Rape Play Scenarios

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When you are imagining a rape play and you get aroused ,
what do you fantasize of mostly :

does the thought of forcibly ripping the nice ladies clothing completely off of a sharply-dressed nice lady or man until they are completely naked inevitably ring an interest with rape play ?

or the thought of being used is making you hottest (you are a man or a woman that does not matter ) ?

or maybe the thought of forcibly tied ? and to what would you love to be tied or to tie your lover?

Just tell your own scenario how you fantasize the rape play to be played .

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    Sun, August 3, 2008 - 12:10 PM
    I can never quite decide which participant I am in my rape fantasies (the life of a switch is complicated) but the fantasy rarely involves ripping off all the clothes. It's much to urgent for that. It almost always involves physical force, the use of hands to hold the "victim" down, pin his/her arms, usually ass in the air, often bend over a table or pressed up against a wall. There's usually a struggle, though you always know who's going to win because it's obvious in my fantasy that the victim only half wants to fight. There's no crying or wailing, though maybe some yelling and protestation, but I've never found the trappings of true distress attractive. There's always a slight sense of both participants being overcome: the "victim" by the rapist and the rapist by his (it's almost always a he) passion. For some reason my imaginary rapist is a talker, too. He tells his victim what he is doing to him/her, and what he is going to do to him/her, and that he/she's going to take, all of it. Sometimes it happens in a semi-public place, like the bathroom at a large party, where part of the scene is the rapist having a knife or gun and the victim has to stay quiet through their ravishment, then return to the party like nothing has happened, and come back to the site of their rape for seconds lest their rapist harm others. There's something thrilling to the idea of the "victim" walking through throngs of people, socializing and trying to keep up the appearance of normalcy, while the consequences of their recent violation drips down their thighs, knowing they will have to willingly return to their subjugation over and over again lest other's suffer for it.
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      Sun, August 3, 2008 - 12:34 PM
      "I can never quite decide which participant I am in my rape fantasies (the life of a switch is complicated) but the fantasy rarely involves ripping off all the clothes. It's much to urgent for that. It almost always involves physical force, the use of hands to hold the "victim" down, pin his/her arms, usually ass in the air, often bend over a table or pressed up against a wall. There's usually a struggle, though you always know who's going to win because it's obvious in my fantasy that the victim only half wants to fight. There's no crying or wailing, though maybe some yelling and protestation, but I've never found the trappings of true distress attractive. There's always a slight sense of both participants being overcome.."

      I generly agree with the above statement..Perhaps the 'victim' is a flirt / tease and the 'agressor' just won't take her games anymore..he wants his cake now damnit.

      I should also mention alot of r/p takes place before we do rape scenes..Sometimes the whole night - we go out rping and come home to 'finish up ' or to some semi private out door place.
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    Sun, August 3, 2008 - 12:32 PM
    I would guess that mine is fairly simple and common. I always imagine being the victim, hands tied together raised overhead, slowly, always starting with my blouse, Then bra ( my fantasy men always enjoy playing with my C cup breasts first), then skirt, then panties; being stripped to garter belt stockings and high heeled pumps. Having my ankles tied together and being ravished sometimes by one man sometimes by two, and to make it more devastating, they begin by ravashing my ass first. Other times being tied into the same position by a boyfriend who , unbeknownst to me, has invited one or two freinds over to met, and ravish, his girlfreind!
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    Re: Rape Play Scenarios

    Thu, August 7, 2008 - 12:01 AM
    Mine has many elements mentioned by others, and these:
    ~ I am the victim
    ~ My attacker immobilizes me but stays very close with constant physical contact either by a hand on my throat, his breath in my ear, his knee in my back
    ~ yes there is urgency, but he has time to be very deliberate, paying attention to every inch of me, running his hands along the length of me and stopping wherever he pleases and exploring however much he likes, for as long as he likes
    ~ the fear is there, but the control and collectedness he displays raises my anticipation of what is to come
    ~ He incorporates lots of dirty talk
    ~ He demands that I follow his instructions, as he commands me to please him... I hear the moan that could be a hint that he's losing composure but he quickly regains it and takes what he wants from me
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    Fri, August 8, 2008 - 12:56 AM
    When we do rape play, both of us agree that we don't like it when the victim (me) starts to get into it and enjoys it by the end. The whole time I like to be fighting, or by the end I might just give up and be still.
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    Fri, August 8, 2008 - 9:57 AM
    As victim, my most common fantasy is of being torn emotionally. There are various scenarios where I both emphatically do not want to be having sex and yet have a partner taking it from me, one way or another. The real life situation wouldn't be enjoyable at all, but the fantasy is hot. Sometimes it's a succubus sort of fantasy - she's stealing my life force, vampirism sort of thing, so I'm trying very hard not to come or ejaculate. Other times it's more of a seduction sort of thing where, for whatever reason, I don't want to come or ejaculate and yet I know I won't be capable of resisting.

    Sometimes I gender role reverse and fantasize being a woman who either is married off through an arranged marriage to someone she doesn't love, or who maintains a level of power or control by virtue of being a virgin and is having that stolen from her, or any of the above scenarios as well.

    From bottom, my scenarios all have some level of at least body enjoyment, which leads to a personal conflict for me, as victim. Basic violence scenarios where I really dont' want it and it doesn't feel good at all do occur to me, but they are much more rare.

    As top, I have a much wider range. Sometimes it's just about using someone at my convenience, briefly, and paying them little attention otherwise. But a more long running fantasy is about having the power to simply select peasants under my rule, pay their families some level of restitution, (in addition to the honor of being selected by their ruler), and then keeping a sort of harem. I figure some of the people so selected would attempt to curry my favor genuinely, some would attempt to do so falsely, and some would simply resist for long periods of time. The fantasy is sometimes about taking them forcefully, whether they enjoy it or not, sometimes about radical behavior modifications, or about training them to both hate me and desire me above all else. Sometimes it's about genuine violence like cutting new holes in someone and fucking the new holes or strangling them to death while fucking them. And sometimes it's just about threatening or scaring them until they faint.

    Often the fantasy is just about setting up a situation where I really could do whatever I wanted, with my choice of a moderate to large variety of partners, without recriminations or where the social situation was such that it was genuinely encouraged as either art or a personal honor, and then seeing what sorts of creativity my mind might come up with.
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      Sun, August 10, 2008 - 10:53 AM
      I am very physically strong. So is my boyfriend, but still . . . we've discovered that if I get **too** into the role when I'm playing the victim, and fight too much, it's actually difficult for him to, er, complete the filthy deed. So we kind of need to work on that!

      On the plus side, it means that when he's the bottom, I can actually do a plausible role-play of overpowering him, which would be difficult for a smaller woman.

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        Wed, September 10, 2008 - 9:50 AM
        Heh heh, the last time I did a rape play scenario I ended up with a kick to the groin as my "victim" fought back. I'm 5'10" and was packing about 190 lbs of muscle and fat. She was 4'10" and very petite, less that 100 lbs.

        She wanted the scenario more than I did and I ended up holding myself back a lot during our "struggling". I didn't want to break anything. She really got into her role and gave me in swift succession:

        1) a numbed right arm (the whole arm. She took martial arts since she was 5, "forgot" to mention that to me)
        2) a kick to the groin (the family jewels were kicked for a good 60 yard field goal)

        After pinning her and pausing for what seemed like an eternity to deal with the blinding pain I noticed she was snickering and trying really hard to hold back tears of laughter. She asked if I was "ok" and I tied her to the bed and finished the scene. The actual "rape" didn't happen until after I got an ice pack. The whole time she was laughing at her dom moving about like an arthritic gorilla. She told me about her martial arts background during our aftercare. She told me she "tweaked a nerve" (?) when she numbed my right arm. Needless to say I was much more careful in future scenes.

        Moral of the story: Never judge a book by it's cover or small and petite=fast reflexes and harder to pin.
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          Tue, September 23, 2008 - 6:53 PM
          "2) a kick to the groin (the family jewels were kicked for a good 60 yard field goal)"
          - - - >
          There are occasionally classes in town instructing one in how to do "violent take-downs" in the context of a fantasy scenario.
          My fantasies of this sort usually run along the lines of some sort of subjugation, but not rape, per se.
          If my partner desired a rape fantasy role play, I'd hope we could pick up at some point *after* the abduction - or otherwise have the "physically overpowering" part be unnecessary.

          But if that was an indespensible part of the scene, I'd consider the class, above.

          I'm not *completely* wimpy. I used to pride myself on my tackling skills when playing football.
          But to "take down" my partner, and do it safely, would require adding a new set of skills, I think.
          I think I would want compliance, and that pretty quick.
          And to avoid a kick in the nuts!

          Why is that ok, by the way? A kick in the balls is pretty out of control, pretty beyond anybody's limits that I know of.
          I have some fairly sadistic tendencies that I'm always holding in check. A kick in the balls is not holding anything back, that I can tell.

          I know some couples like to fight for real as a prelude to sex, which I am curious about.
          How would your partner like it if you returned that kind of violence either during the abduction or after she was subdued?
          She could, of course, send you to jail for it.
          I'm just curious how she justifies that, how she views kicking someone in the nuts in the larger context of things.
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            Tue, October 21, 2008 - 11:56 PM
            How she justified it? "Sorry, I got carried away." *snicker*. No biggie, I liked it when she struggled like that. It's too fake for me when she just "complies". I might as well have done a vanilla scene if she let me take her too easily.

            We always thought of our scenes as "sparring with fringe benefits". Her intense struggling pushed me to improve my takedown skills. Worked for me, heh heh.
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    Mon, December 1, 2008 - 4:15 PM
    When I have played this out, I have always pretended to be man, and am rapped anally. The reason why I think of myself, as a man at the time is because male rape usually involves higher levels of violence and weapons. Also, when I climax it adds more guilt to it because I imagine it would cause a man a lot of confusion and shame that he became aroused. It might make him think he wanted it. At the time I enjoy feeling like less than a man by prentending to be a man who is being subjected to humilation.
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      Mon, December 8, 2008 - 7:55 PM
      Okay, I have to share. My boyfriend and I have experimented with rape play a bit, and enjoy it--but we're also very silly people. Recently (right around the election) we had started joking about Sarah Palin-themed rape play. So, we had a date to meet at a hotel, and I showed up in a tight power suit, my old rectangular glasses, and the best updo I could manage with short hair. He slapped the glasses off my face, wrestled me to the ground, and cut the suit off me with a straight razor. And so forth, with him telling me he'd show me a real maverick, and threatening to run his pipeline through my unspoiled wilderness. I'm pretty it's the first time my ass has ever been referred to a a National Wildlife Refuge . . .

      Was it hot? You betcha!
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        Wed, December 10, 2008 - 7:39 PM
        That is pretty fucking good.

        I've always wanted to do one with a blonde girl playing Ann Coulter. Pointy shoes and all.

        I hate pointy shoes.
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    Re: Rape Play Scenarios

    Sun, December 21, 2008 - 3:49 PM
    sometimes I rape,
    sometimes am raped .

    Adriana,what happened to you ? You want to get forcibly tied? LOL

    ok,not bad .. its rather hot .. to what to get tied ? better to something breakable ,please,to untie myself and to tie him back ! LOL :D
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      Mon, June 1, 2009 - 5:39 PM
      this is something i've really wanted to try but have a hard time figuring out how to talk to Him about it?
      any suggestions?
      i suppose i'm worried that He'll think i'm a horrible person. obviously loads of people do it, not sure how to put it across, though.
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    Sun, May 23, 2010 - 9:09 PM
    I came up with one I was right proud of myself....

    It starts with getting my sub ready for play with a game of tie and tease. Before I place her on the bench and restrain her, I text my friend to come pick up my very noisy bike and enjoy it for a hour or two. I lay out all the toys, put her in position and blindfold her, begin teasing her and working her up. When my friend arrives, he texts me he's outside. I pat my sub on the ass and tell her I'll be back in a bit. I go outside, hand off the keys and once he's cranked up and going down the street, I slip in the side door and break a glass I have waiting. I make stumbling noises to sound as if I'm coming thru a open window and start opening and slamming doors and cabinets like I'm searching the place. Upon opening the door she's behind stall for a minute or two as if deciding what to do. Of course with all the toys laid out, her naked and restrained, what burglar wouldn't take advantage of her situation. Mind you she's a real slut and her body will take over once started. Fearful at first, Uberslut will prevail. I use her as I please until I think enough time has passed then call my friend back. When he arrives, I dash for the side door, grab my keys and make my entrance to find my slut used up. Anyone can guess the variations of exchanges from there. I hope this lends more ideas to someone.
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    Re: Rape Play Scenarios

    Wed, November 19, 2014 - 4:51 AM
    Raped by a motorbiker gang
    Big bikes
    Big muscles
    Deep throat rape
    arse rape
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    Fri, November 21, 2014 - 11:02 AM
    my rape fantasies always involve someone i know, although sometimes in the fantasy they become a stranger.
    it is sometimes a kidnapping, taken away for any familiar area i would know.
    bound, blindfolded and gagged so all i know are his words and hands.
    and sometimes how i don't wish to be released, ever.

    safe journeys

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