Barfani Dadaji

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Ageless Great Himalayan Sage. Main Ashram at Amarkantak, from where River Narmada emanates. River Narmada is daughter of Lord Shiva. It flows from Mount Maikal and therefore she is also referred as Maikalsuta (Daughter of Maikal). PP Barfani Dadaji's Ashram is adjoining to the Temple of Maa Narmada, the originating point of Maa Narmada. It appears that main object of Pujya Dadaji''s life is Vishwa Kalyan (Welfare of all creatures of world). He has many other Ashrams like at, Indore(MP), Omkareshwar(MP), Ayodhya(UP), Khairagadh (CG), Rajnandgaon (CG), Mehandipur Balaji(State Rajashtan) and private managed Ahram at Vishakhapatnam. RSS Feed what is XML?

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PP Dadaji at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  photo flag
Blessings to disciples  photo flag
Another PP Shree Yogiraj Barfani Dadaji's new w...  topic
PP Dadaji at Indore 2014  photo flag
PP DADAJI Tirupati Balaji  topic
DADAJI  topic
PP Dadaji at Mehandipur Balaji  topic
PP Dadaji now again at Rajnandgaon  topic
PP Dadaji at Vizag  topic
PP Dadaji now at Rajnandgaon  topic
PP Dadaji at Khairagarh  topic
PP Dadaji at Amarkantak  topic
Stone laying ceremony for the temple built  topic
PP Dadaji's grace fpr Maha Vishnu yag at Varman...  topic
PP Dadaji at Rajnandgaon  photo flag
PP Dadaji at Rajnandgaon  photo flag
PP Dadaji celebrating Chaitri Navratri at Rajna...  topic
PP Dadaji at Panandhro, Kutrch, Gujarat from Ha...  topic
Chaitri Navratri-PP Dadaji at Rajnandgaon  topic
PP Dadaji at Rajnandgaon  topic
PP Dadaji again at M Balaji  topic
PP Dadaji reached M Balaji  topic
PP Dadaji at Rajnand gaon  topic
Aghor Nagara Vage  topic

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