looking for tips on nipple torture

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I'm familiar with stretching, clamping (with a variety of professional and home devices), ice, peppermint oil, use of teeth, fingernails, toes, etc, etc.

Anyone have anything *new*? Most recently I've been toying with string & bobby know: one bobby pin on each nipple...the string tied to the loop of each pin..and the string just long enough to be placed in the subs mouth. Once I am finished torturing, the sub has to pull the string with their mouth to release the booby pins from the nipples. Excruciating, yes? Exactly the point.

Would you mind sharing?

*smacks n kisses*
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    Thu, July 24, 2008 - 11:01 PM
    Well Myself being more a Pleasure Dominant always mix my pain with just as intense pleasure. However if your looking for pain here, there is the idea of stringing string through a group full of clothespins or Japanese clover pins for more bit then using the string to yank them all off at once. Mousetraps have a damn hard squeeze, or putting her breasts in a vice. Course if you tie them up all nice and tight and allow them to turn purple in a O pattern or something the nipple and breast tissue becomes 5x more sensitive. Just a few for ya
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    Fri, July 25, 2008 - 1:30 AM
    Smallish rubber bands can be doubled and tripled around the nipples to make them stick out and be so sensitive that any flick, rub, or slap is so much more intense...

    Or any kind of tit-clamp can be put on upside-down, and pulled in such a way to create a permanent "twisting" sensation -- very painful.

    Also, I like how you people think.
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      Fri, July 25, 2008 - 2:17 AM
      I used to like nipple torture but ever since I got pierced nipples I haven't done anything in that area. Just turned bit scared cause I don't wanna permanently damage anything... I wonder any of you have experience with piercings and nipple torture and any tips? apart from the obvious don't rip the piercing off.
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        Fri, July 25, 2008 - 5:55 AM
        Chop sticks. You need two sets and four rubber bands. Put a chop stick top and bottom of each nipple, hold them together with a rubber band on each end. You can vary the tightness with the positioning of the rubber bands.

        As with any clamping, keep an eye on the time; should be 20 minutes maximum.
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          Re: looking for tips on nipple torture

          Fri, July 25, 2008 - 7:00 AM
          The chops sticks are a good idea..the wooden (bamboo?) kabob skewers work as well (this also works on balls!) The pointy end works as well to poke without really poking.

          Master has one of those gags with clamps attached (butterfly?) The kind that pinch more when you pull. I HATE that thing but I imagine that's why he uses it. He can pull my hair and my head back and cause them to pinch harder. It's like me doing it to myself--evil!
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        Fri, July 25, 2008 - 9:23 AM
        One of my nipples is pierced. EVERYTHING is more intense on that nipple, both pain and pleasure. My traditional tit-clamps don't quite work, but clothespins are great. They have a large indentation near the front, that when placed correctly over the pierced flesh, gives a really good pinch without being TOO crushing. It takes some finagling to get it just right.

        And to Faith, the original poster, did you mean clothespins? I've been wondering all day how you'd get a bobby pin on a nipple, unless it's a very small nipple.

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      Fri, March 2, 2012 - 11:25 AM
      Amy, You are so right. Tiny rubber bands provide both pain and torment. Another idea: I wear a very tight belt higher around my stomach. I use wooden kabob sticks and place one end against the top of the belt and the other pointed end against the underside of my breasts. I do this several times to each breast. I then place a clamp with a hook on each nipple and then apply weights to each hook. The weights pull down and the sticks push up. Exquisite pain.
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    Re: looking for tips on nipple torture

    Fri, July 25, 2008 - 11:59 AM

    OMG that is hot. Watching the bottom's eyes as you slowly push a needle through the nipple is HOT HOT HOT.

    Electricity! TENS units. This works best if the nipples are pierced. Either permanent rings/bars or temporary play piercings.

    Knife play. The point of the knife slowly pushing into the tip of the nipple. The VERY sharp edge slowly drawing over the edge of the hardened nipple, just slightly cutting it.


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      Re: looking for tips on nipple torture

      Fri, July 25, 2008 - 7:41 PM
      I forgot to mention I had my nipples pierced for about a year and Master found the rings to be much more of a nuisance than they were worth so they're gone. He wasn't happy with trying to clip/clamp them and once actually whipped a ring off me at a play party not long after I'd gotten them pierced...healing had to start from scratch again with that little incident.

      I thought you weren't supposed to use electricity anywhere near the heart...not for beginners!
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        Re: looking for tips on nipple torture

        Tue, July 29, 2008 - 8:00 AM
        There are multiple schools of thought about tens and the chest area.

        But the current tens units are dual channel so you can light up both nipples without crossing the heart. You make the second electrode for each nipple a large pad on the side of the body. The large pad won't have much sensation while the more concentrated connection to the nipple will particularly if the connection is a temporary piercing.

        Flogging and single tails do NOT go well with nipple rings. Simple bars are better but still bad with single tails.

        If your bottom has nipple piercing and you want to whip the breasts, you might consider those strong super stick kids style band-aids over the nipples. They may not stay on too long but its a start.

        For heavy nipple torture a cane does a great job. And a cane works very well with temporary or permanent piercings too.


        Rig Daddy
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          Wed, July 30, 2008 - 2:54 PM
          I tend to discourange any heavy impact play on female breasts. Heavy impact can cause ruptured milk glands, ruptured lymph nodes, and can cause fibrous lumps. Not good to rupture milk glands, especially if you plan on nursing. And the fibroids can make reading a mammogram more difficult. I won't do it since I don't want to cause permanent harm to anyone; but women who want to do this can always find someone who will. I just prefer people to be informed.
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            Re: looking for tips on nipple torture

            Wed, July 30, 2008 - 3:30 PM
            Hi Domina,

            I'd love to hear more about this. With a cane I tend to focus on the tips of the nipple and not use much force. With or without piercings this gets pretty intense without much force but if I'm doing harm I'd like to know about it.



            Rig Daddy
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              Wed, July 30, 2008 - 3:34 PM
              I talked to my doctor about it. Heavy impact on the breasts can cause fibroid cysts. Non-cancerous. Probably not leading to cancer. But it can show up on mammograms and sometimes mask the growths they are looking for. She recommends that any breast play be something besides heavy impact play.

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    Mon, July 28, 2008 - 4:45 PM
    Very interesting post. Thank You so much for the discussion topic.

    A lot of people love the hot wax thing, but I mostly just watch them use candles. they actually have hot wax meant for shaving. The technique where you apply a layer of hot wax and then place a strip over the wax and then strip it by ripping the strip off the skin.

    I know,it's a variation on a theme, but it is very...very...effective and feels close to ripping off a bandaid,even when there is no hair...

    best executed in long strips.

    with respect.

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