Playing with fire?

topic posted Thu, February 7, 2008 - 9:00 AM by  FireShaman
I was wondering if anyone has experience with fire play? I recently started spending time with a new sub who is really into being burned. I spin poi, so I have some experience with how much human skin can take, but I was hoping to get some general pointers. What do you use as fuel? How do you ensure a subs safety? Any other tips. Thanks everyone.
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    the common fuel seems to be rubbing alcohol, the 70% variety. generally, apply a thin swipe, light using an alcohol soaked torch, match, lighter, or something else. allow to burn for up to a second or so, so the only thing actually ignited is the alcohol, then extinguish by wiping with a hand or damp cloth. The ignition point can also be electrical: Violet wand, stun gun, etc. I've done it a few times, enough to do it unsupervised but not enough to feel like I have a lot to teach.

    Domina's taught classes on it many times, she's on these boards a fair bit. There's also a book recently out by robert Rubel, maybe try Amazon for it? The Citadel doesn't allow it, so you won't see folks doing it there, but you might find someone to walk you through it a time or two.
  • I do a fair amount of fire play, and the description Loki put forth is pretty much the basics.

    I use 70% ISO alcohol. I use a paint brush or shoe polish dauber to apply fuel to the bottom. For ignition I'll:
    - use a violet wand
    - use a torch (I also use torches on their own.)
    - ignite my hand and carry the fire to the fuel field.

    How long you let the flame stay is the real variable. Some can take the flame longer, I start conservative, then build up.

    - remember that fire is unpredictable. Keep a healthy respect for the flame.
    - keep an eye on where the fuel is. Fuel in navels, under breasts, down the side of the body can catch you by surprise and you may not see them in time to put them out.
    - watch for skin pinking up - you don't really want to burn the bottom too badly. Move the fire around so one specific area doesn't get too much.
    - make sure hair is pinned up, covered, etc.
    - be careful of lotions or oils prior to playing
    - I keep damp dishtowels (100 % cotton) close by.
    - polyester & many other man-made fibers melt, keep those away.
    - I use a large canvas drop cloth to protect bed, table, floor, whatever.

    There's more, a lot more, but I think this (and Loki's description) are a good start.

    I don't know anyone in Florida, but I'm sure you can find other information (google's your friend).

    • You forgot Hayden's rule 15: Don't look down when your tits are on fire.

      • lol. I also have a contact for cheap and well made fire floggers. Anyone tried one of these?
        • Really? The one's I've seen on the internet pretty much suck. At least from my view. I'm working on a design and once I get it perfected, I'll be sellling them.

          • If you would like to see one when I get it I would be happy to post. Its from a professional fire prop manufacturer that I'm commissioning to do it.
            • I'd certainly be interested in seeing it.

              • can anyone tell me what material is used for the wick? i attempted to make my own with standard kevlar/fiberglass poi wicking and it didnt end so well...flaming hot shards of fiberglass in the skin are not fun.
                • Oh, no, no, no. Nothing synthetic. Fireplay requires pure cotton material for torches, etc. Synthetics melt and cause serious burns.

                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Actually, a lot of fire performers use kevlar cord for fire whips. And I think Daddy Darin made one from kevlar as well.

                    I've personally not used kevlar so I can't speak from experience. My kit is all 100% cotton
                    • To my knowledge he has not made a whip.... not yet ;) At least not one that he can light on fire. He HAS made a fire flogger and I believe that was made out of some sort of cotton, but seeing as how I'm on the receiving end and not the making end, I'm not sure.
                    • Kevlar doesn't melt, I believe. But most synthetics do. I remember a woman lent me her girl as a demo for fireplay, then told me, but you have to leave her panties on. I had to decline the girl. Melted nylon causes nasty burns.

                      • You can also buy or make (very easy to make) cotton batons for fireplay.

                        The safety rules have been pretty well laid out. One thing that has not been mentioned is salt. That is also a fire retardant which is non-toxic to the skin. Whatever you do, have a good way to put out any fire that you might start.

                        You can also use magician's flash paper, carefully. Just remember that burn scars can be permanent.

                        On a positive note, my own experience with bottoming for fireplay is that it induces an endorphin rush much faster than any other form of pain play.
                        • Flash paper & flash cotton are both fun, but I've noticed that (of late) may folk I play with are sensitive to either.

                          I test a bit of flash cotton/paper on the wrist first, to see how it reacts.

                          Bingo's right, it's pretty easy to make/buy cotton batons (torches) -
                • "can anyone tell me what material is used for the wick? i attempted to make my own with standard kevlar/fiberglass poi wicking and it didnt end so well...flaming hot shards of fiberglass in the skin are not fun."

                  How did you make your torches? There should not have been flaming hot shards of fiberglass coming off your tool. Go to Fire Arts Education and Equipment for some great resources on making your own fire tools.

                  When I do contact (touching skin) with fire torches and/or feeding my performance partner fire we use kevlar wicks and Ronsonol as a fuel. I would not use Ronsonol for the kind of fire play done in an SM context. My realm of experience is confined to dancing and performing with fire.

                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    i just took strips of the wicking that i use to make my poi wicks tied them into a knot and attached them to a wooden dowel with some kevlar was basic, and in hindsight a bad idea but thats why i was on the recieving end the first time....

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