I have a Bellydancin' friend...

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She's withdrawn from the dance because of being pregnant.
I've shared with her the origins of this dance, and she was one of the most enthusiastic & joyful dancers in our collective before she became pregnant!!
Any suggestions to help her get over being uncomfortable with how her belly looks & feels in relation to dance?
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    Mon, May 14, 2007 - 8:47 AM
    Some of the most beautiful dances/dancers I've ever seen were pregnant ones. I remember the year after my first twins were born, I saw and ENTIRE troupe of dancers at DDF in California, ALL of them pregnant. With the internet, I'd do some surfing and find all the lovely pics and vids of pregnant mamas dancing and show her some.
    Also from experience... dancing keeps you healthier during pregnancy, makes recovery (physical and emotional) quicker after, and the sense of community is so much deeper than any of the "mom groups" out there. *Babies* benefit from their moms dancing as well, the physical activity will make for brighter more alert, healthier babies, and they will recognize the music and the drum beats from a frighteningly early age.

    A large section of the Belly Dance world is about perfect beautiful bodies, and selling that. Whether you buy into the urban myths of where the dance form came from or not... there is a whole different and perhaps larger section of the community that has nothing to do with how you look. This part has everything to do with the joy and freedom of physical expression, and the *need* to dance and hear the drums.

    All that being said, my first pregnancy, I danced thru, literally. My second pregnancy I was so sick I barely made it to and from work, let alone to dance. I'm now fighting my lethargy to get my body and mind synched back up to dance.

    Hope there is something in there you can use.
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    Mon, May 14, 2007 - 9:39 AM
    I too danced through my entire pregnancy - even performing two weeks before he was born! I know that I personally totally benefitted health wise from dancing while pregnant, both during pregnancy and post partum. And while I was self-conscious of my size and coordination, especially toward the end, I recieved nothing but support from everyone I dance with and everyone in the crowd at performances. Not one single person said anything negative about my belly or how I looked while dancing.

    Other things I noticed: My son totally loves music - especially bellydance music. I have taken him to performances since he was mere weeks old and the music puts him to sleep (when in the womb, the rocking motion of dance to the rhythm of the music put him to sleep). I've also noticed that he sucks on his pacifier in time with whatever music is playing! :)

    If she is uncomfortable performing, perhaps your friend could still go to class so she doesn't have to totally miss out? As long as she is not fighting nausea or any complications, the benefits of dancing should outweigh her self-consciousness - especially if it is only in class with the people she is used to dancing with - they should be totally supportive out of love for her! She may be pleasantly suprised.

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