Big Boobs Spells Big Fun

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In a city as multicultural as London, it goes without saying that you would be stretched to find two identical people (unless you happen to bump into twins, that is). We celebrate individualism in this town, and uniqueness is looked on as a thing to be most proud. The ability to stand out from the crowd is incredibly doable in a city as varied and all-embracing as London. Whilst we may not all dress the same, or like the same things, what we choose to do as a job, to wear on our backs or spend our weekends doing needs no explanation. It goes without saying that each to their own in this district. However, some things are self explanatory when it comes to particular preferences of a certain collective. The ideal woman, in a man’s eyes, is not a secret, nor is it a constant, it seems. Some like the blondes, others favour a red head. At times, the shorter of the gender reign supreme over their taller companions. Either way, it seems that a lot of these are purely individual inclination, and we simply cannot guess which one goes with whom. Apart from one, that we are fairly certain reigns supreme over all options, and that is their woman be generously supplied in the bust department.

The appeal of an ample bosom is never lost on a man, and why should it be? And women, for that matter. This is why often you will see a female who is dressed to impress, knowing just how to accentuate her God-given curves. The curves that can bring any man to his knees, rendering him completely exposed to the womanly advantages of having these bad boys. This is certainly why independent busty escorts are such a hit with their clients. To lay your head on a bosom that can double as a pillow is most certainly going to be a sought after trait in terms of companionship.

Whilst we could sit here and list the number of things you could do with a pair of knockers, it seems just as relevant, nay necessary, to make sure one is aware of what you should not be doing with these lovelies. First and foremost, they are not bongos. No matter how big your urge, it is essential that you not make attempts to drum out the theme tune to Match of the Day on them. This is quite a lengthy song, and so would just leave unsightly marks, not to mention you standing alone as she walks away in disgust. Do not do this! Especially in a bar! Just so not cool, man. Also, should you ever be lucky to get your hands on a gorgeous pair, don’t pretend that you’re weighing them. It’s just weird! Be nice to them, and they will be nice to you.

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