Forced Haircuts or Shaving

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Anybody else here get real turned on like i do by the thought of forced non-consensual barbering and shaving? id like to hear what your thinking!

i have a fantasy about being tied in a barber chair and a barber gives me a buzz cut or shaves my head against my will. For me its the ultimate in losing control, a Man being powerful enough to take control of me and change the way i look for His pleasure. Then when He lets me go i have to go out in the world with my head shaved and everbody sees me like that. yes my hair will grow back, but for a while at least my body has been marked by someone else, marked in a way that everbody sees and everbody who looks at me knows that my head was shaved. They may not know that it was done against my will but i will know it every time i look in the mirror.

That part of barbering and shaving gets me so incredibly turned on. Anybody else feel this way?
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    You have put my feelings perfectly into words!! The ultimate--- forced submission with a result that everyone will see. Would love to find someone to do this to me. I'd think there's got to be SOMEONE in my area.........???
    • its the forced part of it that is so hot to me. Like i said, knowing that a Man is Dominant enough to decide how He wants me to look and then He just makes it happen whether i want it or not.

      i live in Houston where in a lot of industrys people make assumptions about you based on what you look like. For example, guys with tatts all the way down there arms are going to be thought of as rough dangerous biker types. It means guys with thos kinds of ink arent going to be able to get the same kinds of jobs because people look at them diffrently.

      Having a shaved head is the same way. Around here a lot of people assocate a shaved head on a man with being a blue collar manual labor worker, a rough industrial type or maybe even a skinhead. In Houston you dont see a lot of guys in busness suits with a shaved head, unless they are older men who went bald naturaly.

      So if a Man shaved my head then He would be changing what other people think when they see me, and changing how they react to me based on how i look. That could have permranent effects on my life, my job, etc. Its scary and exciting that somebody could have that much control over what happens in my life, just by tying me down in a chair and taking out clippers and cutting off all of my hair and shaving my scalp.

      i got to feel some of that in the Army, cause all of us boot camp recruits had to get our head shaved. But they let us grow our hair back after that, at least part way. Some guys decided to keep there hair short but most didnt. Still, being in that chair and ahving all these other strangers looking at me while i had my hair shaved off - i threw a huge rod from it!

      Now i keep my head pretty much close cut all the time, like a 1/2 or a 1 clipper cut. But its not the same as having somebody else do it to me while im tied up and helpless.
      • I agree totally with your posting, and it is for a variety of reasons I am into this fetish--first, just the plain & simple masculine aesthetic of it all, that short and shaved haircuts are identified with military, prison, fraternity hazing rituals, and all-male/monastic environments, etc., and the ceding of control to another/others of one's appearance; the uniformity and fraternal brotherhood shared by those with a shaved head or short haircut.

        But I am also, basically, sexually, a submissive slave, so am searching for a master/dungeon situation, where I expect to be marked by a shaved head, the forced wearing of fetish wear, as well mostly being kept naked and frequently in bondage, restrained state of existence.

        I would, ideally, like to become part of a slave stable, in service to a master and bred out to others of my master's choosing, also sharing servitude with a fraternity of slave brothers, including my training by and of them. Ultimately, I would someday like to be master of my own stable of slave boys, but always with the collar of a slave worn to designate my slave heart and eternal service to the master who collars me.

        I also like the feel and look of a buzzed/shaved head, and its complimentary factor with military uniforms, skinhead wear, and leather culture.

        My ultimate sexual turn-on is to be bound and shaved head-to-toe (well, not really the feet or arms, but everywhere else, especially the ass, head, pubes and legs) by a group of young, masculine males; so much the better if the barbers/cutters are straight men in a hazing/humiliation setting, where my holes would be sexually exploited by the entire group during and/or following the haircut/shaving, topped off by a circle jerk/piss on the freshly-shaved & shorn body.
      • I'd love to grab you and shave your head. I'd want you to let it grow out more first so the effect is more dramatic.
        • Why not gently take the beatiful forceful man by the hand, tell him how you feel and that you would enjoy giving him what he would like, as long as he rewarded you with a pleasure that you desire, tell him of your need to be trained togive plesaure. then place him in the barbers chair tie his wrists to restrain him , feel the command statement of head down as you place your hand on his head and start the clippers, feel the power of his silence as he receives his head being shorn bald, feel the ultimate blood rush as the force of being shorn whilst helpless against all odds,what pleasure awaits you (the barber) after this act is one that only you know, and is entirely your pleasure,just think of someone else (a stranger) giving you what you crave most.
      • when he tied you down in the chair ,did you feel the need to fight ?, or did you just accept your fate that this strong person would have his way with you, to mould and shape your mind and body,?, be honest with yourself and ask yourself "did you want this man to come into your life?
    • speaking from the dominate barber, it is a great feeling of control when you tie the victim into the chair then face them away from the mirror, placing your hand on there head and pushing the head forward onto his chest, feeling the victim hold there breath as you start the clippers for there first run up the back of there head, its at this point there is a point of no return, beleive me its the ultimate control , holding there head so they cant sneak a little look, just keep shearing them and when finished cover there head with a hot towel followed by a stropped razor head shave , the control is great
    • the next time that strong hand of the dominate barber pushs your head down , and you strain at the cords on your wrists, holding your breath for the hungry clippers to do there job and mow the back of your head, think how the barber feels as he penatrates your private space, touching , holding and dominating another human who sits in his chair helplessly tied in bondage , receiving his dominance whilst the barber drives home his superioer position, with the ultimate goal of training the submissive person tied in his barbers chair
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    me too
    had one when i was teen and he would tie the thing really tight loved it when he brushed my hand with his crotch and put the chair way back to wash my hair and petted me...
    • The best thing that happens to me is when the barber that shaves me wraps my face in double hot towels, then leaves a part around my mouth, then slips his lips into mine , making me strain at the wrists which are tied to the barbers chair. WOW what a feeling !!!!!!
    • I always enjoy a move by the person tied up in the barbers chair, I love to lay the chair back then secure the persons ankles to the foot rest, then proceed to touch and pamper his raised flesh , stroking and gently lubricating his private parts, if he becomes noisy in his moaning and crying I slip a dummy into his mouth it stays there until he stops moaning or crying, I find they are better slaves and more responsive if you clip a couple of washing pegs onto there ball bag, the good ones accept the pain, the ordinary ones just keep crying as they loose control, its a pleasure to reward the quality slaves with a smooth shave and a good haircut,, the rest you just tighten the cape when cutting and render them to the punishment bench after the barbers chair, they all change after a session of accurate leather strapping, leaving reminders in the form of raised welt marks amide the red bruises, and the sore anal passage from the giant dildo, this punishment is administered by the best barber master (me), they all remember and try to do better next time.
  • I love being tied and shaved bald. my first time was and is unforgettable.
    • ask yourself what is best. your feeling of naked self as the barber ties you into his chair, yes his chair, your on his turf in the position your in the barber can do anything he wants to do with you, the thrill of him starting the clippers and mowing the tied up scalp presented to him by you, his strong hand forcing you to look at your chest,whilst this goes on both of you are aroused and hard on in the swollen flesh dept. , you want the haircut never to finish, the barber wants you back in his chair again for more of the same , everyone wins , afterwards you can either get together or you can relieve your swollen flesh by yourself in a dark private space but it would be better with that strong barber who held more than your head when he lathered you shaving you as smooth as your bum
  • Hi !!!! how would you feel if a barber made a move on you when you sat in the chair and secured you with handcuffs thenmoved to lock the shop door , so there was only you and him,he lowers the chair into the shaving position and procedes to wrap your face in a steaming hot towel,thenlathers you without saying a word , just smiling,moving to stropping the razor on a leather strop , then lights up a giant cigar takes adrag on it ,then bends over you and kisses your lips in a passion act, one question for you "would you strain to reject the barbers advance?", or would you sink back in to the chair and accept the move?, the barber shaves you then places an ice cold towel on your face and at the same time massagesyour face before using a dry towel to finish , another question"do you want him to stop?, or unlock you and move into each others arms?.an honest answer please
  • There is something about a man with a fresh buzz cut, for some reason that drives me nuts. the thought of running my hands all over his head and licking and kissing the back of a man's buzz cut. i am getting hard just thinking about it. i would love to be tied up while a man gives me a buzzcut. i would love him to be nude so i can see he his cock get hard. i would want him to climb on me and buzz my hair while i have his cock sliding in my mouth. i would love to do the same to him... give him a buzz cut while he is in the chair stoking his cock. then i would move the clippers down to his pubs and start buzzing while having his cock in my mouth until he shoots his hot load down my thoat. love guys with short hair.........any takers
    • I'm with you Randy....
        • Man if I had you in the chair, your wrists would be tied with duck tape to the arm rests , also your dick would be decorated with 5 cloths also after that pegs to remind you who is in control, what about shaving around your prick to start ,then a clipper session to give you that smooth look , after wards a lather shave with the chair in the recline position,with a third party sucking your dick without you moving a muscle, just lay there and moan with pleasure,when finished you could give the barber 6 strokes of the leather strap followed by an empty inside his red bruised bum
          • With the barber now in my control, hands cuffed behind his back... I would start on shaving him ENTIRELY starting from his head, working my way down to his crotch and beyond... oil up his entire body, whipping his chest and ass along the way... then tie his genitals in a rope cockstrap and edge him for hours until he begs to cum.
            • Then i would put you in the chair and start by taking all your clothes off and i would start rubbing your cock until all the precum was all licked off. i would get the clippeers out and start buzzing your head while kissing you so hard your lips get sore. as i am sucking on your tongue and the clippers are running over your head i would start rubbing the back of your neck to make sure your hair was gone. i would wipe it with a nice warm cloth and then i would start licking your entire head kissing and sucking around your ears. making my way back down to your lips. then i would jump on your hard cock and ride you while kissing and rubbing my hands all over your head. and when you start yelling i am going to cum i would jump off you and start sucking your cock until you were to explode in my warm mouth. then i would lay you down while i cum all over your head. rubbing in all over your head so i could lick it clean after.
  • What a coincidence, I'm forced a haircut on a regular basis by a gang of my friends due to a certain forced haircut experience. -,- I honestly don't get it but it's your choice I guess :/ .
  • That is my my idea of a hard on! Being dragged into a sub basement prison type barbershop, having my long mane grabbed and pulled while being used like a slut prior to having my mane brutally harvested.
  • I have the same fantasy as you. I dream to make me tied
    solidly onto a barber chair, a barber dominated and be shaved smooth and shiny, it really turns me on, and then make me humiliate and dominated a 100%
  • Oh yes if its with a stock and some public humikiation .just for kicks .honestly iould get it cut someday .i would like haircuts to be givin as barter for services rendered. Sounds lkke a great deal for both men .
    Those services could be anything .
    Sit the dog ,watch the place while away ,help with chores , just for one haircut .

    And you thought differntly ..its stil.cound be sexual.
    • I have been shaved and it is rather erotic, in a funny sort of way as I regard my body hair as part of my masculinity. It was still erotic when being shaved and I had a hard-on 99.999%of the time. terrible afterwards as it grew back.
      • the torture of the hair growing back is part of what makes it so intense. a constant reminder for weeks after of what was done to you... and knowing that eventualy you are going to have it done to you again. i am also pretyt hairy... when i have had my body shaved, it makes me feel so naked and exposed and ten times more submisive. even my cloths feel different, when you have hair your cloths never actualy touch your skin but slide across the hair, it feels so diffrent when the cloth slides across your naked shaved skin.
  • When I was in my early 20's my friends all used to tease me about how hairy I was. One day there was a party and we guys all got drunk, and they turned on me grabbed my and clipped off my body hair with clippers, then shaved my completely. In a way it as kinda hot as I did get an erection. Like most of you guys I found it was sheer hell as it grew back, and several times i asked a friend to shave it off again as I could not stand the itching, especially on my back. In winder it was not so bad and the hair all grew back. What I did find that was putting hair conditioner all over my body reduced the itch too.
  • I would go for a forced "total" body shave by a barber. Any shavers here in SW Florida willing to take ALL my hair??
    • I was at a rest stop looking to suck some cock.... this guy in his guy in his 40's was there and watching. I asked him if he wanted his cock suck? He told me yes but not in public... I saw he had a ring on and asked... Are you married? He looked like he was caught in headlights and said yes. I told him he could come back to my place and I would suck him off or let him fuck me... yes I would love that. My mind was going all over the place because I was going to make sure he remember this nite for a long time. I told him I was house sitting and he could follow me. He did. When we got there he told me he would love to have me suck his cock. Took him to a bedroom ...He took off his pants and a nice cock of 7 cut inches with a hairy bush and balls were there to meet me. I started to suck him and he kept using his hands to push my head down.. I told him if he didn't stop that I was going to have to tie his hands to the bed ... he said Wow that would be I did and i didnt stop there i tied his legs too. He said this was a big turn on... I sucked him a few more minutes then I got up and told him that I was going to shave his balls and his bush off.... He begged me not to ...What was my wife going to say? This made up my mind. I shaved him bare. Now i had a 40 something man crying.... But his cock never went soft. After I sucked him off I untied him and told him that it was time for him to leave he was still wet with tears....... Man I can be so EVIL
    • Could be interesting, sitting in a barbers chair with your legs over the arm rails, and have a barber shave your groin with an open razor. Probably he would be the only one you could trust not to "slip"?
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    The thought of a forced haircut with someone else being in control of my hair is indeed a turn on, although having my head shaved would probably be a step to far for me
  • I have always fantasized about & enjoyed actually being bound & shaved. My current Master likes me hairy so most hair is now reserved. He does still allow my lower pubes, sack & ass to be shaved.
    A couple of yeays ago, on a leather weekend @ The Woods Campground, a Dom I knew hooded me; tied me standing spread-eagled between 2 trees; slowly cut off my clothes, leaving me naked except for my boots; He shaved me from the neck-down; hosed any residual shaving cream off me; hooked me up to a Venus2000 milking machine & let it edge me for a while; milked me dry by hand; released me - all in front of an audience of a dozen or more guys in the adjacent campsites.
  • i have long curls half way down my back but i am ready to go bald now. i would love to be tied to the chair and go through a long to bob to bowl to short back and sides to grade 1 buzz to grade 0 buzz and finally a wet razoring to bald and shiny. any uk barbers want to take me long to bald in their chair and take the photos/video ?? am happy to gay roleplay during my headshave, sub/dom/BDSM etc msg me my long beautiful soft silky curls are ready to hit my lap and the floor... expose me as a baldie !!!

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