Titty Fucking.....

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Men & women: Do you like it?

I put this here, because some people just have an obsession with breasts, others with toes.....

I love titty fucking. Having my man thrust his hard cock in between my breasts, as I squeeze them together around his shaft, it gives me a sense of power and a thrill. Plus, giving a little lick here and there on the tip of his shaft really gets a reaction!!
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    I ABSOLUTELY CRAVE TIT FUCKING, before I got married two of the last resident fucks who atteneded my abode were a DD and a FF but none of them were really into it. I'm rocking against my desk as I'm writing this. I miss the feeling my wife is a C and frankly just cant do that. I am so constantly jealous of anyone touching up D s and above. Its so freakin hot as they mash their tits around your shaft especially when theyre nipples are at full tilt. Damn!

    this is post is going to lead to a lot of frustration.
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      Where do I sign up and who wants me to fuck there titties?


      Being single at the moment I must admit I miss it....the thought of it gets me aroused alone!

      This posting definitely has me frustrated titties that want fucking??
      • Never tried it.
        Why is it so great?
        Any pointers?
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          HMMM.... thats a good question, I love the soft feel agaisnt my cock. I love the way it looks and I have always been partial to the pearl necklace. Personally I think the bigger the tits the better, add lube and pump to a sticky conclusion, filthy talk and oral are bonuses and if your so enclined I recommend riding your lovers chest with a full ass. Something about the look of power they get as they make you cum kneading their tits and pinching theyre nipples.... *sighs* Its just one of my little kinks ;)
    • Trent? You can't do it with a C? I've been with two A's and two B's that I thoroughly enjoyed titfucking. Admittedly, I'm now with a DD that I love to titfuck, but to me, it's not about size, it's about having my cock in such a beautiful place.
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        Hey Lester I just find it easier to do with larger tits, and I'm frankly abit sizeist in this area I have to admit, I just prefer Bigger having said that it is a beautiful site watching a raging cock between a pair of tits, nipples hard the lady in question working them. I love the look of control as theyre in the driving seat. If theyre was a channell which was just tit fucking all day long I wouldn't leave the house and I'd buy stock un KY
        • I hear that, Trent. I'm a bit sizeist, too, although the size I like is small. If I could have my own website, it would be called "Fuckin' Little Titties." I'd dress them up in lovely lingerie, have them suck on me for starters, then fuck their little titties 'til they got a pearl necklace. Of course, I'd probably want to lick their lovely pussies, too, but that's not the theme I'm thinking of. Hmmmm, anybody know how to start up something like that?
  • I am one of those people who has an obsession with breasts. I love titty fucking. I have titty fucked one woman with large breasts and didn't like it. I have titty fucked another woman with small breasts and loved it. Besides that, I'm also a fan of large breasts for titty fucking.

    Also, titty fucking pregnant or lactating women is the best in my opinion.

    I like to titty fuck just as you described it, Cindy. It is also a nice chance to feel skin on my cock during sex if I am using a condom for vaginal sex.

    It is always such a gift to be able to do a little titty fucking.
  • Sometimes I'm so horny I start playing with my wife, take her shirt off and rub her nipples. Precum is coming out of my dick, she sits down and I place my cock between her DD size titties. The wet, soft skin feels so good and it looks so kinky. I get so excited I just want to fuck her tits and I'm glad she likes it too. Then I cum and she says:" wowww, that's a big load !" and I rub all the sperm over her tits telling it's good for her
  • mmm my fave! u can't beat the feel of a hard cock in between ur breasts. i got a long tongue so i luv lickin the end as it bobs up between my tits he he. its so nice to look down at ur tits gettin fucked then look up at ur mans face as he's luvin it! then wen u get covered in warm cum mmm. i'd luv to see if a man cud aim his cum for my lips.

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