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topic posted Sun, April 29, 2007 - 11:52 AM by  Ozzy
Last night I lit up and swung my new Fire Flogger for the first time. I posted on my blog but am reposting here as it seems I will get a great deal more input. I'll add a pic to this tribe as well.

Mattress (the artist who made the floggers) had me hit him on his forearm and we learned a few quick lessons.
1) Spin the flogger a few times before making contact with bare flesh or the receiver will get burnt.

2) No matter what you do, there will be hair singed off!

3) It is the tips of the tails you want making contact with flesh. You do not want the normal hard & solid "thud" that comes with the leather floggers I normally wield. A graze across the desired area with the tips of the falls is ideal!

4) Warming up the receivers back / chest with a fire wand or other "less hot" fire toys first is required to avoid burns.

5) Alcohol or white gas is better for fire impact play as it evaporates quicker.

6) Less fuel = flogger goes out really quick.

7) Just because you want the flame out doesn't mean it is ready to "spin out." Can you say "Duvateen?"

I wish you could see the smile on my face. Today I shall begin assembling my fire play / safety kit. I am reminded of xmas morning at nine years old. I awoke to find the Barbie town house, sports car and everything else that bitch had under our tree. I spent the entire weekend organizing and arranging Barbie and her shit in the corner of my room until it was just so...... yes I was born a freak, I've always been a freak and always will be a freak! Now, I just use it to my advantage rather then hang my head and hide it. Hooray!

I am interested in connecting with other fire play fanatics and learning all I can from you. Please feel free to contact me and spam the hell out of me with your favorite fire play sites, info on local gatherings and such. Your awesome advice on Advanced Fire Play is greatly appreciated!

Happy Burning & Kisses -
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    i heart fire :)
    • Hi Gang -
      Today I picked up a fire wand (made by the same artist) for warming up the skin before a flogging. I am topping my first full fire scene tonight. Since I will be at a real Fireman's house I feel pretty safe. LOL

      You can get a flogger by contacting Gemini Trix (in my friends list) or checking out her web sites:
      This is her main fire toy web site.

      This is her eBay auctions. You can order your fire flogger in differnt colors.
      Happy fire play!
      • The photo seems to be not working on her ebay site. I would love to see a photo.

        • The photo is working now. You won't have any problem improving one the design. ;-)
          • Well, I can think of several things I would do differently. I need to figure out a place I can try it out actually lit, so I can work on the how to. My little house is in the middle of the woods. NOT a good place to try one out. I think the maker knew about fire, but not so much about floggers. Actually, I am very impressed.

            I need a clear space outdoors because I need to see how the fire behaves with it. And she has a good point in not making the lashes overly long.

            I'm going to think about them, then put together a couple of alternative designs. Then see how they run. I am not sure I would want to add them to the product line. Too many people who don't know shit about fire play. But you never know. I had been designing a fire flogger a few years back, but I couldn't find that really wide lamp wicking. Now that I know it's out there...

            • I need a clear space outdoors because I need to see how the fire behaves with it.

              If you feel like coming to Pinole you use my backyard.
              • I just may take you up on that, darlin.

                Thank you!!

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                  oh please do! I love fire! any excuse to see you swing some fire around would be awesome!
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                    Can I come watch? I'll be happy to serve the drinks <g>.

                    • I can come and cheer!

                      Wait, that might give the wrong impression.

                      I can come watch, just because I am a fireplay newbie and want to see and learn everything I possibly can. How's that? ;-)
                      • Sounds like a party.

                        I think I am going to order some Kevlar and make one too. I am a little concerned about the Kevlar that I found at Riz because it says it has fiberglass in it. Does anyone know where to get 3/4" Kevlar without the fiberglass? I just got a red Kangaroo hide to cut laces for the handle out of. I was thinking the it might be a good idea to use something with the fire tails to give some weight. I haven't gotten very far with the idea yet.
                        • Here is my plan. Riz has Kevlar rope. I am going to buy 20' of 3/8" and make 10 tail rope flogger out of it. I am going to tie 3 turn barrel knots on the end of each tail. My theory is that the knots will add weight and also in theory the knots should hold more fuel then the rest of the rope so the rope will go out while the knots continue to burn for a few more strokes.
                          • I think the theory is sound for the weight. I'm not so sure about the added fuel. You'll have to soak it for quite awhile, depending on the tightness of the knots and the absorbancy of the rope. I've never worked with Kevlar, so I'll be interested in hearing about it. The fire flogger is next on my list of toys to make, so I'm watching this thread with great curiosity.
                          • That was my plan. I was planning to tie knots in the end of the kevlar wicking. And I was also hoping to find some type of rope that would work. Kevlar would be perfect.

                            And yes, I think knots at the ends will help keep it flying together.

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                      wendy, if you are serving drinks that leaves me free to be the stunt butt for the fire whip. so no, you can't come.

                      *covers my butt and runs awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy*

                      ps. on second thought, you can come if a) you are willing to be a stand in stunt butt or b) you bring charmaine to be the standin stunt butt. just so long as you provide a stunt butt......
                      • Who says you get to pick the stunt butt? Last time I checked that was my job and you know I will pick my favorite stunt butt and her initials are bethie hope O.
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                          It was worth a shot, Daddy :)

                          I'm just teasing anyways my Daddy! I'm happy and honored and proud to be your stunt butt!

                          For added entertainment, you could have me trying to serve drinks and be the stunt butt simutaneously!
                          • For added entertainment, you could have me trying to serve drinks and be the stunt butt simutaneously!

                            We'll save that for when I buy the fire bullwhip from Riz
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                  Daddy has picked a date for this in early June. If you would like to come over for BBQ and fire BDSM fun and exploration, PM off-list for an invite. Remember kids, safety third! (and first and second....)
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    Wow, this flogger looks like something that Lady Zelah would love. W/we do favor fireplay over any other play, so thank You for this post.


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