Beautiful Asses

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This is a place for members to post pictures of pretty female behinds, talk about their love for the shape of the female derriere, and basically revere the backsides of pretty ladies. Yes, there are other Tribes dealing with this subject matter, but their moderators are absent, so when people make rude or inappropriate comments, such as talking about anal sex between 44 year old men and 13 year old girls, nobody is available to do anything about it. For this Tribe, we will be respectful and polite in our worship of the female form. Members will also need to have a profile with actual information about them, photos, recent activities. Any requests for membership with a blank profile, or an avatar that is a picture of your cock, will be denied without explanation, as the explanation is right here if the person cares to read about the Tribe. My friends, enjoy. RSS Feed what is XML?

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