Men touching the Milkers

topic posted Tue, February 10, 2009 - 10:11 AM by  Shells
More than half of the male population have no idea how to caress a breast other than using them for visual stimulation

Women, let's let them in on some secrets.

I for one love mine kneaded like dough from the bottom up, lift them, tenderly press, roll them, circle the nipple with your fingers or tongue, gently suckle on the nipple and adore them, gently squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

None of this, slapping them like their punching bags or cow udders, pinching the nipple uncontrollably (that hurts) or tweeking them because you think it funny.
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  • Oh, how I wish I were in Ohio, and could take lessons in person. At least then I would know exactly how you want yours touched. I have found that it differs from person to person, though. I have always been gentle, touching much like you describe. Then I run across a woman who says I'm not rough enough with them. I would be pinching her nipples so hard it was uncomfortable for my fingers, and she wanted them pinched harder. I did what I could to make her feel good, but it actually turned me off to abuse a breast that way. As for the slapping and punching, I think people need to understand that porn is not an accurate depiction of real life. I don't even like to watch that kind of porn. A woman is to be loved, revered, treated tenderly, not something to beat up and slap around.
    • I agree fully with Lester here. They should be treated with love and affection, but one should also take notice of what the woman in question actually likes. Communication is the best way forward to find the small little tricks that differs from woman to woman, but I would normally do it the way Shells describe it. I have met women that like to have them gently pinched or even bitten, but not as hard as you describe Les. That would not turn me on either. I just love to play with them gently and I think it is important that the owner of the "milkers" feel the affection I have for her wonderful breasts
  • I've always loved to slowly caress a ladies nipple with the palm of my hand. I flex my hand until its stretched then gently rotate it round the nipple until it becomes erect. Mmmmmm lovely
  • I agree with Lester and that it's a matter of feedback. Being cautious when you start out fondling her body and stay alert for those subtle reflexes that tells you yay or nay. And yep it's that way with my jewels - pay attention to the center ring & the ring master. Peace
  • My adult life obsession with breasts started in adolescence when I imagined how I would like my breasts handled if I had been born a woman. I then experimented and asked for feedback. And I met woman who could do things to my nipples that would drive me crazy too which helped give some perspective. Pretty soon it became easy to tell when a woman was yawning or a woman was suddenly experiencing an unexpected orgasm. I did find that there was not an approach that works on all woman at all time. There are different preferences and different moments.

    I met a woman and we began fooling around in the hot tub at a friend's house one day. She had the hottest breasts, but within about 20 seconds and after several different experimental techniques it became obvious that she had sensitive breasts and didn't like anyone handling them. We went on to other activities and had much fun...just hands off on the breasts.

    I had a lover for a while. She had breasts that I would not normally stare at...almost non-existent. And she had hairy nipples. But, I could just breath on her breasts and she would almost have and orgasm. She just loved for me to suck on her nipples more than anything.

    Another woman wanted very gentle handling, caressing, etc. except at the moment of her orgasm. Then she wanted me to squish them very firmly...I couldn't figure out why this didn't hurt. I wouldn't normally be so rough, but she asked for it a lot.

    I could go on, but all I'm trying to point out is how different each woman's breast are and how learning what an individual likes and when is a great adventure. Thanks for bringing this up and sharing your perspectives. I always want to learn more about breasts and women.
    • The way to fondle breasts is almost as varies as breasts. Seems every woman is a bit different, like clouds in a summer sky.
      Begin firm but gentle and see how she responds. She will let you know. A sigh is as good as a wink , if your paying attention.
      • Fondle her sexy milkers they way she wants. One may like the nipples lightly touched and another may want a more steady suckling of the teats. Some females want the barely there feel and then an increasing intensity as they are more stimulated and the nips get erect. Go with what she wants when she wants it and you will both reap the benefits of this rewarding sensual experience. Always best when she can achieve a tit to clit experience.
  • I know I have to treat my wife's tits gentle and I never want to hurt her but sometimes her nipples are so sensitive (I see how she reacts), I can't touch them. Other times I can squeeze and suck them real hard and she likes it.
  • I used to love my breasts to be kneaded during my pms stage because they were so soar and it would feel so good. But eight years ago all the female organs were removed so now more tender tits. Of course playing gently and sucking on the nipple is a wonderful feeling, but I really like to have two hands grab at the base of one breast to make it look like a round globe. The breast is more sensitive to me this way. Then the nibbling and sucking on the nipple gives me a more intense pleasure. I also love circles with a tongue or a finger. I'm getting horny just talking about it

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