E-Stim,or Electro-Sex!

topic posted Wed, May 17, 2006 - 9:25 PM by  Jake
I think the ultimate "Toy" for a man to masturbate with is Electro-Stimulation.
makes no difference if he is heterosexually Married,Gay,Bi or Straight,it just feels AWESOME!
E-Stim is different than a "Vibrator",those only stimulate the Surface of the skin it's applied to.
E stim stimulates at the Transdermal-Muscular level!
The power source is a TENS Unit or Trans-Electrical-Neuromuscular Stimulator. It's the size of a Pager and uses 100MV electricity powered by a 9Volt batt. In "Sex Shops" you can also purchase power units designed as a sex toy. A standard TENS cost's about 65 dollars,a sex toy type is around 300:00.
I use a TENS Unit and handcraft my own "Electrodes" from solid 10Ga Copper wire.
you place the electrodes on the head of the Penis and around it's base(like a standard cockring)...and send "waves" of (safe DC) low voltage electricity..up from the base of the balls to the head of the Penis! the feeling is indescribable! it gets a Man boned up,and after he "edges" for two hours all he needs to do is up the power a bit and BLOW!
E-Stim is "Hands-Free" cockjacking at it's FINEST.
anyone else on here experience it?
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    Re: E-Stim,or Electro-Sex!

    Thu, May 18, 2006 - 12:30 PM
    I have a question about these electro toys. I've never used one (well, I was once zapped by this electric tennis racket looking thing which I didn't like). It is a common opinion that these toys are not safe. I say opinion because I have not actually seen any stats or facts. However, as the argument goes, there is electricity inside our bodies already (brain runs on electrical impulses) and adding additional electricity may disrupt the internal balance. Consequences? I have no idea. This is hearsay.

    So, since you have used these toys and presumably looked into their safety, can you please share some safety info and perhaps post a link or two? I'm curious and I've had this question for a while.
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      Thu, May 18, 2006 - 12:36 PM
      I would also like to know things about safety.....but i would think that OVER TIME the stimulation would have some kind of side affect, and also you may need it and not feel as fulfilled with other partners..but if partners arent around, then.....i guess you wont know until over time anyways!
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      Re: E-Stim,or Electro-Sex!

      Mon, May 29, 2006 - 4:15 PM
      K, I waited and waited and decided to browse around for my own info. First are my conclusions, next is some the specific info I found. If you are thinking of using these toys, do your own research and LOTS of it. You really really don't want to get this wrong.

      My not-professional opinion: this type of play is not for people lacking common sense or those unable to follow instructions. All units come with instructions. These need to be followed. The risks involved are: the inability to orgasm from non-electrical stimulation, premature ejaculation, tissue/nerve damange, burns and death. That's pretty intense. At the same time, there are risks associated with all kinds of things, like crossing the street. Being careful and responsible should minimize the risks. This means that a person engaging in such play needs to be educated about safety (especially what NOT to do) and use good judgement and common sense. I am surprised that no one jumped in to offer this information to us when we asked, especially given the risks.

      It looks like the strenght of the current and the location on the body is key. Low low intensity and for limited periods of time and frequency will minimize risk of tissue/nerve damage. Using the toys below the belt ONLY, making sure the area is dry (no lubrication and away from bodily fluids: think cum, sweat, urine), not connecting the toy into the wall (or using home made toys), and following instructions will minimize risks of burns, injury and death. See below for specific info on what to avoid. Two points of confusion I have: women get wet when aroused, I suppose they have "special" toys for women which get around the problem of fluids conducting electricity. My second concern: malfunction of a toy. It is probably a good idea not to let these toys get very old and it is likely important to care for them properly and not leave them lying around. My inference about the greatest risk of malfunction is that one of the electrodes burns out (I don't have a background in any of this, I'm just guessing) and the electricity is no longer localised to one small area. Apparently, two electrodes are needed to keep the electricity in one place.

      I found no mention of electricity getting mixed up with that of the brain. As long as there are two points of contact (two electrodes in the toy), the electricity will stay localized. One concern is getting used to orgasm with electrical stimulation and being unable to reach orgasm with out it. This seems to be more problematic for women, when the stimulation is applied to the g-spot. So, it is a good idea not to do this too frequently, or perhaps mix it up with other kinds of orgasms. This is relevant for both men and women.

      Basically, most risks can be mitigated with proper use. Unfortunately, there are enough people who mess up relatively simple things like putting on condoms ...

      Advice: read the instructions, FOLLOW them to the letter, do your research, talk to a few people who have done it, be careful, use common sense, and please stay sober.

      The following is the info I found on the net:

      Is e-stim safe?

      The type of stimulation offered by the equipment we sell is similar to that obtained from TENS and similar devices which are generally considered safe as long as a few safety guidelines are followed:

      Keep all connections below the waist unless you understand all the issues involved when using electrodes above the waist. Never run current through the heart area or above the shoulders.

      Use equipment designed for safe stimulation of the body. Unsafe setups, such as audio amplifiers, can cause tissue damage if used for prolonged periods with normal audio waveforms. Avoid this!

      Go slowly... experiment with a few new toys at first, at lower intensities.

      Limit initial sessions to less than 30 minutes. Longer or more intense sessions can produce a harmless but sometimes undesirable "lingering tingling" sensation that can last as long as 24 hours, whereby the genitals remain at a heightened state of arousal. Just (try to) go slowly, especially when incorporating new electrodes into your setup.

      E-Stim is not advised for anyone with a heart condition, heart disease, epilepsy, a history of strokes or seizures, implanted electronic devices (i.e. pacemakers, defibrillators, drug pumps, etc.) or similar medical conditions. Not for use by pregnant women or women who might be pregnant.

      Is it safe to use e-stim above the waist such as on the nipples?

      The general guideline is "Not Above The Waist". It is dangerous to use a single electrode on each nipple as this runs the current across the chest and through the heart area. There are special electrodes designed for use on the nipples that have two contacts for each nipple. These electrodes keep the current confined to the area right around the nipple. Many people use these dual electrodes without any problems but each user must decide for themselves what level of risk they’re willing to take.

      E-stim devices made for erotic use have been marketed for over 15 years with few reports of any problems. The typical power output is less than 0.1 watt (1/10 of a watt = not very much power!). ErosTek [name of particular toy] power units incorporate many features above and beyond most other products such as internal self tests, isolated outputs, symmetric waveforms and more. The features further enhance the level of safety.

      Some people have tried to adapt products never designed for human e-stim in the first place. This is almost always unsafe and people have suffered harm from trying to improvise in this way. When the right equipment is used properly, erotic e-stim has an excellent safety record.

      I got the above from ... Sounds okay, but the information is from the manufacturer.

      This is from one doctor, regarding the risks:

      The problem is the electronic sexual stimulation on the sex organs is too intensive, resulting in a temporary constructive superimposition of nervous inputs which may break down the interneuron synapses that collects the simulation signals into one output nervous fiber. (AAAH! What does this mean? It looks like he's talking about nerve damage).

      We have one couple reported to me about the damage due to an intensive electronic stimulation at 10 cycles per second (0.1 second per cycle!). If the electronic sexual stimulation can be adjusted to a lower magnitude (10-20%) and a synchronous rate at 0.8 second per cycle, it can be used to train women to orgasm when women are in the arousal state.

      from ... This source is okay, I wouldn't assign it 100% credibility though.


      Wikipedia tells us that:

      Electrostimulation can cause tissue damage or even death if misused. Even at relatively low current and voltage, the greatest risk is electrocution resulting in heart failure, and is higher for those who use an artificial pacemaker or similar device. Among people who engage in electrostimulation, newcomers are encouraged to research the hazards, limitations, and techniques of this practice and the devices used.


      More on safety:

      1. Fluids are good conductors of electricity and will cause the body to discharge unpleasantly. Any kind of fluid residue (pre-cum, vaginal fluid) especially those with salt (urine) will be dangerous. Alcohol on the skin surface should be absolutely avoided. Water can also conduct certain types of electricity more intensely.

      2. DON’T plug yourself into a wall!! I once heard of a girl who almost died in an electrical experience. Her boyfriend had essentially plugged her into the wall using a lamp cord with each wire attached to one of her nipples. Even though they were using a light dimmer, when he turned on the power, he almost killed her.

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