Bareback Sex for Making Babies

topic posted Sat, July 31, 2010 - 10:04 AM by  Leonard
I have a question for this group's female posters: How many of you are planning to engage in bareback sex for the sole purpose of making a baby of your own?
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    I hope I am not posting a reply wrongly to your subject you posted, Leonard.
    I believe there are many women here who have , have serious thoughts of enjoying, or even planning soon to
    being in a good relationship of bare backing sex to being impregnated with a baby.
    Some may only want to have the relationship as you say to solely be bred and making babies.
    Others may want to have a continuing and on-going relationship even though they have had children and are married
    with an adorable husband.
    Privately I am hoping some female member may want to discuss making babies enjoying bareback sexual
    relationships with you and others.

    I think even before the demand due to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases for being careful and responsible in ones sexual involvements. Fucking woman bareback to impregnate her did and still does involved idea of a certain mutually agreed RELATIONSHIP.
    A relationship of trust, love, very strong desire to breed and be bred, and whatever else the parties involved mutually desire.

    Thank you for opening the subject up for the tribe.

    • I think it depends on each male or female idea of the sex. But always bareback sex involves risky business or some sort of game. During the private love moments both sides think and may like the idea of breeding momentarily.
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    We'll i love bareback sex enjoyed it for a very long time with mature people that I knew were Std free since I also enjoyed the feeling of having the cum inside me. Wasn't until a few months when my husband and I decided we wanted to get pregnant did we start actively having bareback. Sex with a nice black cocktail for the sole purpose of making babies it was an amazing feeling, turned me on a lot
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    In Chicago, I have a "Black Bull" that is trying to presuade me to be bred by him. He is 56, and I am 23. He says it is my duty to allow him to have me first. His rules are "bareback" and "No-Pullouts" it is a little tempting, lol.
  • hi Leonard I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but Ive been seeing my black for a few weeks and Ive let him in me twice without a condom. I so loved it and i really don't want to use a condom again. Over the time Ive been growing up my mother has tried her best to put me off black men because she is so racist . Should i keep seeing him and take a risk of getting pregnant?

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