shirt looked at least one size too small, because it did nothing to hide his powerful chest and flat stomach. Massive biceps and shoulders. He was in his late 40s or so, with a closely trimmed dark full beard, and his head was shaved. He was chewing on a big cigar, its thin trail of smoke wafting lazily up into the air. Kind of intimidating, actually.

"Well?" He said in a deep voice, talking around the cigar. "Not changing your mind are you, son?" His smile took the sting out of the words as he shook out a haircutting cape.

i shook my head and came over to the chair and sat down. He put the cape around me, and i could feel the heat of his body as he stood close to me. He combed through my hair a few times, his big hands on my head. Then he asked, "So what kind of cut were you thinking of?"

i remembered my friend said that this guy was a really good barber and knew what kind of cut looked good for each man. my friend had gotten his hair cut a lot shorter than he used to, but i had to admit it looked good. my own hair was kind of long, not quite down to the shoulders but still definitely longer than what would be considered executive or military.

i swallowed, feeling this big hairy muscular bear of a man standing over me, looking down at me. The tip of his cigar glowed red. i didn't know what to say. "Uh..." i couldn't think, "my buddy said you're really good at picking a good hairstyle, so..." i couldn't believe i was saying it, "whatever you think would look best."

i could have sworn the barber stepped just a little closer. His physical presence was overpowering. His bicep muscles and his chest flexed as he raised his arms and combed through my hair again. "So. A referral, eh? Don't worry, son, I'll take good care of you. When I'm done with you, you'll want to come back again and again."

i realized my cock was hard. i was a little shocked. His voice, his muscles, the beard, the shaved head... it was all a bit much. i was beginning to regret this. What was i getting myself into?

He reached to the counter behind him and got a spray bottle and started spraying my hair to get it damp. As he was combing through it again, he put the bottle back and got a different spray bottle. He sprayed the front of my hair, and some of it got on my face. it was cold like water but it had a sweet kind of smell to it. "Oops, sorry about that," he said.

As he continued to comb through my hair, i began to notice the sweet smell more. Also the smell of his cigar. i began to feel a little sleepy and lightheaded. my head sank back against the headrest. "That's it, son, just relax," the barber said. "I'll take real good care of you."

i was really really relaxed and could hardly move. He lowered the back of the chair so my head went all the way back and my neck fitted into a groove in the sink behind the chair. Then he got my hair wetter and started shampooing me, working his strong fingers all over my scalp. It felt amazingly good, so relaxing. i opened my eyes a couple of times and he was looking down at me intently, his body right next to my head. His big, massive, muscular body. His big powerful chest, his strong arms, his strong hands massaging my scalp. Even though i felt kind of sleepy and didn't want to move, i could feel my heart beating fast, and my cock was so hard that it was almost painful.

The cape slipped sideways, and as the barber pulled it back across my body, one of his hands brushed across my crotch, and i'm sure he must have felt my erection. He just looked in my eyes and nodded slightly and began rinsing off my hair, drawing on his cigar again to make it glow bright red.

Once he had my hair washed and toweled mostly dry, he raised the chair back upright. More spray, more of that sweet smell, and my head was almost spinning. my cock was throbbing. He stood behind me, and i could feel his massive body right there, so close to me. He reached around and pulled my head back. i realized that he had removed the headrest, and my head was now resting against his body, right about at his solar plexus. i could feel his hard flat stomach muscles. He looked down at me for a moment, then reached behind him for the comb and scissors.

i don't remember much detail about the haircut... my head was buzzing and i was feeling pleasantly drowsy. But also sexually aroused. i could feel the heat coming off of his body in waves. More than once he had my head resting against the bulk of his body as he cut my hair. And kept cutting, and kept cutting. i wasn't sure how short he was cutting it, but right then i really didn't care. i just liked the feel of him, the smell of him, the hypnotic sound of the scissors, the rhythm of the comb and the cut, lifting the hair away from my scalp and cutting, lifting and cutting, lifting and cutting, over and over. He stopped occasionally to knock the ash off the end of his cigar, but never said a word. More than once he sprayed my hair to keep it damp, and sometimes it accidentally got in my face again and i could smell that warm, sweet smell that kept me relaxed.

Finally he finished the cut. He stepped away and i heard sounds behind me. He pushed my head forward and i could feel the almost-burn of hot shaving cream on the back of my neck. Then there was a flash as one of his hands passed by my vision - he had an old straight-edge razor. He stepped to the side of the chair and pulled my head against him to brace me, then used the razor to trim up the sideburn and above the ear on the opposite side. Then he switched sides to even it out. Then he shaved the back of my neck. The razor was chill, but moved smoothly in small strokes.

my cock was so hard and throbbing that i realized it was actually oozing precum. i think i moaned a little bit because i was so horny, because he leaned his head close to mine and said in that deep voice, "Everything okay, son?" i could feel the heat of the cigar close to my head... i could feel the heat of his body close to me, his hands on my shoulders.

"Yes... yes Sir," i said. "I just..." i blushed, embarrassed to admit that it was turned on. "It just feels good." Sir. i had called him Sir. i never called anybody that. What was i thinking?

After he finished shaving the back of my neck, he wiped off the last of the shaving cream and then removed the cape and snapped it to get the hair off. Then he put some bay rum on his hands and rubbed it in. His big hands worked down the sides of my neck to my shoulders as he rubbed and worked the muscles. It felt so good that i relaxed back, not really caring that i was leaning against his body again. His hands worked my shoulders and deltoids, then moved around to the front and he gripped my pecs, his powerful hands flexing and squeezing the muscles. Then his hands moved back up to my neck. i moaned again, because it felt so good, and i could have sworn that his fingers brushed my nipples at one point. it made my cock twitch. i was so horny i could barely control myself.

"Well," the barber said, "I think that just about does it." He stepped back and rotated the chair so i could see in the mirror. He stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders. "So what do you think?"

i was surprised at the cut. It was a lot shorter than i was expecting, but he had done a good job. Closely cut up the sides and a little longer on the top, kind of like a high-n-tight but a little longer. And it did look really good on me. And he looked really good standing there behind me, his hands on my shoulders. i looked up at him. "Thank you Sir," i said, "it looks great!"

He clapped his hands on my shoulders. "I think eventually you could go even shorter. But we'll take it in increments. Just a little bit more each time." He leaned in a little closer, and i smelled his fragrant cigar again. "But for now, you're right where you need to be, aren't you, son." He turned the chair around again and i stood up. i felt a little woozy, almost too relaxed, and he gripped my arm to steady me. His voice was low and close to my ear. "Yeah, son, you're right where you need to be. I'll take it just a little bit more each time."

i realized there were two other young men waiting for their cuts. i hadn't even noticed them come in. They were both wearing jeans and boots too. One of them was wearing a white wifebeater and the other one was in a plain white t-shirt. They were both powerfully muscular, and both had very short haircuts like mine. They were also both watching me very closely, and one of them was showing an obvious crotch bulge.

i realized they must have seen my entire hair cut experience. The thought that the barber had cut my hair, had his hands on my head, on my shoulders, on my body, while these other men had been watching, they had seen everything... that got me really really turned on. i was breathing faster. i wondered what it would look like, what it would feel like, to watch this big muscular hairy bald-headed barber cut someone else's hair like he had done mine.

As i was paying the barber, he gave me a steady look. "So you think you'll be back, son?" He growled.

i looked back at the other two men who were waiting their turn. Then turned back to the barber. He was so big and tall and strong. Those powerful muscles. i wanted to look like that. i wanted to be like Him. And those other young men, waiting their turn. i liked the look of them. Their muscular physiques, the jeans and boots and tshirts, almost like not wearing a shirt at all. i wanted to be like them, look like them, have this massive powerful man's man work on me like he worked on them. i thought about the big masculine daddy barber with his hands on my shoulders, on my chest, with just a thin tshirt on me... or with no shirt on at all.

i shuddered a little bit and moaned as my cock, finally overstimulated, unloaded in my jeans. i bit my lip to keep from crying out. i was really glad i was wearing underwear. Although i knew the next time i came to visit, i wouldn't be wearing underwear. i would be wearing tight jeans and a tight white tshirt and boots, and the big powerful barber daddy would take care of me again, just like he took care of all his boys.

my body twitched with the last spasms of my orgasm. i could see plainly that the barber knew exactly what had happened, what my cock had done, just by the way he stared at me through the cloud of cigar smoke. i felt embarrassed for a minute, but then he smiled at me, a big warm grin that told me it was okay, his teeth clenching the cigar stub in a way that could have looked fierce, but instead looked approving.

i couldn't look him in the eyes. i looked down shyly. "Yes SIR," i said with feeling. "i'll definitely be back soon SIR." i understood now why the previous customer had called the barber 'Sir', because i felt the same way. In this shop, in this space, the barber was definitely in charge.

He nodded. "The next time, you might want to think about wearing..."

i nodded. "i know SIR."

He gave me my change, and our hands touched. i was getting turned on again. i didn't want to leave. The barber clapped me on the shoulder again. "Good, son. I look forward to seeing you again soon." There was no mistaking the meaning in his voice.

As i walked past the other two customers, i felt them watching me closely. It was embarrassing and exciting at the same time. i kept my head down, just like the previous customer who had left before me. As i went out the door, i heard the barber's voice behind me. "All right, boys, which one of you is first? Daddy's ready for you..."

i smiled as i stepped out of the shop into the sunlight. i knew i would be back to visit Daddy again soon. And again, and again, and again.
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    Tue, December 28, 2010 - 8:52 PM
    Sir, you have found a goldmine, keep going back to that same barber, you will learn something about yourself and that barber. and one more thing , that great cigar smoke WOW!!!!
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    Wed, December 29, 2010 - 2:08 PM
    Have you been back to see that wonderful controller that came into your life last time you sat in his chair, remember the control he had over you, and how much you loved it .
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    Mon, January 3, 2011 - 6:14 PM
    after reading your article for the tenth time , I still dont know how BIG DADDY kept his hands off you , for me it was a reminder of a couple of years ago, amiddle aged (35) guy came into my shop just before closeing , so before starting I locked the door so no more customers, he immediatly picked up the signal of alone , just him and me, before getting in the chair he moved and kissed me on the lips, slipping his tounge into my mouth leaving a warm load of juice , we looked at one another whilst throwing a cape around him, also lighting up a gigar which we began to share , the first time he spoke was when he asked for a high and tight with white walls and a face shave, I laid the chair back into the shaving position made sure his head was comfortable on the neck rest, I left the cigar in his mouth as I ajusted thecape moving it to expose a huge swollen boner sticking up in his pants , i undid his belt and slowly lowered his pants , exposing his giant pleasure rod , I then began the shave hot towels and all, when I began to use the barbers razor , he used his hand to undo my belt , i then steped out of my pants , a contest now who had the biggest boner, he had the softest facial skin ever and it responded to produce a smooth shave, when finished the shave I could not control myself any longer and bent over him and gave him a passionate wet kiss, afterwards I sat the chair upright and relight the cigar, which we shared whilst the haircut appeared, when finished we retired to a room at the rear of the shop , where I massaged him on the bench, I spred his legs and slide a giant dildo into his anal passage, slowly slowly it entered his passage , he went from moaning to a tremble then a cry with a shaking statement of first time !!!!! this pushed me on into a loving careing voice of just relax it wont hurt a bit. he humped and sreamed as he shot his load ejecting for a full minute, I looked down and he had accepted nearly all of the giant, I began to withdraw the love tool ,he slumped in exhaustion on the bench , again I could not help myself I lowered myself into an embrace with him and slipped my hard cock into the fluid drenched anal passage , to my amazment he started to hump on it and i unloaded my fluid load inside his arse, we looked at each other again , and all he said was thank you for being the first
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    Sat, March 19, 2011 - 7:01 AM
    Great story - got me going. I was wondering how it might develop.....

    Maybe after a few haircuts, getting shorter and shorter every time, it would be so good to be relaxing in the chair, Daddy just finished his work, and then casually says 'anything else, Son?' as he looks into my eyes and lights up another cigar. We look into each others eyes and Daddy leans in close, takes his cigar out of his mouth and exhales, looking into my eyes from about 6 inches away. Daddy says again 'anything else, Son?' He can see what's going on in my mind and he can read my eyes. He gives me a quick light spray on my face and I feel good and relaxed. 'Tell Daddy what you would like, Son'.

    My mouth is dry, I'm a bit dizzy. 'Please Daddy, would you...' I can hardly say it. Daddy smiles: 'downstairs Son? down below?' I can sense Daddy's hand on my crotch. Tears are building up in my eyes. 'Yes, Daddy, please Daddy.....' He smiles and offers me the spray again. I nod and he gently wafts it over my face. He places his cigar between his lips and smiles, one hand on my shoulder the other on my crotch. Finally I blurt it out: 'please Daddy, I want to be shaved'. His hands are now lossening my trousers and easing them down.

    Daddy is standing astride me, looking deep into my eyes. 'I know Son, good boy, geoff'. He steps back to pick up the shaving foam and razor. He turns back smiling through a haze of smoke. 'Close your eyes, Son'. I obey and a long burst of Daddy's spray floats down over my face - I feel relaxed, limp, weak, hardly able to move. Daddy's voice seems distant... 'just relax Son, open your legs nice and wide for Daddy... good boy, Geoff.... keep your legs open for Daddy' I feel and hear the clippers buzzing over my pubes.

    My hands grip the arm rests as i hear Daddy's voice in the distance. I sense his fingers massaaging shaving cream into my stubble. 'What would you like, boy?' I feel another burst of Daddy's spray settle on my faceand i hear my own voice, as if somewhere distant: 'Please shave me, Daddy'. My dick twitches in Daddy's hand as the first stroke of Daddy's razor slides over my pubic arch. 'It's OK Son, Daddy's going to make you nice and smooth, Daddy will clean up your shaft for you too' The razor is withdrawn for a moment and gently touches my hole. 'You want Daddy to look after this for you too, Geoff?' All I can do to answer is moan through the haze of Daddy's spray and Daddy's smoke.

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