Predicament Bondage

topic posted Fri, July 6, 2007 - 3:12 PM by  Bingo
Hello -

I have practiced quite a bit of bondage over the years. I am asked to teach a class or two each year. Next week, I am teaching a group who has basic bondage and knots under their belts, and they are now getting into more advanced bondage topics. I have been asked to give a little class on predicament bondage. This is an all male group.

I am trying to come up with some new ideas. Does anyone reading this have any particularly interesting, innovative or unusual suggestions? Or just in general, what is your favorite predicament, rope and restraint-wise?

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    Fri, July 6, 2007 - 9:00 PM
    I found this:

    the link is pretty interesting too.I wsn't sure what you meant about predicament bondage,and now I am fascinated.I don't know if this counts as a suggestion for what you are looking for, but I remember a time when my Master put me on all fours and bound my hands and feet and body and then made me crawl around,Every time i moved a different part felt a little pain and a new level of discomfort.It probably isn't very innovative but it was a lot of fun.

    The example it gives in the wiki was pretty good too.

    After your class you should go back there and add and edit.=D
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    Sat, July 7, 2007 - 8:05 AM
    i'm sure this is nothing especially advanced or innovative but i love being in a modified hog tie with my head over the edge of the bed, a dildo tied to the wooden base of the bed and my head secured onto it. Master usually secures part of my body to some of the posts so i'm pretty imobile with only slight movement in my head. i have to focus on the dildo and pull back a bit, straining against the ropes that hold my mouth onto it, or the weight of my body jams it further down my throat. all the while Master is working me over from behind with all manner of stimulation...
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    Sat, July 7, 2007 - 12:56 PM
    I like tying someones wrists together...laying them on their stomach bringing their arms high over the back of their head and tying a rope off the wrist bindings to an anal hook. When their shoulders get tired they lower them tightning the rope and ass fuck's fun to watch. For added enjoyment tie their legs spread to the legs of the bed and stick a hitachi underneath them and then wrap ropes around the whole bed tying them down tight so they can't lift themselves off of it.
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      Sat, July 7, 2007 - 1:05 PM
      mmm those are great. i've done the arms behind the head to the ass hook one and it's great fun. very challenging.

      another one i enjoyed was being tied to a chair, wrists bound and tied between my legs and beneath the chair, coming around the back and tied to my collar. then another rope was tied from the back of the collar to my nipple piercings (still fairly new). i had to keep pushing my arms down to relieve the choking sensation on my neck but when i lifted my head to ease breathing it pulled on my piercings and painfully stretched my nipples. I'd ease off that and try to lean back to give my nipples a rest, my arms would come up and the collar would pull and tighten on my neck again...
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      Sat, July 7, 2007 - 1:06 PM
      Great suggestions. I had not thought of using my ass hook. It is stainless steel and fairly narrow diameter. I have often thought of putting a dildo over it to make it safer for anal insertion. I guess I will finally get around to that.

      I will also probably try putting a stool under one foot and running a line from one foot to the other through a ring attached to the scrotum. Hand or hands tied overhead to prevent a fall. Take out the stool under the foot and the bottom has the choice of standing on one foot, the other foot, or applying pressure to the balls.

      I am also thinking of one of the classics...standing, left hand tied overhead, right foot on the ground, left foot pulled up behind the back and tied to right hand. This makes a number of muscle groups in the back arms and legs work against each other.

      With these classes, a lot depends on who is willing to volunteer and how athletic/nimble they are. This can radically change how one is tied up.
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    Mon, August 20, 2007 - 10:51 PM
    This is more of a fantasy item rather than something that I've actually tried. However, it's wicked enough that it might get some juices flowing.

    First, an inventory of what you'll need:

    1) Wrist suspension cuffs and someplace high enough to use them
    2) An old pair of tennis shoes that belong to the sub
    3) Thumbtacks

    To begin, remove the liner of each shoe and push the thumbtacks through the bottom of the liner so that they just barely poke through. Hopefully, in our fantasy world, the liner is just thick enough to provide a sting without breaking the skin of the bottoms of the feet. If not, some varying thickness of sock might be required to provide the proper level of protection yet sufficiently poke at the tender soles of the feet.

    After the shoes are reassembled, have the sub put on her shoes while sitting on a chair or stool as to not prematurely put weight on the feet. (If you've done the shoes right, she'll quickly figure out she doesn't want to anyway.) Then attach the wristcuffs and hoist her up just high that her arms are fully extended but her feet are still on the ground. Then step back and watch the fun. Her inclination will be to lift her feet off the floor. But her arms will get tired and she won't be able to keep her weight off her feet for too long. If she's strong, add some ankle weights to increase the fatigue. Flogging and other distractions may of course be added as needed.

    Anyway, that's the scene, like it or not. Maybe I'll get to try that someday. Any volunteers?
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      Tue, August 21, 2007 - 6:06 AM
      You would be better off making a pin matt, which then can be used for other scenes. the nice thing about the pin matt vs the sneakers is the ease of removal. You can remove the pin board in seconds (lift and kick while the sub holds her body off the floor, not true with the sneakers). You can also better judge the penetration possibilities as you can see it easier then when hidden by the sneakers.

      Just my two cents on the safety of the matter, but like the general idea.
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        Re: Predicament Bondage

        Fri, August 24, 2007 - 8:36 PM
        Not to be obtuse, but what is a pin matt and how does one either aquire one, or make one, and can it be electrified?
        thanks for any info
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      Tue, August 21, 2007 - 11:55 AM
      I've done something like this using plastic runner. You know the kind, with points/knobs on the carpet facing side. There's different types and I've used them a lot - standing , kneeling - cut a hole in the middle of.

      One thing that was a lot of fun was cutting runner in the shape of an insole, points up. It's not enough to break skin, but watching her walk in them.... mmmmmm
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        Tue, August 21, 2007 - 12:13 PM
        The runners are a great idea. Could be good inside a skirt or panties after a spanking to go out to dinner and a movie.... hehe how about a long Wagnerian opera?
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          Re: Predicament Bondage

          Fri, August 24, 2007 - 12:16 AM
          I forgot one of my favorite....thin rope (2mm) breast bondage with a bra on and sandpaper on the inside of the bra. Out in public if done right you can almost never see it.
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            Fri, August 24, 2007 - 5:58 PM
            Well.... I guess this is bondage as well as CBT. Sterilize some sand. Fill the foreskin all around the head. Tie it off. Weighty and abrasive.
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      Wed, September 12, 2007 - 11:32 PM
      "Anyway, that's the scene, like it or not. Maybe I'll get to try that someday. Any volunteers?"

      Oh, hell yeah! *raising my hand*
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    Wed, September 12, 2007 - 11:29 PM
    Oooh yum! I love predicament bondage!

    One of my playmates and I have a scene coming up where I'll be tied over an aquarium filled with water. As long as I can keep my waist bent, my head won't be underwater - if I relax... down I go. :D

    I'll share my favorite here but fair warning that I'm a masochist and love needle and bloodplay.

    Another favorite of mine that we've done before and I can't wait to do again had my legs tied to a straight pole the end of which was tied to a hook in the floor. (Hmmmm. This is REALLY hard to describe. I need to get pics next time we do it.) The rope only allowed me to lift my legs about 7-8 inches off the ground. Great exercise! There was also twine tied to the pole and to a needle through my clit hood and through the rings in my labia piercings. If I keep my legs raised it puts strain on the muscles in my thighs/calves but keeps pressure off the needle and rings. If I lower my legs to relieve pressure on muscles - needle and rings are tugged.

    (For the record, there's NOT enough pressure to cause needle or rings to be ripped out - only enough for some good, painful tugging. But just in case, he was standing by with a knife to cut ropes and/or twine if it was necessary. We also both work in the healthcare field so always have sterile supplies and emergency first-aid stuff on hand at all times.)
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      Mon, October 15, 2007 - 7:30 PM
      One of my playmates and I have a scene coming up where I'll be tied over an aquarium filled with water. As long as I can keep my waist bent, my head won't be underwater - if I relax... down I go. :D

      l'm having a hard time visualizing this, but it sounds fun...can you clarify the tie technique in case l wanna try it later?
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        Tue, November 20, 2007 - 2:25 PM
        I've done a little predicament bondage to myself when masturbating.

        I tie one wrist to the headboard, wrap the rope around my throat, and tie the other end of the rope to my other wrist. I leave just enough slack that when the arm with the slack can reach my clit I am slightly choking myself.

        Choke or orgasm?
        Orgasm or choke?
        Mmm tough decision - so I try for both.
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    Tue, November 20, 2007 - 2:41 PM
    Here's one that my highly imaginative and sadistic partner did to a sub who had asked him for a needle scene. After placing various needles on her breasts, he removed the stud in her tongue and threaded a monofilament line through the hole, then tied the other ends of the line to needles in her breasts. She had the choice of keeping her mouth open and her tongue sticking out, or bringing her tongue back into her mouth which pulled on her nipples painfully. She walked around very happily all evening with her tongue hanging out and drool running off her chin.
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      Tue, November 20, 2007 - 3:15 PM
      Ohmigod, I love that. I've been asking people lately for more predicament bondage options. It is a way of getting me engaged when I am teetering on the edge of subspace. I love it!
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    Sun, November 17, 2013 - 12:29 PM
    Stand a guy with an over sized cone dildo barely penetrating his anus. Put a parachute on his balls with a very tight bungie chord hooked to the floor between his feet. He can now, either stand on tip toes to keep from over stretching his hole, thereby forcing a healthy stretch of his ball sack, or relax his stance and settle down and force the oversized dildo to penetrate his anus. Bungie cord adjusted properly could prove to be an agonizing experience
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      Sun, December 22, 2013 - 6:37 AM
      Actually a simple means without the bungee cord would be this. A simple Solid ceiling support Beam with a Crossbeam that is mounted on the Support beam by U-Bolts that allow it to move up and down the ceiling support beam. The beam of course has mounting U-bolts for Restraints to be attached at both ends and another mounted at 90 degrees above the Major U-bolts that allow the cross beam to float on the ceiling support beam. The Cross beam is then connected to a power wench to raise or lower its position and height on the Ceiling support beam.

      A height adjust able pole is then mounted 3 to 54 inches from the base of the Ceiling support beam the fixed height of the Adjustable pole is 24" in height, the full extent of the Pole is 34" in height. The Adjustable Pole can be maintained at any position in height by a locking collar on the pole. "Similar to a Mic stand or Music stand". The stand has a solid wood block that is affixed to the end of the pole which has a steel pin approximately three inches long in the center of the block on the tops side of the block. This Pin allows a dildo or vibrator to be mounted on the block in a vertical position.

      The pole is secured to the base by an arrangement that prevents the pole from being moved away from the base of the Ceiling support beam. A nude victim is then led into the room, they are made to stand on two Milk crates one on each side of the pole holding the dildo. Their wrist are then attached to the floating crossbeam by wrist restraints and locked in place. The crossbeam is then raised to pull the victim onto their tiptoes on the milk crates. the Victims torso is securely belted with a leather belt and D-ring that is secured by shackle to the Ceiling Support Beam.The Victims Anus is then lubed generously as is the Dildo. the Dildo Pole is raised to the point where the dildo is barely opening his anal opening. At that point the crossbeam is lowered 1 foot from its position allowing the Victim to remain on their tiptoes with the dildo tickling their anal opening as their calf muscles tire due to the strain of their own body weight plus holding up the crossbeam the victim will begin to lower them selves in an attempt to rest their lower leg muscles and get off of their tiptoes to also rest the foot muscles the dildo penetrates a bit deeper of course causing the victim to slowly impale themselves deeper while unable to get completely off the dildo therefore rising and falling on the dildo and being fucked as they tire and recover their strength in their feet and lower legs.

      As they settle more and more onto their feet and less on their tiptoes the Master begins to move each milk crate further from the pole support causing the victim's feet and stance to be further apart, again increasing the weight being supported by the victim by increasing their stance and forcing the dildo even deeper inside their rectum. This is continued slowly until the crates are removed one at a time. Finally the victim is standing once more on the bare floor on their tiptoes with the dildo buried deep inside of them. The crossbeam is lowered once more causing the Victim to completely bare the weight of the beam on their arms and over time the strain of being on their tiptoes and holding the beam causes them to finally settle in agony on the block and dildo as they fuck themselves into one orgasm after the other.
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    Mon, December 30, 2013 - 9:31 PM
    For me it was my final elastration where my ex-dom elastrated me and then left the scene. I fell asleep ( or should I say I passed out from to much alcohol) ... the result was cold, dead tecticles and scotum that had to be removed. My recommendation is to elastrate but only while you are sober and awake.
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    Mon, December 30, 2013 - 9:35 PM
    For me it was my final elastration where my ex-dom elastrated me and then left the scene. I fell asleep ( or should I say I passed out from too much alcohol) ... the result was cold, dead tecticles and scotum that had to be removed. My recommendation is to elastrate but only while you are sober and awake.
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    Mon, May 26, 2014 - 1:53 AM
    Predicament bondage can be great for for making a slave or submissve "punish themselves" because, rather than something the Master is doing to them, they are causing their own suffering.

    A simple technique is to buckle a narrow leather strap (or parachute) around the neck of their scrotum, then use a rope to pull it up to a secure restriction point or, alternatively, take the rope over the top of a door and then tie a knot in it so that when close the door it won't pull back through. Naturally you've tied the knot such that, after the door is closed, the rope is pulled taut such that they're forced to stand on tiptoes. Provided they stay on tiptoes, they're ok, but you can enjoy watching them do the "dance of pain" :-)

    Naturally you need to keep a careful eye on them to ensure that they don't suffer permanent damage. If the scrotum starts getting cold or turning purple you should release them immediately or risk permanent damage as a poster above suggests happens to them.

    Another fun toy is a set of elasticated clamps to a cock ring like these:

    You put the ring over your slave's cock and balls and the clamps go on their nipples, then you shorten the elastic until it makes them want to bend over to releive the pressure on their nipples. Of course your response is "Stand up straight! Chest out, shoulders back!"

    For more fun, take them shopping and tell them "Don't slouch!" You could also take them to the supermarket and have them reach things down from high shelves "No, put that one back, I want the identical product next to it..." :-)

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