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A tribe to learn about and discuss sewing, get your questions answered, and find out about upcoming sewing classes and events offered by Better Living Through Sewing! RSS Feed what is XML?

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hemming a circle skirt  topic
Zig Zag Singer Model 477  topic
Making Shiny Lycra Fabric Dull  topic
Off-topic: What other tribes do you like?  topic
fraying cotton sarongs  topic
trying to do a simple straight stitch  topic
O.K. is there anyone out there?  topic
Short in the front, long in the back  topic
What do you want to learn?  topic
I need some serious help!  topic
Crucible flag on black  photo flag
Diana's flag for the Crucible fire truck, being...  photo flag
Diana's flag for the Crucible fire truck  photo flag
Dress of recycled fabric, 2007  photo flag
Paper dress by Diana for Bitch magazine, 2006  photo flag
Bodice and scarf of silk remnants, 2007  photo flag

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