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I slipped my cock in the wet slit.

It was an unexplainable pleasure, wet, soothing, and warm all at once. I couldn't even muster a thrust, the stimulation on the head of my penis was extreme.

I thought I was going to cum right there and then, but I just rode the influx of pleasure until I felt I could sustain it. I began to thrust slowly and with each stroke in and out my mind was going wild. My entire body was immersed in ecstasy with my cock as a lightningrod of pleasure absorbing each smooth stroke around all dimensions of my member.

I couldn't take it anymore, I increased my speed and my breathing followed and before I knew it I was at the pinnacle. When it happened I felt like I'd stay there forever. It couldn't have been more then 5-7 spurts of my cream but it felt like an eternity of pleasure. My whole body curled as my testicles released everything they had within them through my penis, wave upon wave of pleasure coursing through me.

After I finally regained composure I removed my blindfold. I stared intently at the vagina I was refusing to exit that I had just released myself within. I wanted to curl up and live there forever. NOTHING felt this good.

Then I slowly looked up and took in each portion of the seductive body I remained still inside. A smooth belly, somewhat saggish but still large, beautiful, and firm breasts.

Then I looked above the neck and saw the blindfolded face of my mother.
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